‘Constantine’ recap: All Work and No Play Makes John A Lonely Boy

Photo credit: Daniel McFadden/NBC

Season 1, Episode 8, “The Saint of Last Resorts”, Aired Dec 12th, 2014.

Hello, Constantine fans!  This episode left me with mixed emotions. “Why?’ you ask. I’ll tell you why.  No one, and by that I mean NO ONE, except me should be making out with John Constantine.  Especially not a nun. Eh, I am actually not so delusional to think I would ever get that opportunity and I suppose everyone needs a little love once in a great while. John gives in and kisses a nun and she shoots him. Let that be a lesson to those who think love is all sunshine and roses. This episode is actually about a demon stealing babies. It is chock full of scary, special effects and revealing, character history. This show gets better and better with every episode. With that, I will get in the correct frame of mind and begin the recap about kissing Matt Ryan…I mean… gee whiz, I did it again…I meant to say, the recap I call “All Work and No Play Makes John A Lonely Boy.”


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