‘Arrow’ 3×17: One wedding and maybe a funeral or two

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Season 3, Episode 17, “Suicidal Tendencies”, Aired March 25, 2015 

Weddings. Most people love them. Love is in the air. The mood is light. The food is good. The alcohol flows freely. And smiles abound … mostly. So, who doesn’t love a wedding? That would be the guy who’s self-denied love interest shows up looking beyond hot with the guy who stole his billion-dollar company out from under him and is now sleeping with his girl.

Source images: The CW
Source images: The CW

Don’t ya just wanna give Ollie a big hug?! No? Cool! More hugs for me.

You know that TV weddings can’t go on without a hitch—this one was no exception. Mr. & Mrs. Diggle joined up with the Suicide Squad for a covert rescue mission in Kasnia complete with a crooked politician, hired mercenaries, bombs and hostages. Now that’s a helluva honeymoon!

Source image: The CW
Source image: The CW

The League of Assassins is tearing up all around town and tossing the blame in The Arrow’s lap, Capt. Lance and chief chump Ray Palmer are more than happy to believe the bad press.

Ra’s al Ghul is getting exactly what he wants. He’s turning the town against The Arrow so that Oliver’s only choice will be to accept Ra’s’ offer. The Arrow’s secret identity isn’t all that secret anymore. Ray knows, and Capt. Lance will no doubt find out soon. Maybe the best thing for Oliver to do is cut bait and run. Unlike The ATOM, The Arrow has no desire to be “a hero and a human being”.

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Ollie thinks Ray is a loose cannon. He’s be-bopping around town in a super suit thinking that just because he is a genius with a suit of armor that he is indestructible. He doesn’t research his proposed targets; he passes judgement quickly and acts on a whim without really knowing what he’s up against; plus—he naively believes he can be a superhero and a devoted boyfriend at the same time.

While Ray tries to figure out his role in the land of super heroes, Oliver’s future remains uncertain. Everyone seems to want a piece of him, and neither side of the struggle has shown any indication of backing down. And now that Oliver’s evil counterpart has put an arrow through the mayor’s heart, Lance is going to be in full-on vengeance mode.

I wonder who will get to Oliver first—The League or Lance? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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