4 hours ago

    ‘The Call of the Wild’ movie review

    The Call of the Wild is the latest try to bring a beloved novel to the big screen. Find out…
    10 hours ago

    ‘The Flash’ recap: 6×12 “A Girl Named Sue”

    “A Girl Named Sue” is the 12th episode of The Flash season 6 and aired on 18 February 2020. Buckle up…
    13 hours ago

    ‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×12 “Back from the Future Part-Two”

    This week’s episode of Supergirl was jam packed with action and information. Dare I say too much information? Let’s take a…
    23 hours ago

    ‘Batwoman’ review: 1×12 “Take Your Choice”

    Batwoman review season 1, episode 12, “Take Your Choice” Aired Feb. 16, 2020. With any first season of a television…
    2 days ago

    ‘The Good Doctor’ 3×15 recap: “Unsaid”

    The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 15, “Unsaid,” aired Feb. 17, 2020. Last week’s The Good Doctor juggled a few issues…
    2 days ago

    ‘Manifest’ 2×07 recap: “Emergency Exit”

    Manifest recap: Season 2, Episode 7, “Emergency Exit,” aired Feb. 17, 2020. Last week on Manifest, we left off with a…
    Doctor Who
    3 days ago

    ‘Doctor Who’ recap: 12×08 “The Haunting of Villa Diodati”

    Doctor Who recap: Season 12, Episode 08, “The Haunting of Villa Diodati,” Aired Feb. 16, 2020 Nobody mention Frankenstein, and…
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