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5 shows you should be watching instead of worrying about ebola

We get it, the whole “ebola” scare is making those Walking Dead episodes and I am Legend showings on TBS seem less on-trend with the whole apocalyptic craze, and more “OMFG.” In reality, you’re more likely to get hit by a bus than catch ebola at this point (seriously, we think we heard Brian Williams say that on NBC Nightly News). Instead of stressing yourself out and maxing out your Sam’s Club card on hand sanitizer, you should be catching up on all the amazing shows (past and present) on TV. We’re so serious about this that we’ve even come up with a list for you to get started. So, go wash your hands for the twentieth time this hour and check this out.


The Walking Dead: No, we’re not trying to be funny. This is the best show on television, and they have the ratings to prove it. Even if you aren’t a “zombie” person, after watching this show, you will be. The show is about people and their struggles, and how zombies give a whole new meaning to, “for better or worse”.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Just power through season 1, and you can thank us later. There’s a reason why Joss Whedon has more followers than the pope. Buffy showed us what being a fierce betch is all about. And if you’re still freaked out about the ebola apocalypse, just remember that Buffy survived six apocalypses and two vampire boyfriends, all while maintaining perfect highlights. #perspective



Lost: Don’t listen to the bandwagoner’s that shame this show for the “terrible ending”. We’ll stand by this forever: Lost is one of (if not the) best shows to grace television. Not only did it steal our hearts, but it delivered one of the greatest story telling spectacles on television. For all you digital nerds our there, aside of it’s artistic genius, it’s co-creator, Carlton Cuse, pioneered transmedia story telling: telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. Yup, he’s a straight up boss.



Game of Thrones: This show is basically the medieval adaptation House of Cards. Political turmoil and betrayal, murders, and a blonde with a dragon fetish. OK, so House of Cards doesn’t have any dragons in it, but we think you’d agree with us when we say that Robin Wright’s character’s unofficial nickname is “dragon lady”.



House of Cards:  It’s not supernatural, but it’s amazing. There’s a reason Kevin Spacey is the biggest boss in Hollywood. We enjoy his commentary so much, that we’ve even started doing it in our own lives. In fact, we’re doing it right now.



What are your favorite shows? Sound off in the comments below! Until next time … #FangsOut




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