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Tonight’s the night! We will finally find out the identity of A.D. and we are equally excited and sad. This night also marks the end of Pretty Little Liars! While we are super sad to see it go, we are so READY to learn the truth, once and for all! Behind the scenes at PureFandom.com, […]
Pretty Little Liars fan, I have a treat for y’all. I have rounded up six amazing products that I think you will all want to — from t-shirts, to books — I’ve got you covered! #1. Pretty Little Liars ‘Straight Outta Radley’ T-shirt ($14) How awesome is this t-shirt? Never mind “Straight outta Compton,” how about “Straight Outta Radley” […]
Pretty Little Liars recap: Season 7B, Episode 16, “The Glove That Rocks the Cradle,” Aired May 30, 2017 Things have been crazy intense for Alison and Emily in recent episodes of Pretty Little Liars after it was revealed that Alison was carrying Emily’s baby, due to A.D. artificially inseminating Alison with one of Emily’s fertilized eggs that she donated […]
As the Pretty Little Liars series comes to a close, we are getting more and more answers but we are still left with one big, burning question: WHO IS A.D.?! The internet’s list of suspects is HUGE. It’s basically everyone that has appeared on the show, been mentioned on the show and people we haven’t even […]