Star Wars Rebels review: Season 3, Episode 21, “Zero Hour: Parts I & II,” Aired March 25, 2017 After discovering the Rebel base on Atollon, Thawn begins his devastating attack on Phoenix Squadron. Let’s talk highlights from the season finale of Star Wars Rebels!   The Heart to Heart between Kanan and Ezra Before the […]
The 100 Season 4, Episode 7 recap: “Gimme Shelter,” Aired March 22, 2017 A storm hit our peeps and it wasn’t just black rain. There was some mega emotion rumbling in this episode and some inner struggles that waged war on the folks in Arkadia. Clarke and Team Nightblood had their own set of struggles to […]
Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 2, Episode 15, “Fellowship of the Spear,” Aired March 22, 2017 I spent my night yelling at the television screen. In order to sort out my feelings, I will need to go about this a different way. Here are the top moments, when the team let Mick down in this episode. […]
The Flash episode “Duet” aired 21 March 2017. It’s finally here! After countless Flash-dance puns and Glee-ful reminiscing, it’s the SuperFlash Musical! Funny how we just passed the second year anniversary of the Glee series finale. It’s showtime! Barry’s breakup coping mechanism is watching Singing in the Rain from Cisco’s couch. He has to cut short his nth rewatch […]
Once Upon a Time recap: Season 6, Episode 13, “Ill-Boding Patterns” Aired March 19, 2017 The angst was so real in this week’s episode. We got the scene we were all waiting for (okay, that I have been waiting for), but it came with a twist. This whole episode came with multiple twists, and I honestly […]
Supergirl recap: Season 2, Episode 16, “Star-Crossed” Aired March 20, 2017. Tonight’s episode of Supergirl was missing something… SUPERGIRL! I understand, that crossovers take the actors away from their shows. But, how can you have a television show called “Supergirl” without Kara Danvers? Tomorrow night The Flash will feature Kara Danvers. That is lovely. What are we supposed to do until […]
Star Wars Rebels review: Season 3, Episode 20, “Twin Suns,” Aired March 18, 2017 The long-awaited confrontation between Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi is here! Let’s dive in and talk about some of our favorite moments from the emotional “Twin Suns.” Massive spoilers ahead!   The Duel Judging by initial reactions, some fans were disappointed […]
The 100 Season 4, Episode 6 recap: “We Will Rise”, Aired March 15, 2017 The Ark is toast. In the last episode, Ilian torched the Ark. Some are sad (Jaha), some are angry (the dudes attacking Ilian) and some just don’t care (Jasper). They decide to throw all of their eggs into the Nightblood basket but […]
The Flash episode “Into the Speed Force” aired 14 March 2017. When I saw the trailer for this week’s episode, I correctly figured this would be “The Runaway Dinosaur” 2.0. I still don’t completely understand what happened in that lauded episode, but it was rather dreary in terms of tone. “Into the Speed Force” was […]
Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 2, Episode 14, “Moonshot,” Aired March 14, 2017 NASA, Apollo 13, Reverse Flash, and Commander Steel unite to form one giant-sized episode! Legends of Tomorrow begins their season finale countdown tonight! “Moonshot” featured some game-changer scenes and a sad farewell. Let’s check them out! The Return of Commander Steel Henry Heywood returns. […]
Once Upon a Time recap: Season 6, Episode 12, “Murder Most Foul” Aired March. 12, 2017   Let me preface this recap by saying that I am super overwhelmed by this episode. In a good way. I don’t remember the last episode where I was on the edge of my seat. Again, this was a jammed pack episode, so bare […]
Star Wars Rebels review: Season 3, Episode 19, “Double Agent Droid,” Aired March 11, 2017 The latest episode of Rebels answers a few long-standing, important Star Wars questions. Do androids sing? And what do bathrooms – I mean refreshers, look like in space? Let’s look at some highlights of the latest droid-centric episode of Star […]