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Teen Wolf Recap – 3×06 “Motel California”

This was literally the creepiest episode of Teen Wolf so far. I mean, seriously. I had to turn the lights on when the old woman at the front desk started cackling about suicides. Christian Taylor wrote and directed this episode. Team Teen Wolf needs to be hiring him on the reg because this episode was on another level. In the episode, the cross-country team stops at a road-side motel to stay the night. The motel has a history that puts Scott, Boyd, Ethan and Isaac in danger. Meanwhile, Derek returns from the brink of death and finally gets a little loving. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Scott Teen WolfScott: What did I say last week?! This boy is an emotional hot mess. He is a woman having PMS, plus a woman 8 months pregnant, plus a confused  boy going through puberty. He doesn’t know what da fucque to think right now, and it didn’t help that he was hallucinating his mom being sliced in the throat by Deucalion. This vision, along with his guilt of getting Derek killed, (he is unaware Derek is alive and tapping his English teacher’s ass at this point), is putting him over the edge. Scott creepily shows up while Allison is showering #SerialKillerStyle, and then once Stiles finds out that this whole sacrificial suicide mess it tied to werewolves, is saved by Stiles, Lydia, and Allison from burning himself into a crispy turkey dinner. Yeah, apparently once the the kids got to the hotel de-death, the werewolves started hallucinating and tried to kill themselves. Let’s dive deeper into that…

Stiles Teen WolfStiles: What do I always say? Stiles is AMAZING. Not only did he figure out why this creepy f*cking motel had a shit ton of suicides, he saved Scott from killing himself in front of him and his ex-girlfriend. #TrueFriend. Stiles notices that Scott is acting weird, and he gets into investigator mode, per the usual. #LikeFatherLikeSon. He gets a text from Lydia with her suspicions, and he leaves a suicidal Scott to go dissect the situation with her. He comes to the conclusion that the suicides in the hotel are tied to a “3-person sacrafice.” Apparently, when Lydia was at the front desk she saw a “198” sign. She asked what it was, and Honey boo-boo’s mom, I mean the front desk clerk, told her that it was the number of suicides that had occurred at the hotel, and it was an inside joke her husband refused to table. Um…what?

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When Allison and Lydia went back to ask the front desk bitch some more questions, she had left for the evening, but the creepy sign had gone from 198 to 201…OH SNAP! When they told Stiles this, he concluded that his must be a part of the pattern of “3 sacrifices”. Stiles, you’re so smart. What really got me this episode, though, was Stiles saving Scott. Scott went on this whole rampage on how he and Stiles were losers before Scott became a werewolf, and they weren’t good at Lacrosse, how they had no friends, they weren’t popular…basically every high school kid’s nightmare. Stiles could have just said, “well eff you man I’m awesome, and sorry you thought we sucked balls that whole time.” Instead, Stiles grabbed his hand, told him that he loved him, and not only was Scott his best friend but his brother. He also said that if Scott was going to die, he was going to go down with him. ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME? This was me after that scene:


I am always #TeamSterek, but #TeamStott #TeamSciles is my number one. They’re adorbs. Their couple name sucks, though.

allisonAllison: I absolutely loved Allison in this episode. Maybe because she was only one of a few people who didn’t go crazy and she took charge like a straight boss. Plus, instead of treating Lydia like she belongs in a looney bin (which is what I would have done), she tells her she believes her and helps her figure out what’s going on in the mystery-motel-o-death. Their friendship is my favorite relationship on the show right now! #Lydison4Life. So, Allison decides to entertain the idea that Lydia can see dead people/hear dead people/whatever. Along the way, we see Allison investigating with Lydia and Stiles, and they end up saving Scott’s life. Scott, in a weird wolfsbane trance, decides to douse himself in gasoline and light a flare, as you do when you’re at a haunted motel. Per our recap above, Stiles has a coming to Jesus with Scott and is able to remove the flare from Scott’s were-grip. #Phew. Allison spent this whole scene hyperventilating and bawling her eyes out. I don’t blame a woman. 

Teen Wolf LydiaLydia: Can I please just say that Holland Roden could be a horror queen. Her scared faces, screams and crazy blank stares are f*cking perfection. Lydia goes to the front desk where she meets a creepy old lady who tells her that the motel is famous for having the highest number of suicides. Oh, that’s comforting. I’m confused why the place hasn’t been investigated and shut down by the government yet, but what the f*ck do I know? Back in her and Allison’s hotel room, she starts hearing a couple in the next room shooting themselves. Creepy! She goes next door to check it out with Allison and finds the room is empty, but under construction. Later on, she’s outside the motel in the parking lot with Stiles when she hears a mother drowning her baby through a drain in the ground. THEN, when Scott and Stiles almost go up in flames, she sees a freaky looking hooded man/creature/Druarch in the fire. I’m not sure what Lydia is exactly, but she’s something and she’s special and I’m ready to find out already dammit! Once on the bus, she grabs the coach’s whistle and discovers (because she’s a muh f*cking genius) that someone put wolfsbane in it, so every time the coach blew it, the werewolves on the bus would get infected and weakened. Priming them for the kill at the motel.

Isaac Teen WolfIsaac: Daniel Sharman (the actor who plays Isaac) KILLED it in this episode. He also almost killed himself. #whoops. Isaac was one of the werewolves who got laced with wolfsbane from coach’s whistle. That poor boy started hallucinated about his abusive father and the freezer he would put him into. He also started watching static-screened T.V. and hiding under the bed…talk about acting a little cray. I don’t have much to say here other than I’m glad he snapped out of it, and I’m still up for the writers revisiting him and Allison doing the nasty at least once. Thoughts?

Boyd Teen WolfBoyd: Sweet Jesus. Poor Boyd really had an awful night at the haunted motel. He goes to get ice and sees his dead sister, Alicia, buried in there and he can hear her asking him why he left her. That is fifty shades of f*cked up. Then, in his room, his alarm clock radio is possessed and playing little Boyd talking to someone about his sister drowning beneath ice. He turns it off, unplugs it and eventually has to smash it for it to stop. At this point, he’s completely lost it and he goes to the hotel lobby and picks up a safe. He fills the bathtub in his room, gets in and weighs himself down with the safe in order to drown himself. Luckily, Lydia hears the baby being drowned in the drain and realizes one of the werewolves must be drowning. She and Stiles end up saving him by putting a flare in the water, making him shoot up out of the water. That was a close call.

Chris Argent Teen WolfChris Argent: What in Sam Hill are you up to, mister? Daddy Arg goes to the site of the Alpha/Derek Pack showdown from last episode looking for… I have no f*cking idea was he was doing there. He talks to Allison on the phone though, who tells him where they’re staying for the night. The name of the motel rings a bell. Why? Because Daddy Arg is all-knowing and he’s wiser than Gandolf, okay? So… then something happens and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. He visits GRANDADDY ARGENT, GERARD. We all knew he was alive still. Remember black blood spewing from his face like the Gulf oil spill and then him disappearing when everyone’s backs were turned? The black shit is still all over his face. It’s called Wet Wipes, dude. Daddy Argent asks about the guy who killed himself in he motel all those years ago (who also happens to be his uncle #shitsfullcircle), saying he had a werewolf bite on him and wants to know who did that. Gerard says, (very creepily I might ad) “Deucalion”.


That bastard! So, is Deucalion responsible for the attempted werewolf suicides/sacrifices? Is he the bad druid or is he just besties with him or is he trying to fight him? I don’t get it! And why is Daddy Arg keeping the fact that Gerard’s alive a secret? Better yet, why hasn’t he just killed him? So many questions, so little patience.

Teen Wolf DerekDerek: Ms. Blake (somehow) carries Derek to his loft. Home girl must be hitting the school gym between grading papers at 9pm at night. He’s injured, badly. Like Ms. Blake says, he looks like one, giant open wound. Somehow he doesn’t look that disgusting with his pecs, biceps and rippling 8 pack, though. He finally wakes up saying that he’s got to find the others because they think he’s dead, but she advises against that. Derek tries to tell her to leave because she doesn’t “know him” and she’ll get hurt and blah blah. Pretty sure if Derek’s sitting in front of you with his shirt off… you’re not leaving willingly. I mean, look at him.


They end up making out… with blood all over his face. Then, they do the horizontal mambo… with blood all over his body. Take a f*cking shower at least! That’s how diseases are transmitted, people. Apparently, their romp made him heal up. Well, that’s convenient. Even though I’m wildly jealous of Ms. Blake, I like these two together because Derek deserves to feel love and happiness. He’s been celibate for over 2  seasons now, which was totally uncalled for. He was right about one thing, though. He is putting her in danger by being with her, and I’m guessing she has a 70% chance of getting killed before the end of the season for dramatic effect.

Ethan Teen WolfEthan: So, Ethan doesn’t seem as bad as he did in the very beginning of the season. He and Danny room together and they get hot and heavy. Not going to lie, that was a pretty steamy scene. I mean, DAYUM. Ethan was being pretty sweet with him, and I think he sincerely likes him. All of a sudden, he starts shifting, or he thinks he does. He rushes to the bathroom, and although he’s not shifting, he sees a face bulging from his stomach… which was incredibly disturbing. It looked like it was trying to climb out of his skin. I wanted to vomit.


Then, Ethan tries to kill himself with a band saw, but Allison, Lydia and Stiles stop him (they done saved everybody up in this bitch). He tries to tear his stomach open with his claws, but he snaps out of it. He doesn’t even know how he got there! Later on the bus, he thanks Scott (instead of Stiles) for saving him and offers up some crucial information. Ethan says that Derek’s most likely alive and since he killed one of them, he’ll have to join their pack or die. #TeamSaveDerek #TeamThatsSomeFuckedUpLogic. I mean, think about it. “Oh, you killed one of our pack, so we want you to JOIN US OR YOU DIE.” That shit doesn’t even make sense. Derek’s hot as hell though, #SoIGetIt.

Other happenings from last week that weren’t addressed in this episode were Kali, Ms. Morell and Aiden taking Ennis to Dr. Deaton and forcing him to try to save him. Remember how Deculaion’s bitch-ass showed up and killed Ennis, proving to us that he literally cares about no one but himself? He’s one bad mama jama. Now, we know that he has been up to this shit at least since 1977 thanks to Allison’s weird ass grandpa, who is still bleeding black shit from his hairy nostrils. Next week we see more of the Alpha pack, so I’m anxious for what will be revealed! Leave your thoughts, were-lovers. Until next time…




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