Earlier this week, Disney as well as Descendants cast members started teasing us on social media that there would be a big announcement this week. Well, they did not disappoint! Last night they released a teaser trailer for…are you ready for it? Descendants 3! That’s right. The franchise got renewed for another movie! I can barely breathe I’m so excited! […]
When this much hype surrounds anything, it becomes difficult to temper one’s expectations. The excitement can blur the lines for someone attempting to watch with objectivity. Audiences that have never even considered seeing a Marvel movie before, have been preordering tickets and lining up in costume to see Black Panther. This is one of those […]
The Mouse is at it again! The media is currently is a tizzy over the Disney/FOX takeover. With previous buyouts like LucasFilm, Marvel, and Pixar, the titan company is almost all over the board. This deal could change the game! But how? Well, let’s see just what the deal will mean to the fans. The […]
Guest post by Mike Bonney (@Darth_Bonney) (SPOILERS!)  It finally happened! The most iconic characters in the superhero universe all together, as one big happy family (plus Batman). Did it live up to its potential?  Did it have me cheering in my seat grinning from ear to ear? Did it leave me excited about the future […]