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10 things we know about ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5

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Trying to find spoilers for MTV Teen Wolf’s fifth season is like hopelessly wishing for Jackson to return from Starling City London, take more showers in the school locker room, and marry Lydia. It’s just not going to happen. The powers-that-be are keeping season five details close to their chests. That doesn’t mean we’re totally in the dark, though. Here are ten things we do know about the show’s upcoming season.


1.  Season five will premiere in June 2015. The specific premiere date has yet to be announced.

2.  Per series creator Jeff Davis’ Instagram, the season premiere episode title is “Creatures of the Night.” What’s he alluding to here? Vampires? Rocky Horror? KISS? We have no idea.

Jeff Davis Teen Wolf
image: Instagram/jd1375

3.  It’s been teased big time that a major character is leaving the show. No hints yet as to who it could be, but some fans are suggesting is could be Lydia, Peter Hale, or Chris Argent. Holland Roden (Lydia Martin) teased a character’s season five departure in an interview with Hollywood Life.

“You’re going to have to tune in for season five to see if we’re all coming back or not. That’s just the reality. … It’s sort of a toss up of who is not coming back for season five, but somebody is not coming back for season five.”

4.  The season will have 20 episodes, split into two parts.

5.  The “Desert Wolf” (Malia’s mother) storyline will be explored.

6.  Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) seems to be super pumped about what the new season has in store. He shared his excitement for season five in an interview with E!Online TV Scoop.

“It’s going to be badass. Like, it’s another thing we haven’t done before. … I’m really excited. It’s cool because I know nothing about the season, I only know one part of it. But it’s so badass that I would watch the entire season just for this one part.”

7.  The show will also be exploring Jordan Parrish’s real identity. Rumors are swirling that he’s a Phoenix, which is hilarious because we joked about that in our Teen Wolf episode 4×09 recap when he literally rose from the ashes. Just saying, we called that shit.

8.  Series writer/co-producer Eric Wallace said in a podcast interview with Gecken that they are working on making the fifth season the “scariest season ever.” As if watching Stiles as the Nogitsune wasn’t nightmare-inducing enough. Eek!

9.  Dylan Sprayberry teased that his character, Liam Dunbar, will be getting a love interest and that the new season will feature more of his friendship with Mason (Khylin Rhambo). We love Mason, so we can’t complain about that.

10.  Last but not least, there’s one thing we are absolutely certain about, we can’t freaking wait for the show to return! Hurry up, June!


While you’re waiting for Teen Wolf to return, get your creative juices flowing with MTV’s Creature Feature contest. Here’s your change to design the Chupacabrunicornapus that you’ve been dreaming of seeing on the show.

Or if you’re drawing skills are on par with a third-grader (like ours), you could just re-watch season four on MTV.




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