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‘The Vampire Diaries’ promo video: 6×09, ” I Alone”

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How about that previous episode of The Vampire Diaries? AMAZING, right? [SPOILER ALERT] We had a Friendsgiving dinner that, well, ended up revealing all sorts of truths. We saw Liv and Luke be reunited with their long-lost sis who just happened to be Jo #Wut! Okay, I sooo did not see that one coming. We got confirmation that Kai is indeed Jo’s twin bro–not that we needed it or anything.

Meanwhile, the three musketeers–Damon, Stefan and Alaric–make their way to Portland to try to track down The Gemini Coven and the Ascendant. What they actually found was, Jo’s father (who later tried to kill her) and that Jo actually had the Ascendant all along. Talk about a wasted journey? Let’s not forget about Damon and ‘Miss Cuddles’. We so need more of that next week.

There were also flashbacks to what really happened with Kai all those years ago. The psycho witch wanted to lead The Gemini Coven so he attempted to kill his younger siblings (Liv and Luke) but failed all thanks to Jo. Basically, The Gemini Coven need a set of twins to lead them but require the twins to ‘merge’ on their 22nd birthday. #AwkwardMuch?

Also, Elena breaks up her latest beau…any surprise really? Also, Elena and Caroline finally discover our favourite witch (Bon-Bon) is alive and they couldn’t be happier. So much so, Elena partners up with Damon to work out a plan to save her. #YES!

And lastly, back to 1994, we saw Kai force Bonnie into having Thanksgiving dinner with him who then later STABBED her and then just fecked off leaving her stranded #NotOkay!

Check out our full recap of last week’s episode, “Fade Into You,” for more deets.

So, yeah, after that episode I was dying to know what we were in for in the forthcoming episode. In case you don’t know, there is NO TVD episode this week. It doesn’t air until Dec 4th. Ughhh, I don’t think I can take another week *cries*. In the meantime, here’s the promo vid for the upcoming episode, “I Alone”…

OK, let’s break down the promo vid…

  • First up, Jer is back #Hallelujah! Elena confesses all about Bonnie being alive and that Damon is going to bring her home. After all, he does kinda owe her, since she saved his life #NoBiggie. Anyway, I have complete faith that this Salvatore bro will return Bon-Bon to Mystic Falls in one piece. I just can’t wait for a Bonnie and Jeremy reunion!
  •  We see Kai (doing what he does best) attempting to kill someone Dexter Morgan style, but this time it is his father. Wait, so does this mean, HE ESCAPES KAI-ATORY? *gulps* If so, that means Bonnie does too, right?
  • #JOLARIC KISS! OMG! That short but sweet scene is sooo hot. I love those two together. Let’s just hope Julie Plec stays kind and keeps Ric happy for a while.
  • Then Bon-Bon makes an appearance and she’s on a phone…talking to Elena? Oh my gosh! So, does Damon really bring her back to safety? I hope so!
  • Next, we see Stefan, Matt, and Enzo and they seem to be, um, getting along like usual. #Not. I have no clue what happens but Stef looks mad. Then Enzo comes out with,” I’m British.” Ha! LOVE IT.
  • Then, there’s a quick shot of what seems to be Tyler and Liv shoving someone off a balcony? Seems logical? No doubt it will be something to do with The Gemini Coven, since in the last episode, Tyler said he’d help her out. Yet another new couple I’m totally digging.
  • Lastly, Elena apologizes to Damon for compelling away the memories because they were his too. Damon responds with, “We’ll make new ones.” Okay, I JUST DIED. #Delena feels all the way!

So, now are you ready for the upcoming episode? Like I said before, we need to wait an extra week *sighs* but it seems like it will be worth the wait, as always! At least we can hit the repeat button until then.

And that’s all for now…

Love always,


The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays on The CW at 8/7c


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