Grimm: Season 6, Episode 3, “Oh Captain, My Captain,” Aired Jan. 21, 2017 Grimm fans, we are back with double the Renard in the latest episode of Grimm directed by one David Giuntoli himself! Oh, and for the record, I officially laughed out loud more on this episode than I have with any other in […]
This Is Us recap: Season 1, Episode 12, “The Big Day”, Aired Jan. 17, 2017 This is Us has me in tears pretty regularly, but the waterworks came on a little stronger than usual this week. There is something about the authenticity of the characters in this show. Logically, I know I’m still sitting on my […]
Shadowhunters recap: Season 2, Episode 3, “Parabatai Lost,” Aired Jan. 16, 2017 I’m just gonna jump right in and say I am still recovering from the new Shadowhunters. I cried. And believe me I’m not just saying that. I mean there were actual tears streaming down my face in the last few minutes of that episode. There were […]
Well… it’s the time we all knew would come. The first season of Kings of Con came to close this Tuesday. This was the last episode of the fan-funded series, and, as promised, it was the biggest of them all. So let’s get started. The recap This episode shows Rob and Rich trying to get […]
Sherlock review: Season 4, Episode 3, “The Final Problem,” Aired Jan. 15, 2016 Major spoilers ahead! I remember watching the first episode of Sherlock a few weeks after its release. The show wasn’t available in the States even though it had been out in England for a while, but a friend managed to find a […]
Grimm: Season 6, Episode 2, “Trust Me Knot,” Aired Jan. 13, 2017 This week we pick up right where we left off. The SERT team is ready to break down the walls of Bud’s repair shop to get to Nick. And, in typical Grimm fashion, Hank and Wu save the day with a last minute Renard […]
Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 7, “Heartless,” Aired Jan. 10, 2017 On this episode of Supernatural, oh wait, nope! This is Teen Wolf! It just feels like an episode of Supernatural because of Theo’s creepy AF sister crawling down the hallway and ripping his heart out like a million times. Poor Theo keeps waking up […]
Sherlock review: Season 4, Episode 2, “The Lying Detective,” Aired Jan. 8, 2016 Major spoilers ahead! Usually, the second episode of each season of Sherlock is when everyone takes a breather. The pacing is a little slower and the threat a little smaller. That’s not the case with “The Lying Detective.” This season is like […]
Shadowhunters recap: Season 2, Episode 2, “A Door in the Dark,” Aired Jan. 9, 2017 Last night’s episode of Shadowhunters was jam-packed full of action. All the characters played their own individual roles and I thought everyone managed to fit into the story perfectly. I had just come home at 1am from a 10 hour workday barely able to […]
This week’s episode of Kings of Con was another hilarious ride through the lives of Rob and Rich. This one was more… unusual than the previous ones, and I can’t wait to get started. The recap The episode’s opening shot features a very messy hotel room. And a bed. A bed with both Rob and […]
Grimm season 6 premiere recap: Season 6, Episode 1, “Fugitive,” Aired Jan. 6, 2017  The bittersweet day is here; the final season premiere of NBC’s Grimm, “Fugitive.” From Nick, to Trubel, to sweet Bud, the whole gang is back to start the goodbyes. So, wipe away the sadness momentarily while we recap our full throttle […]
Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 6, “Ghosted,” Aired January 3, 2017 Alright ya’ll, this was a creepy one with a whole lot going on! We caught up with everyone, which is good. Plus, it’s been a while since they gave us a good scare and this episode did just that. So what went down? Let’s […]
Sherlock review: Season 4, Episode 1, “The Six Thatchers,” Aired Jan. 1, 2016 MAJOR spoilers below! The latest episode of Sherlock, “The Six Thatchers,” is titled after the Arthur Conan Doyle story, “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons” in which Lestrade calls on Holmes to help him figure out why a man is hunting down […]