Identifying what new and returning animes there are to watch can be a challenge all by itself. My first article for Pure Fandom tasked me with pitching a handful of good starter animes for people just getting into the fandom. This last weekend in St. Louis I was challenged to lead a panel to introduce […]
The importance of anime mentors and teachers… Something every hero, athlete, musician, magical girl, and regular student needs is an example to look up to. They need a goal to pursue or a dream to make real. Regardless of our position in this world as we’re growing up, we need someone to show us the […]
Women in anime: What hidden power would you like to have? So having a hidden power as a character in anime isn’t exactly a unique trope. Characters of all types – old and young, strong and weak, male and female – manage to find a special kind of hidden power within. Sometimes the hidden power […]
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! To watch television. It seems like no matter what channel you turn it to, there are Christmas specials to be watched any given night. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love it! Here’s a list of 12 Christmas specials you absolutely must watch this year! […]
The media calls us “millennials,” but I like to affectionately refer to my generation as “the Disney generation.” We were all raised on Disney movies and know most if not all of the classics by heart. However, we didn’t follow Peter Pan’s advise, and we all grew up! Now we are all of the age […]
This week, Syfy’s “creepypasta” series returns with a second installment of creepy goodness. Channel Zero: No-End House is set to premiere on Wednesday, Sept 20th. Just so there’s no confusion, this will be a completely different tale from last year’s installment, Channel Zero: Candle Cove.  Listen in as Brad and Cort briefly discuss the nature of “creepypasta” tales and […]