So how long would food really last in a zombie apocalypse? Online labelling company Data label has done some digging and created an infographic highlighting how long certain perishables hold up over time in a post-apocalyptic situation. Broken down by some of the most famous apocalyptic films and TV series like 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, The […]
Love Michael Fassbender? Us too. His new The Snowman film was released in theaters October 19. The Snowman is a terrifying thriller based on the novel by Jo Nesbø. A sociopath who calls himself “The Snowman Killer” has targeted the one person for whom he wants to showoff his methodical, unthinkable skills: the lead investigator of an elite […]
Fear the Walking Dead recap: Season 3, Episode 14, “El Matadero,” Aired Oct 8, 2017 Well, Fear the Walking Dead sure knows how to start an episode with a shocker. After all of the core characters made it off of the ranch safely, the latest episode served up a curveball. Clearly, this group can’t catch […]