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The temperatures are rising, my friends, and it isn’t just because of Mother Nature. That’s because this summer is promising some hot, anticipated movies to be released. Audiences will be along for the ride swinging from buildings with superheroes and pillaging islands. Be prepared to be scared sh*tless of porcelain dolls (once again) and to catch […]
Harry Potter is the franchise that has defined a generation. We poured over the books and lined up for the movies, all while dressed in the uniform of our favorite Hogwarts house. Harry Potter occupies a unique and permanent place in the heart of many – something most stories are unable to accomplish. Here are […]
If you’re like us and you’re impatiently waiting for more The Last Jedi footage to obsess over, satisfy those Star Wars cravings by checking out some of the best new Star Wars comics published by Marvel. Ever since Disney purchased the rights to Star Wars, Marvel has been steadily putting out a number of great […]
The Dursleys were awful because Harry’s a Horcrux, Dumbledore is Death, and J.K. Rowling is Rita Skeeter. The list of fan theories goes on and on but some mind-boggling Harry Potter theories still hold up even now. Here are four especially mind-blowing theories about your favorite British dystopian wizarding world:   Theory: Severus Snape is Still […]
This post was written by Justin O’Sullivan, a SEMA approved racking inspector and safety writer who owns Storage Equipment Experts, a warehouse inspection and warehouse inspection training business. Specifically, he provides expert racking inspections in accordance with SEMA safety and HSE safety regulations. The Star Wars universe is a dangerous place…obviously. Each film has the […]
When you watch a lightsaber duel, a swords and sorcery battle, or action heroes surviving major explosions, you think nothing of it. That’s Hollywood, right? You know it’s not real and you don’t mind giving a little dramatic license to ridiculous, over-the-top movies. What really sticks out, though, is when a film is going to […]
There’s no question about it: role preparation sets the good actors apart from the bad, and the great movies from the flops. Today, we thought we’d take a look at five fantastic actors who improved their respective movies infinitely by truly dedicating themselves to their characters. Matt Damon, Rounders Poker and movie fans alike are sure […]