‘Flash vs. Arrow’ crossover recap: Experience trumps speed

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Season 1, Episode 8, “Flash vs. Arrow”, Aired Dec. 2, 2014

The Flash was red with rage and The Arrow green with (presumed) envy. The two started as partners and colleagues, kicked each other’s asses right around mid-point and finished off the night as allies and friends.

If you watched ‘Flash vs. Arrow’ last night and didn’t totally love it, then you must’ve been viewing from an opposite world because the episode totally kicked it in the ass. And if you didn’t watch at all…well…first of all…SHAME ON YOU! And secondly, you can still catch part two tonight! It promises to be equally exhilarating!

I like The Flash. He’s got this super adorable smile and a kid-like view of the world that has yet to be corrupted by all the nasty he’s witnessed.

The CW
The CW

Enjoy this while it lasts because, sadly, in the big bad world of superhero sagas, kid-like perspectives are short-lived.

As fond as I am of The Flash, I totally love and adore The Arrow. This made for some interesting give and take between my son and me during last night’s ever-so-awesome crossover event.

“Mom, check it out! Flash is so cool! Did you see what he just did?!”

“Yes, Aaron. I’m watching. He’s pretty cool, but he’s still a know-it-all bratty kid.”

“He is NOT. Arrow’s a thug. And Flash can TOTALLY kick Arrow’s butt. He’s a zillion times faster and way cooler. And your wimpy Arrow won’t know what hit him!”

“The Arrow is not a thug! He’s a HERO. And excuse me? Did you say wimpy??  Are you serious right now? Have you seen this guys arms?”

The CW
The CW

“Gross, mom. Sorry. I don’t look at guy’s arms. And just cuz you think he’s hot doesn’t mean he’s not a thug.”

“Yeah. Ok. You’re entitled to your opinion…I guess. But here’s an idea. Shut up!”

And this went on for the better part of an hour. Of course, mom got the final word in when experience triumphed over speed, as Diggle said it would. 🙂

I’m a natural redhead. That makes me stubborn by nature. And stubborn-me absolutely refuses to admit that had Joe and Dr. Wells not intervened with their little mobile light show, The Arrow could have been in some serious trouble. That may have been the case in opposite world, but here in the #TeamArrow land of denial, Ollie had it well under control.

Source Image: The CW
Source Image: The CW

While kick-ass action was the at the forefront of part one of this crossover event, the episode was peppered throughout with the wonderful gift of humor (a great big thank you to the Arrow writers for this!). And Mr. Strait-laced Diggle delivered some of the doozies! Speechless and in jaw-dropping awe of The Flash, Diggle finally manages to spit out the words “You’re fast.” And then, once he regains his composure, he gives us this little nugget:


And then, Barry had to show off a little, of course, and whisk Felicity off on a lightening bolt to Star Labs, which totally freaked Diggle out. At least now we know Barry’s techniques for getting a woman to shed her clothing!

Source Image: The CW
Source Image: The CW

Seems he definitely prefers hot chicks!

But enough seriousness. Let’s talk about the fun stuff. Like Ollie’s reluctance to help Barry.  Ollie believed Barry didn’t really want his help. He just thought he did. I think that’s partly true. But I also believe that Barry idolizes The Arrow. The ear-to-ear grin on his face when he saw the Arrow pop in to save the day was proof enough for me.

The CW
The CW

“The Arrow gets results.” He says this to Joe and Dr. Wells as a plea for them to not be so critical of The Arrow. So, he definitely respects him. That respect and idolization didn’t stop him, though, from running off on his own the minute his so-called counselors cautioned him on getting involved with The Arrow.  Barry figured he’d be just fine without Ollie’s help. Of course, he wasn’t. His attempt to handle things on his own only exposed him to the evil they were trying to fight, and as a result, Barry unleashed his rage on Ollie and everyone else who crossed his path while he was infected. One of the people he attacked just happened to be the police officer who has been trying to convince his captain to put together a task force to capture The Flash. Oh yeah, and he’s also Barry’s best friend’s boyfriend. Did I mention that Barry is also in love with his best friend? So there’s also that. Kicking the shit out the guy was definitely one way to rally support around that task force.

Because of his little walk on the wildly enraged side, Iris (the best friend and love of his life), decided that maybe all those people who were warning her to stay clear of this so-called superhero were right. He’s bad news.

Looks like he’ll need to get a new president for his fan club.

But one person who hasn’t given up on him is Ollie. One of the things I love most about Oliver Queen and The Arrow, is the level of maturity he has excelled to just in the brief amount of time he’s been back from Hell Island. And one of the key scenes that revealed that maturity to me was when The Arrow was getting his ass kicked by The Flash, but still refused to abandon him.

Source Image: The CW
Source Image: The CW

Can you say, epic? Do ya see why I love him?

Like Barry, he started off thinking he could do everything himself. He didn’t need, nor did he want, anyone else’s help. But as he learned…the hard way, of course…no man is an island. He now surrounds himself with a team of people he can trust implicitly. People who would die for him and for whom he’d readily die himself. The Flash is starting to come around to that way of thinking as well. Perhaps with Ollie’s counsel, he will see the value in teamwork sooner rather than later.


Ollie offers Barry some solid advice in all things superhero, but when it comes to personal relationship advice…enough with the “guys like us don’t get the girl” crap.  Yes, it’s complicated. Yes, it’s dangerous. No, you’re not better off. And while Ollie may have disembarked from the Good Ship Olicity, his personal life is about to get more complicated whether he wants it to or not. That lovely little “Someone I used to know” didn’t lose the baby Moira paid her to miscarry. And now that she’s gotten a glimpse of Baby Daddy, I doubt she’ll fade back into the woodwork. Boy, Ollie, if guys like you can’t have the girl, what the hell are you gonna with a child? Every enemy you have will use that one as leverage. Oh, and let’s not forget Slade…another little human that you love who he can take away from you. I know what you’re thinking but SLADE IS NOT OUT OF THE PICTURE. He will be back!

There are so many more things I’d love to chat about from last night. But I don’t want to out stay my welcome. So, I will just leave you with this:

robbie amell
The CW

In case you couldn’t tell through all the flames…that hot dude is Robbie Amell! With any luck, Firestorm will be around for a while!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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