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I break down the best of Colin O’Donoghue! Colin O’Donoghue is hands down one of my favorite celebrities ever. Besides Taylor Swift, whom I also love. Colin had us hooked the first time he was shown in all his leather-clad, guyliner glory on Once Upon a Time. And just like Killian Jones, Colin is just as amazing […]
We take a look at Once Upon a Time: The best of Captain Charming! Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Captain Charming totally was canon in the show. You know I love Captain Swan, but Captain Charming is a close second for the best ship on the show. Their friendship took some time, but eventually, the prince […]
We take a look at Once Upon a Time ships as Taylor Swift songs! In honor of Taylor Swift literally dropping the best news today of her sixth album release and newest single, I’m picking out the perfect song that goes with the top four ships of the show. There’s no denying Taylor Swift has some of […]
My So-called Life only ran for one season, which is a sin in itself. There were petitions to save the show, but they fell on deaf ears. Shows like this are now picked up by streaming services. However, back in 1994 and 1995, we didn’t have such luxuries! We still had rotary phones and walked to […]
It’s no secret that we love The Bold Type – it’s a fabulously fun show that effortlessly empowers women everywhere. One of the things that makes this show so good is the music. The Bold Type‘s soundtrack is seriously underrated, so let’s take a moment to discuss the best uses of music in the show […]
Do you solemnly swear to do your best every day? Are you brave and strong? Truthful and compassionate? Do you strive to be interesting and interested, while respecting nature? Well, maybe the Lumberjane life is for you! If you love our favorite scouts, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve taken the zodiacs and paired […]
(May contain mild spoiler images of boxes 1 and 2)  If you love a good mystery, then this subscription box is for you! Hunt a Killer is a monthly subscription box containing the clues to a long spanning mystery that you have to solve. You will be hooked – trust me. Before you go any […]
I matched Once Upon a Time characters as a Taylor Swift song! What do I love more than this show? Taylor Swift. There are tons of Taylor Swift songs for the various moods you may be in, but there are also Taylor Swift songs that relate to the main characters. Also, it’s an excuse for […]