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Teen Wolf Recap – 3×02 “Chaos Rising”

What an action “pack”ed episode! I’m liking the way this season is shaping up, but I have so many questions. We saw Derek and crew using, abusing and almost killing Isaac to get answers. Wow, what good friends. And just what the “Hale” are these alphas planning exactly? And more importantly, why did Derek have his shirt on the whole time? That’s seriously uncalled for. This week, we saw the gang take a “chilling” approach to jump starting Isaac’s memory, Lydia pushes on in her quest for a twin, and Allison takes matters into her own hands. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

Derek HaleDerek: Will you quit being so damn impulsive?! I get you’re the Alpha, you want to save the day and your pack and yadda yadda, but let’s be honest, your sense of urgency is putting the entire main cast in jeopardy. You aren’t thinking all of this through. And since you thought with your Alpha you-know-what instead of listening to Scott’s rationalizing, you got your ass beat by moonlight-hungry werewolves, and Scott had to suffer a really awkward moment with Allison. So you inflicted emotional and physical damage all on account of being the “Alpha” to save the day. Next time, take a note from your Uncle Pete and just think before you act. He nearly saved your life uncovering that the walls imprisoning your pack were really keeping them from the full moon. Basically, since Boyd couldn’t were-out on a couple full moons, he was itching really bad to go full-blown wolf. Oh yeah, Derek’s DEAD little sister Cora was being held captive there, too (WTF?). They were popping champagne up in that bank vault they were so happy to get some moonlight.

Anyways, at least you looked hot. #hastocountforsomething

Scott McCallScott: I am loving how Scott has become the voice of reason in the group. He is really starting to be the one everyone else looks up to. Does this mean…he has…ALPHA QUALITIES?! We’ve already seen in this season’s previews that Scott’s eyes turn red. That either mean’s he’s not saying no to drugs or he’s becoming an Alpha. I’m putting my money on the latter. In this episode, Scott decides to enlist in the help of the wise vet-dude, Dr. Deaton, to help capture some of Isaac’s missing memories. Dr. Deaton decides to give Isaac an ice bath to slow his heart rate so he can manipulate his mind. Yeah, because that’s not weird. I’ll tell you what, though-I had to take an ice bath in high school when I sprained my ankle playing basketball…ain’t NOBODY got time for that. Shit hurts like a mother. Isaac is one tough wolf, as he dives right in and lets the memories start flowing. Scott is team save-the-wolf-pack along with Derek as Isaac reveals they are being held in a vault (where Stiles later finds out is in the old town bank). We all know how that rescue mission went. I’ll say this, though, I really want to know what will happen with Allison and Scott. As much as Allison is pissing me off right now, I can’t help but think they need to be together. Let’s face it, they are good for each other. They just need to get over their little tiff. (You know, the little thing about Allison’s mom trying to kill him.) C’mon, Scott! You are the bomb, and Allison the wick. Blow it up!

Allison ArgentAllison: So, Sherlock Holmes decides she’s going to figure out what’s going on with her arm brand by herself. While I think it was kind of stupid, she did make the connection to the old bank WITHOUT having to take Isaac to the brink of death in a tub of ice. Gotta give her props for that superior sleuthing. She heads to the bank alone (really?), armed with… bolt cutters to cut the chains on the door. That’s literally all she had on her. Allison, why didn’t you bring one of your damn Katniss contraptions? I’m surprised you don’t have one on you at all times, unless your dad confiscated all of them. So, she’s in the bank when she get’s blind sided by… Ms. Morell? What the hell is she doing there? She tells Allison to get in a storage closet, lock the door and come out when the fighting starts. She does leave the room when she hears some werewolf shit going down and sees Scott about two seconds away from being ripped to shreds by Boyd. To try to save him, she breaks the barrier holding all the were’s in, even though Derek ordered her not to, and Boyd and Cora escape. Yeah, they’re about to murder like 50 people, minimum. Derek’s pissed and he and Allison exchange some words. He brings up her mother and tells Scott to “tell her about her mom.” What is there to say except that she was a raging bitch and tried to kill them? Shit’s about to get REAL awkward.

StilesStiles: He is ready to let loose and party and he drags Scott along with him. They show up at this girl that he knows, Heather’s, birthday party and she immediately kisses him. Really? NO ONE does that unless they’re f*cking trashed, and judging by her ability to walk in a straight line and not slur her words, I’d say she’d only had about 2 glasses of high school-grade jungle juice (weak sauce). So, she was just being a skank. Maybe this was a message to all the teens watching the show: want to whore it up (while underage drinking) and do it with someone you don’t even care about just to get some experience under your belt? Go ahead and do it, BUT YOU WILL DIE. Moving on. Heather tells him to come down to her basement/wine cellar. Did you see all that wine? I mean her and Stiles almost getting it on was hot but I was distracted by all the vintage red. Stiles is totally awkward when she’s so straight forward about what she wants. The best part of this intro scene? Him grabbing the XXL condoms and being like “DA FUCQUE?” Don’t sell yourself short, bud. The worst part about this intro scene? Watching all that f*cking wine crash to the floor when Heather got tormented and snaked out a window. That literally broke my heart and seemed really unnecessary, especially since Stiles didn’t even notice all the broken glass and vino on the ground. Back to that XXL salami sling. How hilarious was it when he accidentally dropped it on the ground in class? I think that makes him insta-cool. Stiles’ dad tells him that Heather is missing and he’s all concerned, telling Scott they need to find her. Stiles is hilarious the whole damn episode, especially in EVERY scene he has with Derek. Like this one…

So, where did Heather go? We said earlier it was her dead in the bank but it wasn’t. IT WAS POOR ERICA! Heather is still missing, though. Maybe she’ll be used by the Alphas as bait or leverage, or maybe she was taken by a new creature of some sort. Dammit! Can Stiles PLEASE just get some? Hopefully, they’ve written a new girl for him into the next episode. One that actually cares about him AND wants to jump his bones.

LydiaLydia: There’s not much to say about her this week except that she looked fabulous as always, has incredible gaydar and, OH YEAH, started screaming like a maniac in her bed out of nowhere. Don’t know what DA FUCQUE that’s about, but hopefully they’ll start explaining why she woke up Uncle Pete and was pulling hair out of a shower drain. #nasty

Next week it looks like Daddy Argent makes a return (yes!), Stiles figures out why Lydia is screaming/walking/waking up dead people in her sleep, and Uncle Pete challenges Derek to take matters into his own hands, er, claws…paws? Whatever. Next week’s episode looks f*cking awesome. Leave your thoughts! Until next time…




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