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Teen Wolf Recap – 3×03 “Fireflies”

The hunt is on! This episode had me on the edge of my leather two-seater the whole time. With Cora and Boyd in moon-starved-were form, Scott, Derek and Isaac try to stop them before they murder innocent people. They end up seeking help from an unlikely ally, but they aren’t the only ones trying to stop the out-of-control werewolves. Meanwhile, Stiles rushes to Lydia’s aid when she stumbles upon a dead body and ends up doing some sleuthing of his own. Looks like there might be more to worry about in Beacon Hills than cracked out werewolves and a pack of Alphas. Let’s get on down to the dirty deets.

Scott Teen WolfScott: Scott is continuing to #impress me. He starts off the episode playing Robin Hood in the woods with Derek, and saves a duo of kids who were about to get killed by Boyd and then this fierce lesbian from being mauled by Cora all were’d out. The poor girl’s girlfriend wasn’t so lucky, though. #RIP. Scott (with the help of Isaac and Derek) run through the woods looking for Boyd and Cora, in hopes of locking them up until the full moon is over. Scott tells the boys that they can’t do this alone without killing Boyd and Cora, and Derek and Isaac know he is right. Then Scott reveals his grand plan: DADDY ARGENT

Right, because you both have worked together so well in the past… Anyways, when Daddy Arg refuses to help (I mean, werewolves only got his wife and almost his daughter and possibly his dad killed, can you blame the guy?), Scott respects his decision, and then has him drop him off at the school where we see parents crying over their innocent son’s murdered body. Low move, Scott. Daddy Argent didn’t want to help, and you gave him no choice. It’s like the people at the grocery store when you’re checking out, and they ask you, “would you like to donate $1 to help fight cancer?”. Then I nicely responded with, “no, but can you please pack my ten bottles of wine in paper, not plastic?” Yeah, I look like an asshole. Hey, I participate in the breast cancer walks and do my part. I just don’t want to be bombarded and judged by, “Julie, 4-year Customer Service Award Winner” while I get my wine and Pinesol. #thankyou. Anyways, Scott gets Daddy Argent to help, and he and Allison have little interaction, which I was OK with for this episode. While I believe they need to be together, I don’t think a little break could hurt at this point.

Derek Teen WolfDerek: Bouncing off of the above, you also #impressed me last night. You are not only owning your responsibilities as an alpha of your pack in protecting your prodigies, but you are questioning right and wrong. You could be a dick like all those other alphas. Derek is hell-bent on saving and protecting Boyd and Cora from being killed by the alpha pack, and he has Scott and Isaac there to help him. He is also confronted by Uncle Peter, who thinks he just needs to not waste his energy and just let Boyd and Cora die. From the look on Derek’s face, we all knew this wasn’t going to happen. Derek is WAY too classy for that. He may have some anger management and emotional issues, but he is not a cold-blooded killer. Derek sacrifices himself (or is willing to) in order to save that hot and inappropriate teacher, Ms. Blake, locked in the boiler room in the Beacon Hill’s HIgh School basement. (The gang lured and locked Boyd and Cora down there until the sun came up.) But can we first talk about a) why the f*ck that teacher was in the creepy high school basement, and b) why the school keeps inventory down there. Did you see all of the sharp edges and smoke? That’s such a liability and a huge potential insurance issue. Who knows, maybe she’s really some supe-smarty-pants person who is digging into the alpha pack. Anyways, Derek saves her and let’s Boyd and Cora rip him to shreds until the sun comes up so he doesn’t have to decapitate them. I was cool with that, though, for this reason:

Ok, so he looks a little pathetic there. But then he did this:

And then the teacher’s face did this:

I’m pretty sure I would puke all over myself and then try to mend his wounds, aka take his shirt off and put Neosporin all over those cuts. But that’s just me. Ugh, she bugs me. We’ll get more to her in a second.

Lydia Teen WolfLydia: At the end of the last episode, we saw Lydia screaming and having a fit in her bed. This week, she wakes up and walks to her bedroom window and creepily stares at the full moon before taking off. She ends up at the school swimming pool and she has no freaking idea how she got there. She sees a body in the water that turns out to be just a dummy. Phew! Thank goodness. Not so fast, though. Her hands are covered in blood and she looks up to find a dead kid in the lifeguard stand above her. I just want to commend Holland Roden for her blood curdling scream in that scene. It was perfection. Stiles comes running to her rescue and goes back to her house with her. She calls him out for coming in her room which is hilarious. Can these two please date? Lydia’s noticeably shaken by the fact she blacked out and had no idea how she got to the pool, especially when they make the connection that the last time this happened it was because of Derek’s Uncle. Son of a biscuit! What is going on with Lydia? What is she? A gin? A faerie? A witch? A centaur? A f*cking mystical unicorn?

Or is she just being used as a vessel? Someone, tell me what is going on with her already!

Stiles Teen WolfStiles: Stiles is going through some changes this season. The girl he loves, Lydia, keeps showing up at dead people’s graves/death scenes, his childhood friend who wanted to take his V-card suffered a horrible death that two other innocent virgins have already died from, and…oh no…Stiles is a virgin…IS HE GOING TO BE MURDERED? I know, that’s jumping to conclusions, but all these virgins are being brutally murdered! In the same way! Stiles discovers this from seeing two of the victim’s bodies, where they had a gash to the head, strangle marks, and a slit throat. I’m sorry, I didn’t know I was watching Dexter.

Yeah, that’s creepy as f*ck. Anyways, Stiles discovers this awful pattern and tells Scott and his mom at the hospital. The poor guy was looking for his childhood gal pal all this time, and he ends up seeing her in a dead-body-autopsy room. And that was right after Lydia called him to look at a murderous crime scene, where Scott also made him get up close and personal with the dead body. Sorry, dude. Your life kind of sucks right now. AND we didn’t even get a #Sterek moments. #dafucque. Here’s this just to hold you off until next Monday:

You’re welcome.

Chris Argent Teen WolfChris Argent: When Scott brings Daddy Argent into the mix, he immediately takes charge like the bad ass he is. He teaches them how to tap into their natural werewolf abilities and how to track and trap their own kind. I’m sorry, but he’s f*cking amazing. Sure, he held a gun to Scott’s face at first, but then he was totally on their side so we’ll let that one slide. Understanding that they don’t want to kill Cora and Boyd, he comes up with the idea of trapping them at the school. He shows off all his fancy werewolf hunting devices and they start laying the trap. I mean, I’m not sure if all the high-flying acrobats were necessary to put stakes in the ground, but whatever floats your boat. I’m sincerely hoping Daddy Arg teams up with Derek and gang to help defeat the Alphas and whatever else could be lurking out there. I mean, he DID notice the abnormally glowing fireflies. The man’s a genius I tell you. The gang will need all the help they can get, and hunting werewolves isn’t just a hobby for him; It’s his FAMILY LEGACY! His destiny. Oh yeah, and Daddy Arg, you might want to keep better tabs on your daughter because she’s gone full-blown rogue Katniss, and she’s going to get herself killed.

Allison Teen WolfAllison: Homegirl is in a bad place right now. She got bitched at by Derek for trying to save Scott’s life and releasing Boyd and Cora from the bank vault. Plus, she just found out from Scott that her mom was trying to kill him before she died. Yikes. Her coping mechanism? Grabbing her bow and arrows and trying to take out Cora and Boyd… by herself. Dammit Allison! Why are you trying to do this shit alone? She shows up at the school using her stun-arrows on Cora and Boyd but they escape into the building. Isaac looks confused when he sees her, “Da fucque you doing on that school bus, girl?” Here’s the thing: I love Allison. I think she’s a bad ass bitch, and she’s a hell of a good hunter. But she’s putting her life in danger and if she keeps acting irrationally, she’ll be putting other people’s lives in danger, too, and I just can’t have that. Her and Scott just need to get over their awkward tension so she can join the gang and help them instead of being a loner. Safety in numbers, honey boo boo.

Ms Blake Teen WolfMs. Blake: Ok, let’s revisit this again, because I can’t put my finger on what her agenda is. What is with this teacher?! If she was seriously working that late at school, she deserved to get mauled by wild beasts. No one likes an overachiever! And why was she wandering around in the boiler room? GO HOME! I’m already upset with her for texting her students on the first day of school and wasting their data. We all better get used to her though, because judging by her and Derek’s googly-eyed exchange (see above for a visual. #barf), we’ll be seeing her again. I’m actually surprised she handled herself so well when she saw Derek. If he saved my life, took my hand and looked into my eyes, I’d be drooling on myself and staring at him like he was one of my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies (yeah, my mom’s are better than yours). Nom nom nom.

GIMME SOME! He’s so swoon-worthy. I think I’m just jealous.

So, in a nutshell… this episode was f*cking awesome, but what’s new. Every episode is awesome. I’ve found myself with more questions than I started with, though. We still have the Alphas in play and we don’t know exactly what they’re up to. Now we have someone, or something, making human, virgin sacrifices AND… killer bugs? Glowing fireflies (lightning bugs) are somehow in town and I don’t think it’s due to global warming. In next week’s episode, more virgins are sacrificed, Allison and Isaac invade each other’s personal space and we get to see THE TWINS again! Share your thoughts and predictions. Until next time… #FangsOut

Oh yeah, and we’ll leave you with this gif just because it’s awesome:




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