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8 things we want to happen in ‘Game of Thrones’ season 5

HBO’s hit show (and arguably the best show in the entire WORLD), Game of Thrones, returns to TV Sunday, April 12th. We can’t exactly put into words how excited we are about season 5. We spent the hiatus dreaming about all the things we hope to happen in Westeros this summer. Here are just a few things on our wish list that we really don’t think are too much to ask for.

1. Missandei and Grey Worm get married

In light of the news last season that Grey Worm’s downstairs mixup was removed (we have so many unanswered questions about this by the way), we’re not sure if a romance is in the cards for him and Missandei, but we sure hope so. We have a feeling their super awkward stare at each other in the river was just a precursor to something more. Dany officiating the wedding would be an added bonus

2. Jaime and Cersei stay at least 50 feet away from each other at all times

Do we really need to explain this one?

3. Cersei dies a terrible, fiery death 

Let’s imagine this: Dany puts on a fierce dress with her power claw necklace, hops on Drogon, flies all the way to King’s Landing, spots Cersei trolling the garden doing something awful, and as she flies lower, Drogon open his mouth and Cersei is engulfed in a ball of fire. Then, Dany posts up on the Iron Throne with her dragons at her side and inherits all of Cersei’s gowns. #BOOM

4. Reek mans up and kills the Bolton’s

The whole Reek/Ramsay storyline is incredibly hard to watch, and whenever this depressing shit comes on screen, it’s usually when we decide to tap a new box of wine refill our wine glasses. We’re sure they’re about to do more with the story, but we wouldn’t mind if Reek turned back into Theon and slayed Roose and Ramsay. Please … someone kill them.

5. Arya becomes a ninja 

… or a Faceless Woman of Braavos. At this point, we all pretty much know what Arya’s going to be doing in Essos: training to avenge her family. She turned in the gold coin that Jaqen H’ghar gave her, and thanks to the Three-Eyed Raven campaign, we know she’s heading to The House of Black and White (headquarters of the Faceless Men). Arya was such a kickass character last season that we have no doubt she’s going to be doing amazing things in season 5.

6. Sansa takes hold of her destiny and does some cool shit with Littlefinger

We don’t even really care what Sansa does in season 5 as long as she grabs the bull by the horns and starts running her own life. Right now, we know she’s with Littlefinger in the Vale and it looks like she might be teaming up with him, or at least pretending to, in order to get what she wants. We’re cool with whatever she has up her sleeve because we’re sick of seeing her get pushed around. It’s time for her to start playing the game of thrones.

7. More braids and more Margaery 

Admittedly, one of our favorite things about Game of Thrones is the amazing braided hairstyles. And who has the best braids in the land? Margaery Tyrell! She’s a sneaky little thing with incredible hair (and she’s Natalie Dormer), plus she and her grandma absolutely have a grand plan to take the throne. We’re hoping she gets plenty of screen time in season 5 because we love her.

8. Drogo gets resurrected and rules Westeros with Dany

OK, so this is a little far fetched/never going to happen, because Drogo is super busy being Aquaman right now, but we can dream. Khal and Khaleesi forever!

Tell us, what do you hope to see in season 5 of Game of Thrones? Don’t miss the season premiere this Sunday, April 12th on HBO at 9/8c.




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