‘Constantine’ recap: Jacob Shaw’s Game Night!

Credit Image: Tina Rowden/NBC

Season 1, Episode 11, “A Whole World Out There”, Aired Jan 30th, 2015

This week’s Constantine has two formidable guest stars that deserve a shout out.  Jeremy Davies plays Ritchie Simpson, a professor at Ivy University and an old friend of our main man, John Constantine.  He is probably the only person on the planet (besides Chas) who doesn’t completely hate John, but he does not have peachy memories from his past with him either.  We also had the privilege to watch William Mopather in action as Jacob Shaw.  Though I liked the Felix Foust and Papa Midnight characters, I was drawn in by the psycho-ness of Jacob Shaw. He is calm, cool, and utterly creepy.  Let’s face it, who really doesn’t want to live in their own reality?  I sure would.  I probably wouldn’t kill people and torture them in their afterlife but to each his own, right?

Our regular cast of characters are incognito in this episode. Zed is still in the hospital and Chas is at home with his bitch wife turned nice wife. Since this episode has Jacob playing twisted games with his victims, I am going to rack my brain and make as many game references as possible. Play along and see how many you can pick up on.

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