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‘The Magicians’ exclusive photos preview an epic season 2 finale

The Season 2 finale of Syfy’s The Magicians is coming up next Wednesday, and there are so many directions things could go.  Each episode this season has been amazing, so what can we expect from the season finale? Well, if it is anything like last season, we will be left wondering and waiting impatiently for […]

The first cast photo of the Han Solo movie is here

Star Wars fans, rejoice! Our first cast photo for the Han Solo movie has been released. The film isn’t going to be released for another year (don’t worry, we still have Episode VIII to hold us over in 2017), and fans are still speculating which characters the star-studded cast will actually be playing. Here’s the current lineup: –Alden Ehrenreich as […]

‘The Magicians’ exclusive photos: Season 2, Episode 2 “Hotel Spa Potions”

Syfy’s The Magicians returned last week and if the premiere is any indication, this season is going to be bananas. If you can’t wait for this week’s all-new episode, “Hotel Spa Potions”, take a peek at photos from the episode and a sneak peek (*hint* the scenes sheds a little light on that picture of Julia and […]


‘Arrow’: Breaking down the end of season 5 sizzle reel

Stephen Amell has released our first look at the end of Arrow season five over on his Facebook page and it’s full of action. It’s a lot to take in, so let’s break down what’s going on with all of our favorite vigilantes. Oliver Obviously, Oliver is dealing with a lot this season. We see in […]

James Marsters at Wizard World St. Louis: A geek just like all of us!

Written by Liz Prugh This weekend I had the pleasure of moderating James Marsters, best known for his iconic role as Spike (William the Bloody) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its hit spinoff, Angel. I had moderated James a few times prior, and each time I chat with him I’m reminded of why he’s […]

‘Midnight, Texas’ Premiere Date and New Trailer!

If you weren’t already pumped for summer, you will be now! NBC announced that July 25th is the official premiere date of it’s highly anticipated new show, Midnight, Texas. If you aren’t familiar, Midnight, Texas is based on the books by author, Charlaine Harris who’s novels inspired True Blood. Check out the new extended trailer: The show centers on […]


Star Wars Theory Series Part 16: The biggest revelations from ‘The Last Jedi’ trailer

Star Wars Theory Series is hosted by Pure Fandom Co-Founder Liz Prugh and her brother Patrick Pochop (talking about Star Wars is one of the only ways she can get him to hang out with her). They frequently have their other two brothers/Liz’s husband and self-proclaimed Star Wars experts as guest hosts. Each week they […]

‘The Magicians’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk ep 2×13, “We Have Brought You Little Cakes”

The Magicians recap: Season 2, Episode 13, “We Have Brought You Little Cakes”, Aired Apr 19, 2017 Now that is how you cap off a stellar season. The talent behind this amazing show managed to craft something truly special this season. We’ve seen musical episodes and ensemble shows undertaking major heists. The Magicians manages to execute everything they […]

‘The Magicians’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk ep 2×12, “Ramifications”

The Magicians recap: Season 2, Episode 12, “Ramifications”, Aired Apr 12, 2017 And just that fast, we are ready to break down the penultimate episode. How epic has this season been? Don’t feel sad about the season winding down though, because news dropped today letting us know that our Fillory favorites will be back next year […]