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Zina Nouhas is a full-time university student and part-time Pure Fandom writer. This TV fanatic has previously brought to you all things vampires (The Vampire Diaries, etc.) and also the latest on what's going down in Rosewood (Pretty Little Liars). Think recaps, rants, predictions, theories - you name it. Basically, fangirling about TV shows is what she does best. Find more posts by Zina Nouhas on PureFandom.com!

‘Life Sentence’ recap: Top 3 moments from 1×05 “Wes Side Story”

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 5, “Wes Side Story,”Aired April, 4th, 2018 In this weeks episode of Life Sentence, things get really messy. First, Wes’ ex, Pippa, turns up out of the blue, which puts a strain on Wes and Stella’s marriage. To make things worse, the hottie – Dr. Will Grant returns, and it seems […]

‘Life Sentence’: The cancer therapy that cured Stella

If you have been watching Life Sentence, then you will be well aware from the Pilot episode that Stella has been fully cured from her cancer (acute lymphoblastic leukemia, ALL) and is no longer in remission. AMAZING, right? After the big reveal that Stella got the all clear and her treatment had fully worked, it […]

‘Life Sentence’ 1×04 Discussion: Stella finally gets her high school diploma

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “How Stella Got Her Groove On,”Aired Mar. 28th, 2018 In this weeks episode of Life Sentence, Stella finds out yet another major lie that her parents told her when she was sick: she didn’t actually graduate from high school. This comes as a complete shock to Stella, and she […]

‘Life Sentence’ 1×03 Discussion: Stella’s quest to save Sadie

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 3, “Clinical Trial and Error”, Aired Mar. 21st, 2018 In this weeks episode of Life Sentence, Stella struggles to deal with the thought of loosing her new friend Sadie Carter (Nádej Bailey) to lymphoblastic leukemia, so she works up a plan to try save her life by getting her involved in […]

‘Life Sentence’ 1×02 Discussion: Stella struggles with family and Wes

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 2, “Re-Inventing the Abbotts”, Aired Mar. 14th, 2018 This episode of Life Sentence highlighted the harsh realities of life that Stella had to learn how to face. Sadly for Stella and Wes, one was how their marriage wasn’t always going to be the perfect fairytale now that they will have […]

‘Life Sentence’ Series Premiere: 4 best moments

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 1, “Pilot”, Aired March 7th, 2018 Life Sentence is finally here – yay! After a long time waiting on it airing, I am happy to report that the pilot episode did not disappoint! We got introduced into the life of Stella Abbott and her family, and what it was like […]

The 5 best Bonnie and Enzo scenes from ‘The Vampire Diaries’

The Vampire Diaries brought many epic couples to life, some of which have remained in our memories even after the show has ended. One of which (for me), is the relationship of Bonnie and Enzo. In season 7 of TVD, Bonnie and Enzo (Bonenzo) were introduced into the show – a romance no one really saw […]

Why Delena will live on as one of the best TV ships of all time

The Vampire Diaries sadly came to an end last year, but that doesn’t mean we will ever forget about such an epic TV show. Not only that, but TVD has created some of the most amazing, fan-followed relation(ships) ever on TV. Fans go crazy on who they love more, and who is the “best” ship […]

Watch The CW’s official ‘Life Sentence’ trailer featuring Lucy Hale

Listen up my friends, it’s time to get excited about an upcoming TV show from The CW, called Life Sentence. Not only do we have an exciting new trailer to watch, but we also finally have a premiere date for the show — Mar. 7. So, get ready to watch an amazing new show, starring Lucy Hale, Elliot […]

‘The Originals’: 10 best moments from all seasons (so far)

In the past four seasons of The Originals, we certainly have had our fair share of emotional, crazy, and epic moments, so it’s going to be hard to keep this list concise. With that, lets just dive straight into nostalgia and take a look at 10 best moments that have stood out to me. (Shout […]

5 Things to know about Nadej Bailey of The CW’s upcoming series ‘Life Sentence’

The CW has a brand new upcoming show called Life Sentence premiering in Jan. 2018. Pretty exciting, right? In case you don’t know much about the show yet, I can catch you up to speed in a previous post, where I give you the run down on what we know about Life Sentence so far. Here’s the synopsis of the […]

‘Life Sentence’: Behind the scene pictures of the cast

We still have a few months to wait before Life Sentence officially airs. BOOO! Don’t worry, this article isn’t all doom and gloom – the cast of the show have been posting on their social media sites to keep us in the loop while they are still filming. Luckily for us, we get to be […]

‘Life Sentence’: 3 reasons we are excited that Lucy Hale is starring!

In case you haven’t heard already, The CW will have a brand new show called Life Sentence, airing in January 2018, and Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) is the main star of the show! Pretty cool, right? (I’ve got you covered already on what we know about the show so far!) Not only is Lucy an incredible […]

Paul Wesley and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ creator I. Marlene King team up for a new show

Both The Vampire Diaries and the Pretty Little Liars fandom’s have had some exciting news recently: Paul Wesley and I. Marlene King are teaming up to develop a brand new TV show called Tapped – based around a hook-up app. Who’s excited? I sure am! Freeform must be realizing that it’s viewers really love Marlene’s work, […]

5 things ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fans want to see in spin-off show ‘The Perfectionists’

Hey, Pretty Little Liars fans! I’m sure you all will have heard the good news already, but in case you haven’t, I’ve got you some important deets for you. On Monday, Sept. 25, it was revealed to the world that Freeform is developing a PLL spin-off show called The Perfectionists, staring Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish. […]