‘Supernatural’ recap: The Brothers Grimm

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Season 10, Episode 12, “About A Boy”, Aired Feb 3rd, 2015

I’ve lived through many traumatizing endings of Supernatural. I’ve watched the boys torn apart physically and emotionally, had to pick myself up off the floor and piece myself back together as beloved characters have died horribly. But, there was nothing–NOTHING–that could have prepared me for this.


It’s like the world has gone mad or something.

How did this horrendousness occur? Dean had become a teenager again, and couldn’t help liking Taylor Swift. Hormones are tricky little sods. I’m sure he’ll get over it..

Dean had been changed back to his 14-year-old self by a spell in a hex bag carried around by Hansel. Yes, Hansel. No sign of Gretel though. Apparently, the witch forced him to eat her a long time back.

Hansel was collecting adults who were loners, who wouldn’t be missed, transforming them back into tender young children, and then the Witch was eating them. Once again, classic mistake of not recognising a Winchester. Surely there must be some kind of APB on them with all evil beings by now?

Hansel captured Dean while he was working the case in a dive bar. Dean had decided to give up his 12 step programme, and get reacquainted with whisky. And he met Tina. Tina knew the first man to go missing, a guy called PJ. PJ wasn’t so bad, but he, like her, was a day drinker in a crappy bar. Life hadn’t exactly blessed either of them. Tina and Dean spent a bit of time drinking shots and comparing stories of crappy motels that their parents had kept them in during their childhoods. The things that boy could do with mac and cheese!

At least it made a change from Dean being locked away in the bunker. Sam had to persuade him out of his room where he’d kept himself since beating up Charlie. Pouring over the same books of lore again and again wasn’t helping him find out how to get rid of the Mark of Cain.

So, they were back on the case. Sam had gone to check out PJ’s apartment, and found nothing. Dean had been on the phone telling him there was nothing at the bar either, when Tina left and was followed out the door by Hansel. Dean managed to tell Sam there might be something after all before he got zapped and seemingly vanished.

Instead of disappearing into thin air, though, he found himself as a teenager, locked in a basement, with teenage Tina looking at him through a hole in the wall. She was so freaked out that she called him a One Direction reject.

Teenage Dean is pretty quick to figure his way out, managing to shimmy through a window and make his way back to the motel, and to a more than slightly freaked out Sam. Clearly, it is weird that he is small, wearing underoos, and has no control over his boy bits. But, there’s also an upside. Not only is his liver practically new again, but the Mark is gone.

Dean is seriously considering staying this way. You’ve got to be kidding me!

Stop this madness now! The world cannot be without grown up Dean’s hotness! Of course we choose psycho rage monster/borderline demon Dean over teenager Dean–there is no question!

Dean is able to break back into the basement through the window, and hopes to get Tina out that way, but it’s too late; she’s been taken upstairs. Hansel is still lurking around, and manages to jump Dean, but Sam gets the better of him. Hansel still has the hex bag around his neck that put the spell on Dean, and he says that it will reverse it too. But first, they’re going to waste the witch that he’s working for, and Hansel wants in.

He leads them upstairs to the kitchen where the witch is planning her menu, which includes Tina and a sweet chilli glaze. PJ has already become the soup for the first course. No such worries for Tina–they have the witch cornered and are ready to kill her.

It’s going a bit too well though, isn’t it? Of course it is. Hansel isn’t the victim he made himself out to be at all. He gets Sam’s gun from him, while the witch blasts their bomb away from her. Now Hansel is holding young Dean and Sam at gunpoint, and she is deciding how to cook our ridiculously young hero.

Dean is still Dean though, and manages to keep her talking while Sam takes out his hidden knife. (Like I said last week, kids, there’s ALWAYS another weapon.) They discover that the witch is in the U.S. on business, tracking down Rowena for the Grand Coven.

The small talk manages to distract the witch long enough for Sam to jump at her with the knife, but she just blasts him against the wall with magic. Damn it! Baby Dean is no match for huge Hansel either, and seems well and truly down. Well, he would be, except for the fact that he’s Dean Winchester. Hansel is going to zap Sam into his young self, but finds that he no longer has the hex bag. Nope, Dean has it, and zaps himself back into his grown up, handsome, rugged self.

He stabs Hansel, and pushes the witch into the massive oven, with her hex bag shoved in her mouth for good measure.

Hex bag gone, it looks like Tina is stuck in her tween body. She’s pretty happy about it; sees it as her second chance at life, and gets the boys to drop her off at the bus station.

As for Dean, well, sadly, the Mark is back. But so is our Dean. As Sammy says, he “pulled a Dean Winchester” by saving the day, and didn’t Hulk out in the process. So, all is back to normal..


Supernatural airs Tuesdays on The CW at 9/8c



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