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‘Teen Wolf’: 2015 Paleyfest panel highlights

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News about Season 5 of Teen Wolf has been slowly trickling in for a little while now. Last week’s 2015 Paleyfest panel brought us a lot more details, confirmations, and surprises about the upcoming season.

The rules have changed

The above title actually is the tagline Jeff Davis refers to in the writers’ room when it comes to Season 5…I guess he really wasn’t kidding when he teased that the supernatural world would be “turned upside down”!

  • Starting with the not-so-good news, Tyler Hoechlin isn’t going to be a series regular anymore, since the actor wants to focus on his movie career. Don’t drown in your own tears just yet though, this doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Derek Hale’s moody eyebrows (and the rest of him). He and Jeff Davis have already talked about possible storylines for Derek’s character, and not being a regular doesn’t mean much in terms of screen time. Case in point: Isaac. The opening sequence definitely won’t feel the same without him emerging from some powdery flour ashes, but this might mean they’ll revamp the whole thing again and that’s something to look forward to! Also maybe they could just de-age him again and have baby-Derek come back? What do you mean I’m grasping at straws?!
  • Season 5 will focus on the threat of losing the people we’re closest to, what with leaving for college, friendships evolving, and…what that’s again? OH RIGHT, TERRIFYING SUPERNATURAL CREATURES THAT WANT YOU DEAD. As we all know, dying puts a serious dampener on even the best relationships, unfortunately. Take a look at the winning submission of the Teen Wolf creature feature contest below and tell me you wouldn’t run away screaming if you ever met it! Beacon Hills, man. It never gets easier.
  • After a few seasons of them mostly operating apart, the Scott/Stiles bromance will once more be in the spotlight and Stiles will be getting a “really good arc” according to Jeff. I couldn’t be more excited about this, considering how fascinating his turn in season 3B was!
  • Both Lydia and Parrish have very closely guarded storylines this season, meaning we don’t know much about them yet aside from the fact that they’ll both come into play in important ways. We’ll also find out what, exactly, Parrish is during the second half of the season. The Phoenix theory is probably the most popular right now but he could be a wide variety of things. Salamander, Firebird, who knows? If you’re looking for more information, there’s a really cool article about creatures of fire right here.
  • Speaking of powers, Kira is going to learn how to deal with hers. You’d think being a thunder kitsune would be all kinds of awesome, but apparently it’s going to be a struggle more than a blessing.
  • As expected, the elusive Desert Wolf (Malia’s mother) is going to play a big part in Malia’s character arc. Shelley Hennig joked that she couldn’t be much worse of a parent than Peter Hale, but um…Methinks she’s in for a rude awakening. Thanks to the panel and interviews, we also know Malia’s going to be focusing on school in order to graduate with everyone else and not get left behind (are we sensing a recurring theme yet?) Gotta learn how to use those complex numbers, right?

Ally A (still) saves the day

Back in February, we learned that a past member would come as a guest on the panel, which had everyone speculating about who it could be. Daniel Sharman seemed like the most popular pick, but as it turns out…our very own Allison Argent was there instead! Crystal Reed clearly still cares a lot about the show and the cast, and it was wonderful having her there. If her talking about Allison’s death scene didn’t break your heart a little, I don’t know what will.

She and Jeff joked about bringing Allison back, which felt a lot like rubbing salt in an never-healing wound, thanks for that guys! Does this means there is actual hope though? It’s all speculation for now, but whether it’s in the form of a flashback, a zombified Allison, or her having a secret, evil twin called Diane (let’s keep the references obvious, right? I mean Allison Argent isn’t quite as on-the-nose as Remus Lupin, but it wasn’t particularly subtle either), I’m all for it!

*singsong voice* I’ll be there for you

A couple of the Twitter fan-questions made for some very precious moments from an always extremely lovable cast. When asked “If Teen Wolf could do a crossover with any show past or present, what would you like your character to be on?” not only did Shelley Hennig picture Malia on Orange Is The New Black (um yes please, can someone make this happen? Is there a petition somewhere that I can sign? I’m not above begging!) but then Dylan and Tyler both answered “Friends” at the exact same time and the crowd went wild.

While the official Teen Wolf account’s premiere date tweet (June 29th) has since then been deleted, we can still expect Season 5 to premiere sometime in June. Until then, you can catch the whole panel below, and head over here and watch all the available interviews from last week.



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