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‘The Vampire Diaries’ best moments: 6×15, “Let her Go”

‘The Vampire Diaries’ best moments: 6×15, “Let her Go”


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Season 6, Episode 15, “Let Her Go”, Aired 19th Feb

To sum up this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, all I’m going to say is: TEARS. From Liz Forbes funeral, to Bonnie’s return, to Alaric’s proposal, our emotions were on a roller coaster from the very beginning. Let’s not forget about Caroline entering her dark side and Matt and Tyler becoming cops! So much craziness for one episode!

Still sobbing into your glass of wine? How about we relive the best moments together—you ready? Here! We! Go!

RIP, Liz!

Liz Forbes’ funeral hit us all right in the feels. I was a complete sobbing mess, and I’m sure you were too. So, instead of making y’all relive it through all the heart-breaking details, I thought I’d just give you an insight what went through my mind during the funeral scenes. Here’s my top 8 thoughts (with added GIFs for emotional effect):

  1. OK, OK, OK – don’t cry. You can do this … Keep. It. Together. 

“Calling Sheriff Forbes. This is the last call for Sheriff Forbes. No response.”


 *begins to sob*

2. F**K it! Imma ugly cry now. 

“Radio number 26 is out of service after 12 years and 4 months of police service. Gone, but never forgotten.”


So done!

3. Oh hell no! Here comes Damon with the eulogy. Damn, doesn’t he look cute? Shit, that’s incredibly inappropriate. 

“Liz Forbes was my friend…”





Steroline is end game!

6. Wait, what is Caroline doing? Oh wow, she’s going to sing. Yay!


*Caroline sings* *breaks down*

7. Phew, is that it all over?


8. OK, someone send me hugs and wine, STAT! 


#RIP, Mama Forbes! You’ll most definitely be missed!

Bon-Bon is back

BONNIE IS BACK! I repeat, BONNIE IS BACK! Hell to the yes, my friends! Our Bon-Bon finally managed to escape Kai-atory (Kai’s purgatory)—alive,  may I add. Yes, that means we can all breathe again … phew! Can I just say, Bonnie’s great escape was simply epic! I cried, I smiled, I laughed, and then I cried some more. Even after Bonnie managed to travel to Nova Scotia to absorb magic, there was a few hiccups to (yet again) trap Bonnie alone in an alternative world (sobs!).


Luckily, she fought through it all—the northern lights (hiding the eclipse), the change of alternative worlds from 1994-1903 (’cause, BTW, there are more than one), and lastly, that mystery woman who appeared just as Bon-Bon got whooshed off back to present day Mystic Falls. Like, who da fucque was that? Did she get brought back to Mystic Falls too? Turns out, that mysterious woman was actually Mama Salvatore. Whaaaat! Yup, the plot thickens … end point: don’t mess with witches. Especially, Bennett ones with the first name of Bonnie!

What made Bon-Bon’s return even more special was that Bamon hug. I mean, who else would Bon-Bon rush off to see first? Obvs, it would be her newest BFF, Damon! Wasn’t it simply everything?


OK, one more time. Here’s a close up …


ADORBZ! Bamon is what friendship goals should be. Am I right?

Side note: Why da fucque did the wrtiters bring back Bonnie the episode RIGHT after Jeremy leaves? WHY? #Cruel! How will Bon-Bon cope when she hears that Jeremy had fled Mystic Falls? I can’t wait to find out!

Ric: the baby daddy

Despite with all the recent drama in Mystic Falls, Jo and Alaric still find time for some serious catching up. And by catching up, I mean hooking up! What does hooking up lead to? Um, a BABY! Yup, Jo is officially knocked up with a Lil’ Ric. Now, Alaric can finally get what he always dreamed of: a family of his own.


How amazing is that?  What scares me more is the thought of Kai becoming an uncle. Yikes!

Of course, that explains the previous sickness. It also rules out what Kai said to be a load of bull. Kai turned up looking worse for wear and demanded Jo to see him. Kai probably did another ‘Google search’ of his symptoms this time and concluded that he’s dying. Dude, it’s cool. We’ve all been there at least once in our lives! Anyway, Jo checks his vitals—medically speaking, Kai is healthy, but magically? Not so much. Due to him absorbing Luke’s magic, it must have thrown off his body systems resulting in him feeling like death. If Kai dies, the coven dies with him, and that means Jo too. Thus, leading to Jo and Kai ‘merging’. Alaric wasn’t too happy but he really had little choice in the matter.


Dear Kai, don’t ever mess with Alaric. Like, ever!

Back to Jo, Ric and the baby … to go along with that happy news, Alaric got down on one knee and proposes to Jo. O to-the M to-the G! Don’t fret, though, this was no pity proposal. Alaric had already made plans to ask the big question that morning but backed out of it due to Jo puking up last night’s Tai Food. Aren’t Jolaric (Jo and Alaric) just the best thing ever? Look at them …


Thoughts on the pregnancy and the proposal? Yay? Or, nah?

Caroline's darkness

You know how you thought Caroline was somehow keeping her shit relatively together? I mean she had the worse day in history—her mom is dead and it’s the day of funeral, her crush didn’t say he loved her, and now she’s left all alone to deal with her thoughts and emotions. Well, turns out Caroline was only keeping her cool so well because she had decided to turn it off. Yes, I’m talking about that humanity switch. Caroline no longer wants to feel and decides the only way she can carry on if she waves good-bye to her humanity.


Girl, all I see is darkness that might take an eternity to pull you out from.

Luckily, Elena was the only person to actually see through Caroline’s cool facade and attempts to persuade her from turning to the dark side. This only infuriates Caroline more as Elena really has no right to judge her. Elena has already been there and done that, so why can’t Caroline do it, too? The bickering, the advice, and the crying lead to one thing: Elena’s neck getting snapped. Looks like Caroline is saying f**k off to Elena’s advice and entering the dark side for sure.


Will Caroline flip off the humanity switch? Or, can Stefan ultimately be her savior?

Wow, what an intense episode! My brain and body still haven;t comprehended what actually went down. Have you recovered yet? Make sure you let me know your thoughts and predictions in the comment section below!

Love always,


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