Supergirl recap: Season 2, Episode 18, “Ace Reporter” Aired April 24, 2017. We are back from the hiatus. I don’t know about you all, but I was going through massive withdrawal. When the show returns from a hiatus it really brings it. Tonight, we dive in to Lena Luthor’s past. The one that got away Kara is incredibly bored. […]
Doctor Who recap: Season 10, Episode 2, “Smile,” Aired April 22, 2017 Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. Oops! Different episode. I mean smile! Smile or you’re dead. The Doctor and Bill are back for their second adventure, visiting an empty human colony in the future where they encounter a group of deadly robots […]
Powerless recap, Season 1 — Episode 9, “Emergency Punch-Up,” Aired Apr. 20, 2017 This episode of Powerless is a bottleneck episode!! Love those. For anyone who doesn’t know what a bottleneck episode is, it’s essentially an episode that happens in one room/area, with some sort of scenario that forces all the main characters to confront […]
Agents of SHIELD recap, Season 4, Episode 18, “No Regrets”, Aired April 18, 2017 Coulson and Mace. We start with Teacher Coulson and the grizzly, hot Mace looking for Skye. They stage an accident to stop the Hydra bus. Mace is on the lookout for an “old friend” and Coulson hopes that Skye will be on it. […]
Once Upon a Time recap: Season 6, Episode 17, “Awake” aired April 16, 2017. Oh my gosh, guys…This episode was absolutely brilliant and made me feel so nostalgic. It was the perfect blend of flashbacks, solutions and romance. Speaking of solutions, the Charmings are finally awake! And, you know, Emma and Hook got engaged again, […]
Season 12, Episode 18, “The Memory Remains”, Aired April 13, 2017 Time for a filler! This was a total filler episode but it had some creepy monster moments and some super cool colt usage. We start in the woods. And we know when a nice, young man goes for a stroll in the north woods […]
Powerless recap, Season 1 — Episode 8, “Green Furious,” Aired Apr. 13, 2017 In this episode of Powerless, we get some meta feminism alongside the superheroic acts of the week. We also get to learn a little more about Green Fury, now that it looks like she’s Charm City’s resident superhero.   Episode Recap Emily’s reading a […]
Riverdale: Season 1, Episode 10, “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend” Aired April 13, 2017 So many things happened on this episode of Riverdale so let’s start with the big occasion. Our favorite fella, Jughead, is having a birthday which is fun for everyone except Jughead. He absolutely hates his birthday because of his troubled childhood. (Awww, bud.) […]
Agents of SHIELD recap, Season 4, Episode 17, “Identity and Change”, Aired April 11, 2017 Framework continues to impress as Jemma and Daisy work to save their friends against impossible odds and Aida’s Hyrda control. It’s the original squad from Season 1 back in action and it’s a new compelling story that makes it work so […]
Season 12, Episode 17, “The British Invasion”, Aired April 6, 2017 Supernatural is back with some big plot points and a major shakeup. Oh, and remember what we said in the last recap about Mick being the new Cas? Yeah, that’s not a thing anymore. We will get to that but first, let’s start from […]