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This post was written by Justin O’Sullivan, a SEMA approved racking inspector and safety writer who owns Storage Equipment Experts, a warehouse inspection and warehouse inspection training business. Specifically, he provides expert racking inspections in accordance with SEMA safety and HSE safety regulations. The Star Wars universe is a dangerous place…obviously. Each film has the […]
When you watch a lightsaber duel, a swords and sorcery battle, or action heroes surviving major explosions, you think nothing of it. That’s Hollywood, right? You know it’s not real and you don’t mind giving a little dramatic license to ridiculous, over-the-top movies. What really sticks out, though, is when a film is going to […]
There’s no question about it: role preparation sets the good actors apart from the bad, and the great movies from the flops. Today, we thought we’d take a look at five fantastic actors who improved their respective movies infinitely by truly dedicating themselves to their characters. Matt Damon, Rounders Poker and movie fans alike are sure […]
Let me take you on a journey into the strange and phantasmagoric, into the dark and macabre, and into the more mundane year of 1993. Dakota Fanning was still a twinkle in her mother’s eye, Kurt Cobain was yet full of life, and Mike Mignola was developing the comic of the red World-Destroyer himself: Hellboy. […]
Unless you haven’t seen the trailers or haven’t heard anything about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, there’s an… interesting character making an appearance. The first GotG introduced the world to a group of little-known, ragtag Marvel heroes. Get ready to meet a new one: his name is Ego the Living Planet, played by Kurt […]
Sometimes you just want to have some fun at the movies. Free Fire is a flat-out good time with action, comedy, and acting that brings a full 90 minutes of entertainment.
Fans of Teen Wolf, The Maze Runner, or Dylan O’Brien in general will be delighted to know that the teaser for American Assassin was just released! The 2-and-a-half minute video was released within ten minutes of O’Brien retweeting a shorter, 11-second preview. #AmericanAssassin teaser out today. Here's a teaser for the teaser. — Dylan […]
Have you ever been to a Comic Con where an artist’s work just blew your mind? 3 years ago I met Brian C. Roll, of Odyssey Art. Not only is he a talented, featured artist, he is also my dear friend. Brian’s work can be seen all around the world, whether it be in someone’s […]
Star Wars Celebration Orlando is this week and Her Universe has released a new Star Wars collection for the convention. With the exception of a few items, these styles are currently Star Wars Celebration exclusives, but the Her Universe site says to expect them online soon! The collection includes a fun floral Rebel pilot romper […]
Deadpool (AKA, Wade Wilson) is the wise-cracking, chimichanga loving, anti-hero we all love. Taking his name from a game that he played in a bar, Wade Wilson begins his adventure as a mercenary taking on contracts killing people who he felt deserved to be killed. Needless to say, I love Deadpool! Let’s take a look […]