‘Supernatural’ recap: Impala 67

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Season 10, Episode 7, “Girls, Girls, Girls”, Aired Nov 25, 2014

Dean is online dating. I have 2 problems with this, 1) Oh for Chuck’s sake, look at him! Since when does he need to go online to get a date??!!

2) The only person who he manages to meet up with is a hooker! Yes, she’s very attractive, but I’m sure he’d have had many, many other potential dates.

But, he’s chosen Shaylene, and of course, not only does Dean’s hottie end up being a hooker, she only accepts payment in souls. Her pimp is a demon, who is as surprised as we are that a Winchester is using a dating app. He arrives with the contract, but Sam and Dean have painted a Devil’s Trap on the ceiling, and are ready to settle in for a nice long interrogation. After one insult too many, though, Shaylene takes her chance, grabs Dean’s Angel Blade (not a euphemism, but I might use that again), and kills the Demon.

Although their lead is dead, he luckily has a business card for a brothel in his pocket. The brothel is run by demon, Raul, and his management style is brutal. He has attracted the attention of someone besides the Winchesters. This is Rowena. I don’t know if it’s a thing the writer’s have, or if they just keep casting awesome red-heads.

Either way, I think that there could be an Irish cousin to any of these women introduced at any time. #justsayin’

The last time we saw Rowena she was sitting in front of a fire, calmly reading her book, while above her bodies of hotel employees were bleeding out from the ceiling. You just know it’s not going to end well for Raul. She throws a hex bag into his hands, and he proceeds to, well basically puke himself to death. It’s kinda gross. His henchman smokes out before he can get killed, and Rowena leaves with the girls for some nice food. I like her!

Bringing two working girls into a posh restaurant certainly raises a few eyebrows, but when the waiter comes over to explain their dress code, Rowena murmurs an incantation at him, and suddenly it’s all champagne and, well, not caviar – spaghetti Bolognese by the looks of it? Everything’s complementary, and Rowena and the girls are loving it. She explains how magic (ie. witchcraft) can get you anything you want whenever you want it.

Yes, it includes all sweet pastries, don’t cry honey.

She wants the girls to become her coven, and will teach them to be witches. As Sam told Dean earlier, it’s too good to be true.. There are little drawbacks. For example, the once snotty waiter has just suddenly had his brains boiled inside his head while serving dessert. Nice. Rowena and the girls make a hasty exit.

Naturally, and we’d be disappointed if they weren’t, Dean and Sam are hot on their trail. They got to the brothel and discovered Raul and his goo, as well as Rowena’s hex bag. Sam’s research finds that there is only one spell that can do that to a demon, and only one witch who ever knew it. Seems that Rowena looks pretty amazing for her age because she’s been around since the 17th century.

While all this is going on, we’re also getting caught up with Cas and Hannah and they’re quest to repatriate all the angels to Heaven, whether they like it or not. They’re holed up in a crummy Motel doing research. As Cas continues to stick pins in pictures, and wear his trench coat indoors, Hannah takes a notion to take a shower. Angels don’t shower. Or undress behind closed doors either. She strips off while they are talking, Cas looks well, Cas-like, and claims not to be bothered, ha!

As she goes to checkout of the Motel, a man approaches Hannah. He is Joe Johnson, husband of Caroline, Hannah’s vessel. Poor Joe has been searching for her for a year, and has used her credit card to track her down. Hannah wants to give Joe a reason for Caroline leaving him, so she says she’s with Castiel. He doesn’t believe her, so she kisses Cas pretty passionately to prove her point. Yaayyy, but also boooo! Poor Joe.

Hannah is so confused and filled with human emotion that she decides it’s time to return Caroline’s body to her, and for her to go back to heaven. Aww, I thought they’d be a cute couple, but I guess she’s right. Later that night, Castiel drives Caroline home. Hannah leaving has got him thinking, and he looks Jimmy Novak up on his laptop.

It’s all kicked off at Rowena’s hotel, with both Demons and Winchesters out to get her. The boys get rid of the demons, but Rowena turns one of the girls into an attack dog, who they have to fight off. As Sam deals with her, Dean heads out and manages to hold Rowena at gun point. But then Cole shows up with his gun pointed at Dean.

This dude’s timing sucks. Cole’s all prepped for Dean this time though. Well, he thinks he is, so he starts off by throwing holy water over him. That happens to him a lot, doesn’t it?


Anyhow, Dean tries to explain to Cole that he’s no longer a Demon. They have a huge punch up, but although Dean wins the fight, he hands Cole his gun and tells him that he can shoot him after he’s heard him out. Now that’s he’s human again, Dean remembers Cole’s father; hunting him and killing him. Cole’s Dad had already ripped out and eaten the livers of 3 people before Dean caught up with him. He was a monster, but Dean still doesn’t know what kind,

Even when Sam comes of the hotel and has Cole in his sites, Dean won’t let him hold the gun on him. He sees Cole as a good man who had a story that he had to live out, much as he did himself. Dean says he’s past saving. *sniff* Sam reminds Cole that his family needs him. He hands back the gun, and the standoff is over. After he drives away, Dean tells Sam that he was just telling Cole what he needed to hear.

Rowena didn’t escape though. Demons captured her, and have locked her away in a dungeon for Crowley to interrogate.  When he walks in to talk to her, she’s suitably scathing. “The King? King of what? Lilliput?”, but instead of his usual witty repartee, we see a confused Crowley look closely at her instead


Love it! So, now the King of Hell has Mommy issues? I’m officially requesting Gavin be brought back in for a full-on family reunion too. How is Rowena going to take her son being the King of Hell? She hates Demons! And what will it mean for the Winchesters?

Will Cas visit Jimmy’s family? Is it the last we’ll see of Cole? What kind of monster was his father?

Lots of roads to go down presented. Which paths will be traveled? Let me know what you think, or where you’d like the story to go.


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