Star Wars Theory Series

It’s week four of our Star Wars Theory Series, and this time we’re talking all things kyber crystals. If you didn’t know already, these crystals are what Jedi used to power their lightsabers. Kyber crystals are rumored to be a focus of Rogue Once: A Star Wars Story, so we dive into the mythology and share the latest theories […]
In part three of our Star Wars Theory Series, we talk about… The Chosen One! co-founder Liz is again joined by her brother Pat, PLUS their dad Jeff “Pops” Pochop. Pops is the real Star Wars expert in the family! In Star Wars Theory Series Part 3, we talk about: What The Chosen One is, What […]
Disclaimer: This podcast discusses storylines from Disney’s hit animated Star Wars series Rebels. Continuing our Star Wars Theory Series, we’re back with another Pure Fandom Originals podcast talking all things Star Wars (listen to our previous podcast here)! There are so many theories swirling around Benicio Del Toro’s casting for Episode VIII, and we can’t help but […]