6 hours ago

    ‘Supernatural’ 15×05 review: “Proverbs 17:3”

    Supernatural 15×05 recap: Season 15, Episode 05, “Proverbs 17:3,” Aired November 14, 2019 Sam and Dean are trying to take…
    7 hours ago

    Legacies 2×05 recap: Level up, ‘cuz things are getting weird.

    Legacies 2×05, “Screw Endgame” aired November 14, 2019 Was this one of my favorite episodes of Legacies, ever? I think…
    14 hours ago

    Limited Edition Donkey Kong Vinyl: New music from the OG ’94 Nintendo game

    Gamers get ready–nostalgia is sweeping through the jungle with this reimagining of the original Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack from the…
    20 hours ago

    ‘His Dark Materials’ 1×02 recap: “The Idea of North”

    His Dark Materials 1×02 “The Idea of North,” Aired Nov. 12, 2019 Lyra’s world crumbles as she realizes she doesn’t…
    2 days ago

    ‘Limetown’ recap: Episode nine and ten

    Episode nine: “Apples and Oranges” “The whole truth is not something that you want to learn.” The phone call and…
    3 days ago

    ‘NCIS’ Season 17: Our wish list for the next Ziva episodes

    TVLine announced it last week: the next two Ziva episodes will air this year and the next, on December 17th and…
    3 days ago

    ‘The Good Doctor’ 3×07 recap: “SFAD”

    The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 7, “SFAD,” aired Nov. 11, 2019. Okay, after last week’s episode, maybe you…
    3 days ago

    ‘Batwoman’ recap: 1×06 “I’ll be Judge, I’ll be Jury”

    Batwoman recap Season 1, Episode 6, “I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury” Aired Nov. 10, 2019. Cue the soundbite of a…
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