Random Sh!t

Just one more week to go! Fox’s hit series, Lucifer signed off with one helluva winter finale. Chloe was dying, but then was saved thanks to Lucifer and their friends. Lucifer made a discovery about dear ol’ Mum and Dad that could affect his relationship with Chloe. Fox released a sneak peek. Click below for a look […]
The months have been long and hellish (sorry and yes I had to), but have no fear Lucifans because our favorite charming devil finally returns one week from tonight. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been nursing the Lucifer-sized hole in my tv schedule by poring over every single fanvid and losing myself for hours at […]
Have you ever been to a Comic Con where an artist’s work just blew your mind? 3 years ago I met Brian C. Roll, of Odyssey Art. Not only is he a talented, featured artist, he is also my dear friend. Brian’s work can be seen all around the world, whether it be in someone’s […]
There’s a reason why 13 Reasons Why has taken off so quickly as the new binge-worthy Netflix series. It tackles hard and hardly talked about topics of teenage suicide, depression, slut-shaming, and sexual assault. While there are some slight variations from the Jay Asher novel it is based on, one thing is for certain — […]
Star Wars Celebration Orlando is this week and Her Universe has released a new Star Wars collection for the convention. With the exception of a few items, these styles are currently Star Wars Celebration exclusives, but the Her Universe site says to expect them online soon! The collection includes a fun floral Rebel pilot romper […]
A little secret…when I began watching Once Upon a Time, Regina Mills was my favorite character. I am a fan of villains, and Regina was just so complex and interesting. Obviously through the seasons my shift of favorite characters has shifted, but Regina still is awesome. Her sass speaks to me. Her love for Henry […]
Galavant. Two seasons, 16 episodes, six hours, and 60 songs. It’s a musical theatre and fantasy enthusiast’s heaven on Earth. But out of these 60 songs, which is the best? Sit back, relax, and let me take you off on a hero’s journey through my 10 favourite songs out of the 28 from season 1 of Galavant. #10 – “Togetherness” This […]
Up until season 6, I never paid much attention to David’s character. I think I was too invested in Hook and Emma to even notice another character. However, I’m annoyed at myself that I never appreciated David up until this season because he’s a really solid character. In fact, he’s one of those characters where […]
Remembered as one of the best sitcoms of all time, Friends was a story about a group of twenty-somethings living in New York City. The six main characters hilariously navigated the world of young-adulthood through relationships, roommates, and friendship. Sound familiar? Although these themes are present in plenty of modern day comedies, New Girl really captures […]
When the word hero comes to mind, a pirate is not something that might pop into your head. However, if you’re a fan of Once Upon a Time, then it’s not weird to categorize a pirate as a hero. In fact, Captain Killian Jones, commonly known by his more “colorful moniker” of Hook, is an […]