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Teen Wolf: Mid-Season Trailer (Season 3)

So… the Teen Wolf Mid-Season Trailer was released.











It’s absolutely terrifying. They say “One hero will fall”. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? By “fall” I really hope they mean “trip on a crack in the sidewalk and scrape their knee”. We have four more episodes left until the end of the season and we find out what they really mean. Check out the trailer and then let’s discuss. Warning: My current state of mind is producing a lot of words in All Caps.


Are you freaking out? OF COURSE YOU ARE. There are a few key things that need to be discussed here.

1. “One Hero Will Fall”. Who is this hero they refer to? They made it look like it could be Derek. I hope to sweet baby Jesus this isn’t the case, but then again I don’t want anyone to die. Maybe “fall” doesn’t mean die, though. I have a feeling the person they are talking about could also be Stiles or one of the dads. SOMEONE HOLD ME.

2 Was that Peter covered in third-degree burns? It kind of looked like him, right? It better not be Isaac or anyone else for that matter. Speaking of Isaac, he apparently healed up just fine.

3. Can we talk about Chris Argent being tied to a chair and doused with gasoline by DEREK? I thought they were becoming close due to their legal situation. Also, Chris Argent had a gun to Stiles’ head. There is no freaking way he will kill him. HE CAN’T.

4. Could Scott and Allison’s faces have been any closer at the end of that trailer? She whispered “Shh. It’s okay. Don’t worry.” This looked highly sexual… and also like she might be possessed. I will always be team Scallison at heart, so I’m down for this if it’s real.

5. But then there’s Kira. Her and Scott share a stare in bed and it looks serious. Plus, she’s apparently becoming a master with her katana and kicking some major Oni ass.

6. Speaking of Kira, it looks like we’re going to be seeing more of her mom. A flashback perhaps? What’s her part in all of this, besides sacrificing her tails/life to create more Oni to kill Stiles/the nogitsune who doesn’t appear to be a werewolf by the way.

FOUR more episodes left until we find out what the hell Jeff Davis really has up his sleeve. I have a feeling it’s not going to be pretty. Are you emotionally ready for this? Sound off with your thoughts and predictions. #FangsOut


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