As popular as comic books and graphic novels are, superhero movies are even more so. They have managed to make tales of kindness and bravery available to a much wider audience. Due to this, everyone has their favorite superheroes nowadays, and this format has become a pop culture milestone. Although there are a few standout […]
Do you like raunchy, outrageous, and over-the-top comedy? This may be just the movie you're looking for! Find out in our Pure Fandom Blockers movie review.
Remember like a decade ago when Marvel announced it’s plan for the MCU and then how it built up each character individually? Well, this movie is legit what it has all been building to and we are beyond stoked! All of our favorites are there AND they are interacting with each other. It’s epic AF! […]
As I stated in my release day review, Black Panther is excellent. Everything about it intrigues me from cast and crew interviews, to the many cultural influences on the movies to Ryan Coogler’s personal experiences visiting Africa for research purposes. After scouring the internet as a test of my own objectivity, I have only found a […]
In case you’ve been living under a Vibranium boulder, Black Panther is a box office smash and global sensation. In fact, it scored second place for Marvel’s highest-grossing opening weekend after The Avengers. The film’s box office sales aren’t predicted to slow down anytime soon either. With the success of the newest installment of the […]
Because we have so much fun on our Marvel Podcast, we decided to start a Pure Fandom Movie Club, where you can rewatch the Marvel films with us leading up to the Infinity War premiere on May 4, 2018 in the U.S. The trailer is—not surprisingly—FULL of action and clues as to how Thanos will try and […]
Earlier this week, Disney as well as Descendants cast members started teasing us on social media that there would be a big announcement this week. Well, they did not disappoint! Last night they released a teaser trailer for…are you ready for it? Descendants 3! That’s right. The franchise got renewed for another movie! I can barely breathe I’m so excited! […]
When this much hype surrounds anything, it becomes difficult to temper one’s expectations. The excitement can blur the lines for someone attempting to watch with objectivity. Audiences that have never even considered seeing a Marvel movie before, have been preordering tickets and lining up in costume to see Black Panther. This is one of those […]