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Fierce Female of the Week: Viktoria Modesta

Forget what you know about disability…

Because pop singer Viktoria Modesta is completely shattering the way you look at people with physical disabilities. Why? She’s a talented singer, songwriter, fashion icon, model… and she just happens to be an amputee. Here’s a little background on Modesta from her official website.

Born in USSR in 1987 into a troublesome childhood and health struggles she escaped to London at the tender age of 12. Here amongst the diverse underground culture she embraced the extremities of her life, finally a place where you can be anybody you desire. Mixing with iconic club and fashion personalities from early teens it was only a matter of time until Viktoria carved out her own niche. A high school dropout, a misfit on all levels she diverted her focus, drive and self education into music, modelling and art direction.

There was an obstacle, her poor health and 15 operations at an early age called for a radical decision to continue Viktoria’s dream of transcending her background. Not accepting the role of a victim as placed by the people around her she had a voluntary amputation at the age of 20 which transpired to be a brand new life full of experimentation, self expression and [avant-garde] vision.

Her newest project–a wicked, dark, artistic, futuristic, and captivating music video for her song “Prototype”–features her rocking three different fabulous prosthetic legs (one freaking lights up!) and taking on a superhero-type role, portraying herself as a symbol of revolution.

To say this music video kicks major ass, would be a colossal understatement. Don’t miss the “spike dance” at the end of the video. It’s probably one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen in a music video (or just ever).

Need more convincing that she’s a total badass? Check out her words of advice from a recent interview with Dazed.

I’ve chosen my own fucking way to do things, unapologetically, and I’m hoping people will react the same way. You don’t have to constantly run on this treadmill. You can think outside the box, move [countries], marry a person you never thought you would, change jobs. Do something your gut is telling you to do. The closer you can live your life to a movie script the more exciting it is.

Major #FangsOut to this fierce and fabulous woman.

Now, someone translate this music video into a comic book series already. Thanks.




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