‘Supernatural’ recap: The Real Slim Shady

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Season 10, Episode 10, “The Hunter Games”, Aired Jan 20th, 2015

So, Dean Winchester is a Demon. No, wait,  he’s not. He’s human, but he acts like a Demon. No, wait, he doesn’t really, cause he’s still concerned with doing the right thing. Right? But he just massacred a room full of people. They were bad people, and one of them was even a former Days of Our Lives regular, but still, did they really deserve to die?

The Mark of Cain has well and truly infused Dean’s being. Sam and Cas are worried. The lore hasn’t turned up any clues about how to get rid of the Mark, and the Demon Tablet is ‘missing’. I wonder where the first place I’d look for the demon tablet would be?

Apparently not though. No, instead these three decide to trust someone even sneakier than Crowley. Metamarv/douche/twat/tron (whatever) is the one they turn to for information. Could they be any more desperate?

Maybe it’s because they’re all riddled with guilt over the slaughter and the fact that it was witnessed by Claire Novak. Poor Claire. As if her life wasn’t messed up enough, now the only man she ever trusted (mistakenly, in fairness), has been murdered by the best friend of the angel that wears her Dad. She’s had enough and is taking off. Keeping in mind that we all know Castiel is new at this parenting thing, isn’t it a stretch, even for him, that he’d just let her go? Wouldn’t he try and find a family for her to live with? Take her to Jodie’s house? Or Mrs. Tran’s?

So, MetaMarv is in the bunker. This is the first time the Winchesters have seen him since he gleefully killed Dean. And quite honestly, I want them to wipe that smug smile off his face and shut that annoying mouth of his up! But, as Castiel promised the angels that delivered him, he survives this first round of questioning completely intact. And he gives them one piece of information for it–they are going to need the First Blade.

Even Baby Sam knows this is a bad idea!

Apparently, the ‘why’ part isn’t important. Dean just takes his word for it and speed dials the King of Hell. Crowley is only too happy to receive a call from his bae. Rowena is driving him round the bend, and who can blame him? This woman’s machinations are about as subtle as this Miley wannabe:

Rowena has been hanging around the throne room in Hell, trying to stir up trouble for Crowley. (Personally, I’d throw a few scatter cushions around, put down some carpet. Just because it’s Hell, why can’t it feel more homely?) She placed a hex bag under his throne which is causing him to have nightmares about his most trusted underlings killing him. Every time he leaves her alone, she is sneaking around looking for information that can be useful to her. All she’s missing is an evil villain moustache to twirl.

When Crowley goes to meet the Winchesters, she puts together a spell that allows her to eavesdrop on their conversation. And, let’s be honest, this is the highlight of this episode for a lot of people. No, not the part where Crowley reveals where he keeps the First Blade (in the crypt with his bones) and Rowena hears it. I’m talking about

Wet Sam! He set hearts aflutter and Twitter ablaze.

Rowena immediately starts working on Guthrie, Crowley’s most trusted advisor, to fetch her the First Blade. He is reluctant, but she eventually convinces him that she’s communicating Crowley’s orders. Now, if you were the King of Hell, after all the manoeuvering it took to get there, would you allow anyone else access to your bones–the thing that could truly kill you forever?

Okay, if you say so…

Guthrie eventually does procure the First Blade, but refuses to hand it over to anyone but Crowley. Rowena kills him with an Angel Blade just before Crowley walks in, and tells him that Guthrie was leading a plot against him, and she killed him to protect her boy. I don’t think she realises that Crowley is too smart to fall for this.

Claire isn’t completely out of the picture yet. She’s found her way to a pool hall where she meets up with a drifter couple who take her in. They’re fascinated by her story of the guy who killed her dad, but looks like him, who’s best friend then killed her second dad, and now he’s trying to act like her third dad. Castiel is still calling her on her cell, trying to check up on her. When she keeps ignoring his calls, he asks Dean to call her. He figures that if he reaches out to her, tries to explain what Randy was really like, maybe she’ll understand that Cas has her best interests at heart.

Cas says he’ll text Dean her number. He likes texting! And…

Dean duly does as he’s told and leaves Claire a voice message, asking to talk. Left unsupervised though, he can’t resist visiting MetaMarv in the dungeon. He tells him they have the First Blade, and wants the next step. Silly Marv decides it’s time to make a deal, he wants rewards in exchange for the information. Dean decides it’s time for some old-time interrogation. As he roughs him up, Sam and Cas finally realise he’s nowhere to be seen. They arrive at the now locked dungeon door as Dean gets to work with the Angel Blade

Diyah Perah/The CW
Diyah Perah/The CW

As Marv starts to scream, Cas eventually decides to Angel blast the door (did he wait a little?). Sam pulls Dean away from Metatron and Cas says he’ll return him to Heaven. He did get one piece of information though, ‘The River Ends at the Source’. As Sam and Dean have a broment where Sam tells him that he has the power to fight the Mark, Claire calls Dean’s phone and agrees to meet.

Dean arrives to meet her the next morning, only for it to be an ambush by the couple she’s hanging out with. As they approach Dean from the bushes with an axe and a baseball bat, I wait for their eyes to go black. But they don’t.

Dean doesn’t kill them, but a nearby bench doesn’t come off so well. Once again, Claire hits the road, telling Cas she needs to be on her own, and he looks better with a tie.

Will Cas be able to mend fences in Heaven after Metatron getting bashed? How long will it take for Crowley to see through Rowena? And will Dean get rid of the Mark before it owns him?

This episode was dedicated to the memory of Matt Riley. Matt Riley formerly appeared in the Season one episode, ‘Devil’s Trap’, and was Jared’s stand in. Our condolences to his family.

Supernatural airs on The CW at 9/8c.


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