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Pretty Little Liars fan, I have a treat for y’all. I have rounded up six amazing products that I think you will all want to — from t-shirts, to books — I’ve got you covered! #1. Pretty Little Liars ‘Straight Outta Radley’ T-shirt ($14) How awesome is this t-shirt? Never mind “Straight outta Compton,” how about “Straight Outta Radley” […]
When it comes to the heart of a fangirl or fanboy, the fastest way to win them over is fulfilling their nerdy heart by buying them their favorite fandom merch. Or hey, sometimes you might like to treat yo’self to fandom merch. In honor of the awesomeness that is One Upon A Time’s Captain Swan, […]
One thing every Percy Jackson fan has in common this summer is that we all wish that we were actually at Camp Half-Blood, training and getting assigned quests. Well, unfortunately for us, unless you actually have a godly parent, you don’t really know how to get there. But, we have learned enough about the camp […]
After last year’s legal battle, it looks like The Wheel of Time is finally getting the ‘cutting edge’ television series that it deserves. Initially published thirty-six years ago, Robert Jordan’s high-fantasy novel series spans an impressive fourteen books, so a TV series similar to that of HBO’s Game of Thrones is expected. Last year, Red Eagle Entertainment […]
Many were greenlit, most were cancelled. There were a few standout gems and returning shows this year that managed to keep us coming back for every week or at least earned a coveted season pass on the DVR. We hosted viewing parties, bawled our eyes out whilst live-tweeting, and gave the obligatory fist pump that awesome and […]