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Teen Wolf Recap – 3×04 “Unleashed”

Holy mistletoe! That episode was intense and so flippin’ awesome. The only thing I didn’t like was that Daddy Argent wasn’t in it. #TeamJRBourne. Last night, secrets were uncovered, family histories were revealed, and Isaac was left out in the rain like a stray dog (pun intended). Let’s dive right into the dirty deets.

IsaacIsaac: Isaac needs to see Ms. Blake’s therapist because he has some seriously deep seeded issues he needs to work out. The first of which is anger management. He tries to run down the twins at Cross Country practice and they body check him and taunt him. Later, he’s twitching with anger in class when he steps out into the hall and comes face-to-face with the twins kicking each other’s asses in order to frame him. It worked. When he lands in detention with Scott and Allison, he gets ordered to restock the janitor’s office with Allison. He’s less than thrilled, considering she stabbed him with “Chinese ring daggers”. That tends to make interactions awkward. When the twins lock them in the closet, we learn that Isaac is SEVERELY claustrophobic, but he has good reason to be. We see a flashback of him being locked up in a box? Deep freezer? Whatever it was, it was child abuse. Remember how awful his dad was? He completely freaks, wolfing out and goes after Allison. Good thing Scott shows up to save her (he’s always lurking somewhere). Allison doesn’t let the whole closet ordeal phase her. She totally understands the effects of a dysfunctional family. She shows Isaac how to ride the bike and sexual tension is oozing when she explains the throttle to him. Hmmm… will these two be kicking something into gear besides the bike? When Isaac returns to Derek’s loft, he gets kicked out. Yeah, it was shitty of Derek, but I don’t think he realized how much it probably emotionally hurt Isaac. Especially when he threw that glass at him…

Like I said, Isaac is going to need some extensive therapy. Hopefully, being roomies with a solid dude like Scott (obviously he’s not going to turn him away) can help him out.

ScottScott: In the beginning of the episode, Scott helps Dr. Deaton with someone’s injured pup. When the kid leaves with his dog (why a senior in high school brought the family dog in instead of his parents, I do not know) the dog runs away from him down an ally and the kid gets snatched. Scott finds the pup in the street, alone, and realizes that something’s not right. What Scott doesn’t expect to see is the kid (who wasn’t even a virgin) strung up like a piñata to a tree in the woods. The poor dude was sacrificed, and while Isaac thinks it has to be the Alphas, Stiles begs to differ. I can see tension forming between these three this season. Calling that shit now. Anyway, Scott helps Isaac get back at the alpha twins and together they get them all riled up over their bikes. It pisses them off enough that they morph into a super Alpha and almost kill Isaac and Scott before Deucalion shows up. Close call. As for Scott, I know he cares about Isaac and they’re buddies, but he better look out because homeboy was making googly eyes at Allison all episode. Bro’s before hoes. Scott can’t be getting distracted with all that shit though, because surely more sacrifices will be made (who’s next?!) and the Alphas will be causing more trouble. He needs to be on his A game. You know, be a’were’ of his surroundings at all times.

AllisonAllison: Allison did what I did all throughout French class in high school, she slept through it. Twinsies! Ms. Morrell just happens to be the French teacher (jack of all trades) and she calls her out for snoozing. Listen lady, I don’t know what you’re up to, but you better back the f*ck up. Allison asks her what she was doing at the bank, but Ms. Morrell just spits back the same question. God, I hate when people do that. She ends up giving Allison detention which is a low blow and just a way for her to exert her power over her. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that when Allison woke up in class, she saw her mom standing there for a second. Is she going to start having visions of her mom in white flowing dresses, Walking Dead style? I sure hope not. Let’s skip to Allison’s love life real quick. Now, you all know I think Scott and Allison are meant to be and I want them to get back together more than I want to go eat the entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food sitting in my freezer right now, BUT her and Isaac are undeniably cute. Hey, it could be hot! Granted it would cause a major rift in Scott and Isaac’s relationship. What Allison should really be worrying about though, is Daddy Argent finding out she’s been stashing werewolf hunting gear in her glove box and moonlighting as an alpha hunter by herself. Don’t defy your father!

Derek Teen WolfDerek: Derek started off the episode OK. We saw him putting the mack on to Ms. Blake. He wanted to “check on her and make sure she was alright.” Sure, because Derek is so caring and thoughtful? Derek is obvi hot for teacher, and somehow cares for her. She was being super awkward and weird, which is totally unlike her. Remember when we were first introduced to her? She was a sassy little thing playing tricks on her students. Maybe she, too, is actually smitten? Regardless, all I know is that Derek Hale is my one true love, and when he finally meets me we’ll get married and have adorable little Alpha babies. #cantwait. Anyways, Derek then heads back to his Alpha-loft, where Cora is being stubborn and refuses to stop working out. Keep going, girl, no matter what Derek says. Once you fall off the wagon, it’s hard to get back on. #trust.

During their argument, creepy-blind-alpha-of-the-alphas guy (Deucalion), one of his macho alpha dudes (Ennis) and that bitch with the nasty toenails (Kali), barge in and stab a pipe through Derek’s back. Um…rude? Cora is put in her place and goes crying in a corner, and Deucalion reveals to Derek that he wants him to kill one of his pack members and then join his pack. Derek, of course, is not interested and the blind joker decides to wet his appetite by telling him that killing his pack of beta’s will actually make him stronger and that he’ll back off if he does it. Newsflash! It also makes you a murderer and a huge asshole. The Alpha-dicks leave Derek to marinate on that new piece of info. When Isaac shows back up that night, he tells him to get out of the loft now. Looks like Derek has the asshole part covered. I still can’t decide if Derek is doing that to protect him, or just being a dick. Probably both, although judging by the expression on his face, it looked like he felt bad for hurting Isaac’s feelings.

DeucalionDeucalion & The Alphas: I really, really don’t like these guys. First off, Deucalion and Rihanna-toenail-wannabe, Kali, were extremely rude, barging into Derek’s loft uninvited (too bad they aren’t vampires). Then, the twins keep terrorizing Isaac at school by setting him up for detention by making him look like he beat one of them up at school, using his claustrophobia to their advantage and locking him in a closet with Allison and THEN hitting on Lydia in front of Scott. Those two are really asking for it. Scott decides to mess with their motorcycles, and Isaac drives one of them into school and gets one of the twins thrown in detention. Payback’s a BITCH! The twinsies let their emotions get the better of them, and decide to morph into their super-self. Deucalion shows up (again), and gives them a face spanking, and they all leave together. Deucalion is one evil son of a bitch, trying to convince Derek to kill his pack members and brining up his mom. Seriously, what the f*ck is going on with these guys? Are they related to the Gaelic bad guy, whoever he/she/they are? Yeah, let’s just skip to that.

LydiaStiles, Lydia & The Sacrifices: So, Stiles is still in investigative mode, and he discovers another dead body while out in the woods during Cross Country. He finds out that the latest victim was not a virgin, which doesn’t follow the pattern of the sacrifices like he previously thought. While Stiles is looking into this, Lydia shows up drawing some creepy ass tree in music class. What’s weird about that? Well, for one she wasn’t supposed to be in music class-she just “ended up” there, and two, that creepy tree sounds like it’s related to the Celtic Druid mythology that Dr. Deaton discovered. The Oak tree was most sacred to the Celts, and Celts also did human sacrifices. Awesome.

Lydia calls Stiles, who’s hanging out with the vet, Dr. Deaton (who is also a Gaelic mythology expert), and they all try to make sense of the situation. The Scooby Gang figures out that this specific sacrifice is tied to a dark Celtic legend where mistletoe apparently harms werewolves, trees are worshipped, and sacrifices are just the cherry on top. They figure out that they have a copy cat on their hands and this new set of sacrifices is targeting people with military backgrounds. In the last scene of the episode, the audience sees the mean, sarcastic professor being sacrificed at (go figure) a tree. His last words were, “you still need me,” so that lets us know that he was somehow working with this sacrificial asshole. As much as I disliked that professor, I didn’t enjoy seeing him sacrificed. #RIP

The episodes this season just keep getting better and better, but I’m again, left with so many questions. What’s Lydia’s deal? Who’s responsible for these sacrifices? What the hell is Ms. Morrell up to? And where the French toast was Peter in this episode? I miss him… and his face. In next week’s episode, Derek decides to go after the Alphas and it looks like things are going to get ‘hairy’. We’ll leave you with this gif to salivate over (you’re welcome). Until next time… #FangsOut



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