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‘The Vampire Diaries’ promo video: Episode 6×08, “Fade Into You”

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Last weeks episode of The Vampire Diaries had me feeling all kinds of emotions. We had that EPIC #Delena kiss (recovered yet? ’cause I certainly haven’t), we found out Bonnie was still alive (YAY), and we had an awkward revelation of Caroline having ‘a thing’ for Stefan. Not to mention, Alaric and Jo get it on, and we find out that her psycho bro tried to kill her *cough* Kai *cough*. Oh, and let’s not forget, Tripp dies. What. An. Episode. Definetly my favourite episode of this season (so far).

Are you like me and can’t wait for the new episode to hurry the hell up and air already? Well, if so, here’s the promo vid to see what we have in store for next week’s episode … #HappyFangsgiving!

OMG! Let’s break down the promo vid …

  • Caroline throws a swanky Thanksgiving dinner and poor Stef doesn’t get invited. Haha, oh man, how awkward. Those who were actually invited don’t look like were having a great time either, with Caroline asking, “Uh, could someone please pass the rolls?” and Elena later saying, “It’s getting weird.”
  • Elena confesses all to Liam about how she’s actually a vampire (no biggie). I’m sure that’s going to go down, just perfectly … #not. Damon wants to kill someone (no surprise), my guess is Liam.
  • A gruesome clip of what seems to be Kai and an unidentified person doing something so not okay to Jo.
  • Also, Elena finally finds out that Bon-Bon is still alive, which means, they can now go on and explore a storyline to how her awesome return or not-so-return can go down. Of all things, least it might give lil’ Gilbert some hope to get his shit together. Side note: I laughed way too hard at Stefan at the end saying, “You’re just mad because no one knew how to carve the turkey.” Bruh, you’re just mad ’cause you weren’t invited #soz.

So, are you now ready for this week’s forthcoming episode? I sure can’t wait!

That’s all for now …

Love always,


The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays on The CW at 8/7c


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