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Spoiler Chat: Teen Wolf Season 3

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With the premiere of Teen Wolf Season 3 just around the corner, it’s time to dive head first into some spoilery deets. The premiere episode is titled, “Tattoo” and airs Monday, June 3rd, 2013 at 10:00pm EST on MTV. The first two seasons were amazing, but word on the street is season 3 blows the first two out of the water. Are we even going to be able to mentally handle this? Probably not. We know Jackson, played by Colton Haynes, will not be returning but we will be getting some brand new faces, so that makes things a little better… not really. Let’s discuss a few things we can expect this season.

– Scott wants a tattoo but the fact he’s a werewolf makes that difficult. I mean, I love Scott, but I wouldn’t be upset if my body healed instantly. That could have come in handy the morning after Memorial Day. Just saying. Anyway, the tattoo has a distinct meaning to Scott and based on previous spoilers, he somehow manages to make it permanent.

– Isaac finds himself in a little trouble (he gets his memory taken away), served up by show newbies, Aidan and Ethan (played by Max and Charlie Carver). The person who saves him is a new character who’s in search of Scott.

– The alpha pack will be introduced in (and likely have a big part of) the first episode of the season… and they’re a threat. A big one.

– Let’s do this cut and dry. Scott isn’t over Allison and Allison is “reluctantly be adapting to the single life”. Yikes. I think they might be over for a while you guys. It’ll be okay because…

– According to E!Online, “[she] may or may not have a new love interest in season three and it may or may not be someone viewers have already met.”

– Derek’s getting a boss new loft which will become a sort of hang out for our gang. Check out the sweet sketch of his new digs producer Jeff Davis released because he’s awesome.


If Derek throws a house-warming party, I’m expecting an invite.

– Isaac will move in on Stiles’ territory as Scott’s “go-to-pal”. Oh, hell naw!

– Jess Davis assures fans there will be a boat load of bloodshed. Will everyone make it out of season 3 alive? The body count will be greater than the past two seasons combined. AND “a particularly sudden and tragic one will rock Scott and the gang to their core.” Eek!

– In episodes 2 and 3, Scott and Derek will come together and fight side-by-side.

– The 6th episode of the season was written by Dylan O’Brien. Sweet Jesus. He’s more than just a pretty face and a barrel of laughs. He’s talented, too.

– We’ll meet Stiles’ new love interest in the second episode and “she will waste no time in going after what she wants.” Dang. Oh-Kay.

– Ready to geek out? Here’s the first act of the first episode, released by the boss man himself, Jeff Davis.


– Not excited yet? Just check out the seriously BAD ASS Season 3 trailer to get you hyped up for the new season.


HURRY UP JUNE 3rd! #FangsOut

Source: MTV & MTV Remote Control


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