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The Vampire Diaries Recap – 4×21 “She’s Come Undone”


I feel like a semi-truck carrying tears, pain and water balloons full of emotions just hit me going 90 miles an hour.  I think Julie Plec said it best when she tweeted this about the episode:

TweetWas it a smart idea to re-watch the episode this morning while getting ready? No, it wasn’t. Now every time someone tries to talk to  me, I want to snap their neck. Don’t they know my emotions are heightened right now? #Annoyed. Anyway, this was one of the best episodes of the season and I think I’ve pinpointed why. SUSPENSE. What was so amazing about episode 4×02, “Memorial”? Suspense. It had you on the edge of your seat. It was something more prevalent in the very beginning of the show, and I’m glad they brought that element back in full force in this episode. In “She’s Come Undone”, we witnessed Elena literally turn herself into the Girl on Fire, Bonnie strike a hot deal with Katherine, and Damon and Stefan go to some extreme measures to get Elena to turn her damn humanity back on. Let’s get down to the dirty deets.

ElenaElena: Holy Velveeta mac! Where do I even start? Okay, let’s see… Elena was a psychotic bitch in this episode. Damon got into her head and made her think she was at school with Caroline talking about graduation. Yeah, that didn’t work. On to plan B! Plan B involves Damon and Stefan torturing the shit out of her until she feels some kind of emotion. That didn’t work out very well either. Elena threw herself voluntarily into the sunlight and caught fire. When the boys grabbed her and saved her, she just lied charred on the ground, laughing. She knows that they love her too much to ever let her die, so what’s there to be scared off? Touche! On to Plan C. Plan C involves Damon and Stefan asking someone else to torture her. Someone Elena knows probably would kill her without remorse. Enter Katherine. After assaulting each other verbally and Katherine threatening to make Elena eat her own eyeballs, Katherine gets bored with this game and leaves Elena’s cellar door open. Really, bitch? Obviously, Elena escapes and the boys are forced to put plan D into action. Enter Matt. Elena’s on the side of the road, looking injured and trying to attract someone driving by so she can eat them. Problem is, the person who pulls up to her is Matt. She does feed on Matt, but she doesn’t kill him. Damon and Stefan pop out of nowhere, and with Stefan holding Elena back, Damon threatens to kill Matt if she doesn’t turn her humanity back on. Elena calls his bluff and what does Damon do? Snaps his neck. Now, I knew Matt couldn’t be dead, but him falling lifeless to the ground and watching Elena’s reaction hit me like a ton of bricks. I literally cried. Not a cute cry with a few tears gently rolling down my cheeks. I’m talking ugly sobbing, wailing, screaming Matt’s name obscenely loud and being so obnoxious that my dogs left the room.

Luckily, Matt was wearing the magic ring and this was enough to bring Elena’s emotions roaring back. She straight lost her shit. I always hoped that it would be Matt that would trigger her humanity. Nina’s performance during this episode was OUTSTANDING. Elena, fresh off the heartless bitch train, is wracked with guilt from all the awful shit she did. She tells Stefan and Damon what she’s going to focus on now. Her mission? Kill Katherine. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

stefanDamon & Stefan: Stefan kind of stood in the back seat, and let big brother run the show last night. The thing I’m starting to like about Stefan is that he is recognizing his place: to do what’s best for Elena. While those methods may not be the most moral or ideal, i.e. putting Matt’s life on the line, it’s necessary. Can we all just give Matt some props real quick? Not only does he get bullied around by Damon, he let’s the Salvatores put some ring on him (that he KNOWS could turn him into a raging psychopath *cough, Rick, cough*), AND he let’s Elena drain him first. That is not only physically painful, but mentally straining. Not only has Stefan grown and let the big boys do the dirty work, Damon has, too. Season 1 (even season 2) Damon would not have worked in a loophole to keep Matt safe. He would have just f*cking snapped his neck because he was selfish. Now, he has some morality attached to his agenda. Overall, I was proud of you boys last night. You got your girl back, and you didn’t cry when she talked shit to your face about how pathetic you both are being all obsessed with her.

CarolineCaroline: Poor Caroline had a really shitty day. First, she tries to act like this is Stefan’s first rodeo and insists on talking to Elena. That works out horribly because Elena just talks mad shit to her and tries to kill her, AGAIN. Caroline, like a boss, just snaps her neck and is like, “Nevermind, Stef. Do what you need to do.” Caroline is later approached by Klaus and he starts telling her that he can’t stop thinking about her and wants her to come to New Orleans with him. Just when we think we’re getting a satisfying Klaroline moment, BLAMMO!, it’s actually Silas messing with Caroline. DAMMIT! That shit pissed me off. Silas threatens Caroline, telling her that she better find Bonnie who’s been hiding from him and stakes her to make his message clear. Was that necessary? I don’t think so. When she wakes up he also appears to her as Matt. She goes home and she thinks that her mom is really her mom, until Bonnie shows up and sees Silas’s real face. Bonnie magic judo-chops the door open and finally confronts Silas. In the other room, Mama Forbes is practically dead on the ground and Caroline is desperately trying to save her by giving her blood. This scene was heartbreaking. Bonnie leaves and Caroline is left alone, sobbing over her mom’s body. For a second there, I really thought Liz Forbes was dead, but she FINALLY woke up. Thank God! The last thing this town needs is less parental supervision.

bitchesBonnie & Katherine: Whoever thought those two would come to work together? Also, can we please address how mobster their interactions were? “Make you an offer you can’t refuse?” Meeting in an Italian-style mom-and-pop cafe? Ok, Al Pacino, we get it. You’re powerful, and you’re working your magic (pun intended) and getting Katherine to give up that lump of rock so you can bring all these dead f*ckers back. I’m assuming that Bon Bon wants to bring back Jer? Or maybe she has another trick up her sleeve? Who knows?! What I do know is that I finally am able to pin-point who Silas reminds me of:

Dark cape? Weird ass face? Creepy voice? Think about it: Silas’s voice sounds like that sound device the asshats in Scream use to cover up their real voice. ANYWAYS. Bonnie sure has gotten herself into a pickle. Seems like she has all her shit in line, though, with a legit plan. Katherine on the other hand…she is kind of a hot mess. I must say, since Elijah dumped her, she seems a bit more…skanky to me than usual. That might be the wrong shade of pink lipstick she always wears, though. Regardless, she needs something to keep her entertained, and having the ability to not be killed is just it. Oh yeah, Bonnie told Katherine she’d give her the power Silas now has if she gave up his tombstone. #DAFUCQUE

MattMatt: Stop saying that you’re broke. You need to start thinking outside of the box. Let me help you. You could sell the Lockwood’s possessions to pay for college and a personal chef so you don’t have to keep eating Ramen and tuna fish sandwiches. Here’s another option, make people pay you to host events at the Lockwood mansion. Rent that shit out! The possibilities are endless. My other advice for you? Take Rebekah up on her offer to help you get ahead. And another thing, stop being so righteous and let her compel the Harvard admissions office into giving you a full-ride. You deserve some good shit to finally happen to you. Especially after the courage and love for your best friend you displayed. For risking his life to help save Elena, and looking hot while doing it, we give Matt the coveted #PUREMAN award. #TeamMuggleMatt

Capture Rebekah: The last couple of weeks I have been hearing more and more people talk about how much they love Rebekah. As they should! She’s a fierce f*cking bitch. She may not get the true meaning of being human, but the girl sure does try and it comes from the heart. Matt is a good soul, and he works his ass off. You can tell he thought about taking her up on the offer of compelling him the life he’s always dreamed of, but Matt’s a class act. He’s going to do it the right way. Rebekah, being in love with him and all, supported this and offered to help him study so he can graduate. #adorbs. I also was straight-up OBSESSED with Rebekah’s ponytail. Reminded me of this badass bitch:

If you don’t know who this is, here you go. #yourewelcome. I am curious to see how Rebekah’s story line will transpire over the next two episodes since she’s season reg-ing it up on The Original’s this fall. What do you guys think?!

SilasSilas: Listen here, you punk. I have a few bones to pick with you. Let’s start with Caroline. How do you expect her to get anything done and find Bonnie like you asked when you keep f*cking bothering her and getting all up in her grill? Geez! She can’t find her when you do that shit. Settle down. Back off. You would think that laying stagnant in the bottom of a cave on a mystical island for only God knows how long, would have taught you how to be patient. Also, have you ever tried asking nicely? Bonnie’s a sucker for a sappy story. Maybe she could have found a way to fix your face or help kill you IF you treated her with some respect and common decency. But NO, you had to wear Jeremy’s ghost-meat suit and then try to kill Caroline’s mom. Now it’s game on. Lastly, have you ever heard of Orange County? It’s this place in California and they have plastic surgeons there that can basically work miracles. See…


Magic! Ok, so maybe that’s a bad example. All I’m trying to say, Silas, is that you could have, and should have, taken a very different approach to all of this. I don’t know if they taught you this lesson in your elementary school in 1st Century B.C., but violence is never the answer. Unless you’re humanity-less Elena, and then violence is really your only option. I just hope you don’t try to kill anyone else in your suicide mission. That shit’s just rude. Don’t hate on everyone else because your ex-girlfriend Medusa’d your ass. #truth.

the-vampire-diaries-recap-shes-come-undoneKlaus: Ok, we know it really wasn’t you, but seeing JoMo might have been one of the best part’s of the episode. Also, I am LOVING how the writers keeping giving us Klaroline scenes. #keepitcoming.




So what did you guys think of last night’s episode? We think Nina deserves an Emmy, Caroline deserves a Klaroline sex scene, and we deserve to see Damon take his shirt off. Next week’s episode looks like it’s setting up the finale for some crazy ass shit. Leave your thoughts below! Until next time, #FangsOut




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