Doctor Who 10X06 recap, “Extremis,” Aired May 20, 2017 We have our second Moffat episode of the season, and it’s full of the twists and turns we’ve come to expect from the Who showrunner. “Extremis” answers some of the burning questions we’ve had since the start of the season, like why Nardole is tagging along with […]
Arrow 5×22, “Missing” aired May 17, 2017. This episode had everything. Humor, action, heartbreak, and even some Olicity!! 5 Years in Hell Let’s get the island flashbacks out of the way first – don’t forget, this is our second to last week on Lian Yu! Our first flashback brings us to Lian Yu, where Oliver […]
The 100 Season 4, Episode 12 recap: “The Chosen,” Aired May 17, 2017 The 100 4×12 equals pPure chaos. So basically, the Conclave meant nothing because now everyone is fighting for a spot in the bunker again. Our folks are split between a mission to save Raven and the nonsense going on back in the […]
iZombie recap “Dirt Nap Time” Aired May 16th, 2017 on The CW Wow! For the season just starting out, we seem to be on a pretty crazy ride! This episode features sock puppets, ghost peppers, and of course a womanizer. The Cure Before we get into the brains of the episode, let’s start with where we […]
The Flash episode “Infantino Street” aired 16 May 2017. Oh Flash. You baited us so good. This was supposed to be a wild-in-a-good-way episode with Captain Cold and King Shark, and yet it broke our hearts. Well, we should have guessed from the moment the episode opened with the aptly used ‘Murder Song’. Make the plan […]
iZombie Recap “Some Like It Hot Mess” Aired May 9th, 2017 on The CW iZombie fans!! (We really need a fandom name, so can someone get on that?) Meal of the week: Cashier/DJ with a little drama queen on the side. Cause of Death: Electrocution by hair dryer in a bath tub The Victim This episode’s victim, […]
Famous in Love recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “Prelude to a Diss”, Aired May 9, 2017 Lights, Camera, Action! It’s finally time for Paige to start filming Locked, and to celebrate her first day on set she’s received her first swag bag. It’s a gold bracelet complete with three diamonds. Cassie tells her that it is […]
Supergirl recap: Season 2, Episode 21, “Resist” Aired May 15, 2017. First of all, I will be re-watching this episode, at least twice! Why? Cat Grant is back!!!!!! Also, a bunch of other awesome things happened. Let’s get to it! 1. Rhea steals Mon-El and Lena. Last week Rhea kidnapped Mon-El and Lena. Mon-El I get, […]
American Gods ep 1×03, “Head Full of Snow” aired on May 14, 2017 First things first! Some very good news dropped this week along with other tales of cancellations and renewals. Still early in its first season, American Gods was renewed for a second season. This is excellent news, because we’re only three episodes in and there is […]