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Ellen is a TV-holic and professional daydreamer. The subjects of her daydreams include mythical creatures, superheroes, and blue jeeps. She also loves photography, writing, and dancing. Her drink of choice for study sessions is green tea. If you see holes in her writing, it's because her rabbits ate her homework.

3 admirable things about Percy Jackson

On this day in the world of Rick Riordan, Perseus “Percy” Jackson was born! There is no shortage on things to love about the two-time saviour of Olympus. He is brave, he is loyal, and he has dozes of sarcasm. However, these traits are all well-known. Here are three subtler but no less commendable characteristics […]

‘The Flash’: What’s happening for season 4?

With two months to go until season 4, we have started getting some information on The Flash (thanks, San Diego Comic Con!) as well as our first look! Check out the first trailer below: Do note that at the point the trailer was released, The Flash was still filming episode 2, so this material hardly gives us […]

The best of Cisco and Wells on ‘The Flash’

  In the season 3 finale of The Flash, we said goodbye to the charming, goofy and delightful Harrison “HR” Wells of Earth 19. HR had ultimately been the one who rescued Iris from Savitar’s lair and got fatally stabbed by the evil speedster in her place. In his last few words, he credited Cisco for […]

AMERICAN ASSASSIN: takeaways from the new restricted trailer

This Tuesday, CBS released a 2-and-a-half minute long red-band trailer for American Assassin, starring Dylan O’Brien as Mitch Rapp. In April this year, a rather substantial teaser was released. It gave us a good glance at Rapp’s journey from survivor of a terror attack to trainee at the CIA’s farm to going on a mission. […]

‘The Flash’ season 3 FINALE recap: “Finish Line”

The Flash season 3 finale “Finish Line” aired 23 May, 2017. What a roller coaster ride. In a season of ups and downs, “Finish Line” was 40 fast-paced minutes full of twists and turns, ultimately reminding everyone why Barry Allen is a hero. The episode picks up where we left off, with Barry cradling Iris’ […]

‘The Flash’ recap: season 3 episode 22 “Infantino Street”

The Flash episode “Infantino Street” aired 16 May 2017. Oh Flash. You baited us so good. This was supposed to be a wild-in-a-good-way episode with Captain Cold and King Shark, and yet it broke our hearts. Well, we should have guessed from the moment the episode opened with the aptly used ‘Murder Song’. Make the plan […]

‘The Flash’ season 3 episode 21 recap: “Cause and Effect”

The Flash episode “Cause and Effect” aired 9 May 2017. This week, we learn that Voyager is the original Star Trek on Earth 19. It’s easy to forget that amidst the Savitar problem. Although we only have three, and now two, episodes left, the big bad only gets about five minutes screen time. While that takes […]

‘The Flash’ season 3 sizzle promo breakdown [VIDEO]

Hello! It’s been nearly a week since we FINALLY confirmed the identity of The Flash’s big bad. With three more episodes to go, The CW has released a sizzle reel of what’s to come for Team Flash. The video sounds pretty ominous. “Whether you kill me or become me, you lose!” SavitarBarry declares. What exactly […]

The most promising TV pilots to look out for this Fall

Late last month, the list of potential shows to debut on the five broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC – in the 2017-18 television season was released. That’s 70+ shows contending to air, and maybe become our next big obsession. While it is still not known which of these will get […]

‘The Flash’ 3×20 recap: “I Know Who You Are” – [SPOILER] is Savitar

The Flash episode “I Know Who You Are” aired May 2, 2017. It’s here folks. The biggest question of the season (besides “Iris West will you marry me?” that is) has been answered. Savitar is… FUTURE BARRY. I knew it was a very real possibility after the “I am the future, Flash/I am the Future […]

‘The Flash’ season 3 episode 19 recap: “The Once and Future Flash”

The Flash episode “The Once and Future Flash” aired 25 April, 2017. We’re back! After a month of hiatus so they don’t have to explain why the rewritten reality in Legends of Tomorrow didn’t affect the Arrowverse, The Flash returns to our screens in a episode directed by Tom Cavanagh. Barry ran to the future hoping to find Savitar’s […]

‘American Assassin’ teaser trailer review

Fans of Teen Wolf, The Maze Runner, or Dylan O’Brien in general will be delighted to know that the teaser for American Assassin was just released! The 2-and-a-half minute video was released within ten minutes of O’Brien retweeting a shorter, 11-second preview. #AmericanAssassin teaser out today. Here's a teaser for the teaser. https://t.co/T6cPKSmvsP — Dylan […]

‘The Flash’ season 3 episode 18 recap: “Abra Kadabra”

The Flash episode “Abra Kadabra” aired 28 March 2017. Any episode that has Cisco yelling “You shall not pass!” is halfway to being a good episode. A lot happened on The Flash this week so let’s get into it… Musical hangover Westallen announce their re-engagement to Joe and Cecile over a coffee double date. “That’s so […]

The Best of ‘Teen Wolf’ Music

Two weeks ago I said that one of Teen Wolf‘s best features is it’s soundtrack. Luckily for us, the show is produced by MTV, which, being a music channel and all, has a pop up telling us the song playing in a scene during the show. Music supervisor Laura Webb has gone above and beyond to feature a […]

‘The Flash’ season 3 episode 17 recap: “Duet”

The Flash episode “Duet” aired 21 March 2017. It’s finally here! After countless Flash-dance puns and Glee-ful reminiscing, it’s the SuperFlash Musical! Funny how we just passed the second year anniversary of the Glee series finale. It’s showtime! Barry’s breakup coping mechanism is watching Singing in the Rain from Cisco’s couch. He has to cut short his nth rewatch […]