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Teen Wolf Recap – 3×07 “Currents”

Oh sweet lord. This episode was just a full lunar eclipse of emotions. Scott watches his mom be a hero and save someone’s life, Stiles almost reveals to his dad that werewolves are real, and Derek almost saw his girlfriend get killed, but sees someone else die instead. Yup, you read that right. This episode had a tragic death of one of our beloved cast members. Before I start sobbing all over my already tear-soaked keyboard, let’s get down to the dirty deets:

Scott Teen WolfScott: Scott brings his mama some dinner at the hospital not expecting to see the place overflowing with victims from a pile up on the highway. The doctor is MIA so they’re waiting for the on-call doc to come in. Too bad she gets attacked by a pack of moths coming into her car from the vents. Needless to say, she never makes it there. Scott uses his wolfy powers to take a waiting patient’s pain away just because he’s a nice dude and he can. #pureman. Then, we see Ethan bring Danny in who is on the verge of death. I mean, I could have done without seeing him yack all over the f*cking floor. Danny’s lung are collapsing but Mama McCall steps up to the plate and saves his life. Outside of the hospital, Ethan tells Scott that he means Danny no harm because he realizes that Danny isn’t the one that’s of use to Scott (implying that Lydia is). Umm… sexy wolf twin say what? Don’t f*ck with my girl, okay? Scott thinks his mom is at risk of being the next sacrifice since two doctors (or more generally, healers) were killed, so he and Isaac keep an eye on her. Too bad they both fall asleep while on watch. Nice. Scott gets a phone call while at school the next day from Deaton saying, “I’m going to be taken. I need you to find me.”  Can we say Liam Neeson boys and girls? Scott and Stiles head to Deaton’s animal hospital and find Daddy Stilinski already there. Why didn’t they think of him when they realized healers were being sacrificed? And after all he’s done for you, Scott! Anyway, Scott goes back to school where hears a tapping sound echoing through the halls. Obviously it can’t just be the janitor mopping up hot dog juice in the cafeteria. Nope. It’s Deucalion tapping his cane to attract Scott. Deucalion says he’s not the Durach but that someone will die tonight. He gives Scott a clue to finding Deaton: “let the current guide you.” PLEASE, be a little more vague will you? Jesus. Stop being so over-dramatic.


Scott later goes to Allison’s (which will be discussed in a bit), where he loses control of little Scott and gains more insight into where Deaton may be. When he finds out he’s at the bank vault, he sees Deaton hanging and seemingly close to death. Not so fast Scotty boy. Deaton’s protected by a circle of mountain ash. Son of a biscuit!


While Scott is using all his might to try to push through the mountain ash magical circle shit (which doesn’t work), we see his eyes glow red. That’s some Alpha shit right there. Luckily, Daddy Stilinski shows up, shoots Deaton down (could he not have just untied him?) and he falls to the ground. Deaton tells Scott that every once in a hundred or so years, a werewolf becomes an Alpha simply because of the strength of their character and the fact that they’re a natural-born bad ass mother f*cker. Scott is a NATURAL ALPHA, y’all. That is why Deucalion really wants him, not Derek.

Lydia Teen WolfLydia: She was definitely getting #bizzy in this episode. We first see her with Aiden in the storage closet about to do the nasty when the fire alarm goes off. She quickly dismisses him, and then is confronted by Cora. Cora threatens her to stop sleeping with the enemy (I mean, homegirl does have a point), and Lydia tries to sass her off. “My last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard, I think I can handle a werewolf.” Cora tries to show her authority and grabs her arm when Stiles steps in to break up the cat fight. Stiles explains how they need Lydia’s help and wants to see if they can tap into her odd and unexplainable ability to connect with the dead. He explains that Dr. Deaton has been kidnapped, and Lydia begrudgingly decides to help. Cora, Lydia and Stiles start off with a Ouija board, but nothing is happening. Stiles gets frustrated and starts to tell her that she needs to focus more. Lydia? Focus? You know who you’re talking to, right? He also has her hold some of Deaton’s belongings. Still nothing. When he tells her to grab a pencil and paper and write where Dr. D could be, she just starts doodling that damn tree again. Stiles just gets more pissed and disregards it. Dammit, Stiles! Don’t you think he’d at least look into the tree and research it to exhaust all their options? UGH. Spoiler alert! Word is we find out what’s really going on with Lydia in a couple of weeks in the episode, “The Girl Who Knew Too Much.” The title of the episode is apparently a clue to what she is. Any guesses? I’m still pulling for a unicorn.

Stiles Teen WolfStiles: Okay, Stiles. So before you neglected a HUGE clue, a-la Lydia’s tree drawing, you were about to confess to your dad that werewolves are real and some druid mofo may be behind all the town murders. Scott is trying to convince Stiles to tell his dad, but Stiles is too worried that it will put him in danger and he just can’t lose both of his parents. Stop being so adorable Stiles. Stop it! So, Stiles finally agrees that he should tell him but just as he’s about to do it with Scott’s help (assuming Scott would need to were-out in front of Daddy Stilinski to prove what they’re saying is true), Ms. Morrell steps in and confronts them about all this hooplah going on and stalls the big reveal. She tells them that Lydia may be able to help locate her brother (Deaton), and Stiles goes off to investigate further. When they realize Danny was a target and that he might have known something, Stiles heads to the hospital where Danny is still being kept. He rifles through his book bag, telling Danny that he’s dreaming it all, and finds a research paper that he wrote about geomagnetic fields in Beacon Hills. Naturally, his research includes a map that leads the gang to the vault where Dr. Deaton is being held. Bingo!

Derek Teen WolfDerek: Cora and Derek are just kicking it at his apartment, catching up on lost time, when an alarm goes off and he sees a giant Alpha symbol written on the window. Dammit, he JUST renovated the place! Apparently, the symbol on his window means the Alphas are coming for him tonight. Not in the morning, not in a couple of days. F*cking tonight! Isaac and Boyd show up to help and suggest rigging some shit where they flood the place and use electrical currents to shock Kali and her nasty-ass bare feet when she shows up. That’ll teach her to wear some shoes. #DSWBitch. They lay the trap but realize that someone cut the auxiliary power. This shit is all too technical for me to follow. The main point is, Kali shows up with Ethan and Aiden and they have taken Ms. Blake captive. Her and Derek literally had sex last episode and she’s already in danger. Well, that’s what you signed up for honey child. Derek tried to warn you. Anyway, Kali and Derek duke it out and when Stiles, Lydia and Cora get the power working again, Isaac electrocutes them. It was a nice attempt but the plan doesn’t keep Kali from killing Boyd… with Derek’s nails. That’s all sorts of f*cked up. I literally pouted like a 12-year-old who just got grounded from going to a One Direction concert while watching that scene. Kali threatens Derek by saying he has until the next full moon to join their pack or she’ll kill everyone. I do not like her, or any of the Alphas for that matter. NONE OF THEM! Nobody puts my baby in a corner!


Allison Teen WolfArgents: Allison tells Scott to come over because she knows her dad is up to something. Daddy Argent shows up though, sending Allison and Scott into hiding in a closet. Apparently, little Scott enjoys the danger of lurking in closets with cute girls he used to have a deep connection with, because he makes his presence aware. You get my drift? No? Okay, Scott got a boner and Allison thought it was f*cking cute rather than creepy. Anyway, when Daddy Argent leaves, Allison shows Scott a map that her dad has been marking symbols on related to the recent sacrifices. Jack pot! Later on, we see Daddy Arg go to Gerard (yes, black shit is still coming out of his face) and say, “you’re going to tell me the story and you’re going to tell me the truth.” He’s talking about Deucalion. Then, Allison pops in like, “surprised to see me, bitch?” Okay, so what’s going on with the Argents right now and how long will it be before the rest of the gang finds out Gerard is still alive and Allison knows it?

Boyd Teen WolfBoyd: Okay, the writers kicked ass with this episode. The way they set up Boyd and then… his awful death. That was just heart-wrenching. I was texting  my girlfriends about Boyd when he was telling Derek about the plan to attack the Alphas like, “OMG he is so sweet!”. Yeah, they totes  did that on purpose to get the audience to REALLY love him, then have Derek be forced to kill him with his Alpha claws thanks to that dumb Kali bitch. #CantStandHer. Not only does she need a pedicure, but she needs some shoes… like yesterday. That’s just a staph infection waiting to happen. Anyways, at the same time when Derek’s claws were in Boyd, Boyd was remembering when he and Erica were in the vault sharing a tender moment reflecting on the lunar eclipse and how it may affect them. Erica then says, “f*ck this shit,” and she charges towards Kali and falls to her death. I mean, you know I love me some Derek, but his pack is straight f*cked. Could Scott be their only chance?

source: tumblr-btifulnightmare

But most importantly, RIP, Boyd. You were a good man, and it was a total shock to see you go. #I’llBeMissingYou

I know, that was a lot to handle. Well, put on your big kid diapers because next week looks just as crazy. Grandpa Gerard may finally spill the beans on Deucalion, and the whole gang works to save the town and their own lives. Anyone else think that Allison and Scott may have another closet rendezvous, or is she destined to find love with someone else? Leave your thoughts! Until next time… #FangsOut




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