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Ellen is a TV-holic and professional daydreamer. The subjects of her daydreams include mythical creatures, superheroes, and blue jeeps. She also loves photography, writing, and dancing. Her drink of choice for study sessions is green tea. If you see holes in her writing, it's because her rabbits ate her homework.

‘The Flash’ recap: season 4 episode 10, “Trial of the Flash”

The Flash episode “Trial of the Flash” aired 16 January, 2018. Welcome back everyone! It’s been a while. The last time we were here, Clifford “The Thinker” DeVoe switched bodies with telepath Dominic Lance, then killed and planted his old body in Barry’s loft. Barry insists he will not run from the law, nor will […]

‘The Flash’: 5 things we want from season 4 in 2018

Hello Central City! The Flash is back tomorrow! Well, the show at least, not the actual character because Barry is detained and on trial for murder. We all know that the back half of this season will center around proving Barry’s innocence and ultimately taking down Clifford DeVoe, the Thinker. This parallels the plight of Henry […]

‘The Flash’ recap – 4×09: “Don’t Run”

The Flash episode “Don’t Run” aired 5 December 2017. It’s the midseason finale! ‘Tis the season for cliffhangers. The Flash certainly left us with a cliffhanger no one saw coming. In an episode with many twists and turns, “Don’t Run” was a good pre-holiday treat, although not the nicest one. Westallen interrupted…again Poor Barry and Iris. […]

Top 10 crossover interactions from “Crisis on Earth X”

What a week. Four jam-packed hours of action over two days. I’m talking about the Crisis on Earth X crossover, of course. Most people would note that unlike the previous crossovers, Crisis on Earth X was pretty well-blended. For the most part, all four hours of the event felt seamless. This was unlike last year’s Invasion!, where the […]

‘The Flash’ recap – 4×07: “Therefore I am”

The Flash episode “Therefore I am” aired November 21, 2017. The Flash did two great things tonight. It showed good storytelling with the use of flashbacks, and humanised the season’s central villain in a big way. Barry became the villain of the week in a way, with his paranoia over DeVoe, even when his suspicions […]

‘The Flash’ recap – 4×06 “When Harry Met Harry”

The Flash episode “When Harry Met Harry” aired November 14, 2017. The Flash took a step back for humour this week, but that had to happen at some point. This episode was still filled with amazing quips. Harry is only the subplot of “When Harry Met Harry”, but his misadventures this week served up some great […]

‘The Flash’ recap – 4×05: “Girls Night Out”

The Flash episode “Girls Night Out” aired November 7, 2017. Drunk Barry. Bachelor/bachelorette parties. Girl friendship. What could make a better episode of The Flash? Answer: “This house is bitchin'” making a comeback. That line is the real gift that keeps on giving. #feminism In case you didn’t figure it out, this episode is all […]

‘The Flash’ 4×04 – “Elongated Journey into the Night” recap

The Flash episode “Elongated Journey into the Night” aired October 31, 2017. Happy Halloween! I want to be disappointed at the lack of festivities in Central City, but The Flash made it up with some insane humour. Also, is it just me or Barry’s opening speech getting longer and less catchy? Breaching the gap Cisco and […]

What do Barry’s ramblings mean for ‘The Flash’?

When Barry came out of the speedforce, he was a bearded babbling mess. The things he said did not seem to make any sense. However, The Flash has shown that random details – like the average metro bus at the average street corner – do matter. Even if he does not remember, Barry must have […]

‘The Flash’ 4×03 recap: “Luck be a Lady”

The Flash season 4 episode 3 aired October 24, 2017. Team Flash might have been down on their luck tonight, but we the viewers weren’t, because Harry’s back! Again! He and Cisco immediately return to their squabbling ways. I didn’t realise how much I missed Tom Cavanagh, because this episode was the best this season […]

‘The Flash’ 4×02 recap: “Mixed Signals”

The Flash episode “Mixed Signals” aired Tuesday, October 17 2017. The Flash is back, people! And I don’t just mean the Flash is back in town. This show is back to it’s good ol’ lighthearted self. This episode had everything enjoyable from Barry being adorable, Caitlin and Cisco moments, a new meta-of-the-week, and the right […]

‘The Flash’ season 4 PREMIERE recap: “The Flash Reborn”

The Flash episode “The Flash Reborn” aired Tuesday, October 10 2017. We’re back! Season 4 up and running (ha ha). Before we begin, our cousins over at Legends of Tomorrow messed time up, like, a lot. Fortunately that show picks up almost right where it ended whereas The Flash tries to follow real time so it’s been 6 months […]

‘The Flash’ season 4: New poster, new problems

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while! Time flies, perhaps even more so when you are in the speed force like Barry Allen currently is. But he will be speeding back onto our screens in less than two weeks! Are you ready? Here is a brand new poster to celebrate: And if you have not already […]

3 admirable things about Percy Jackson

On this day in the world of Rick Riordan, Perseus “Percy” Jackson was born! There is no shortage on things to love about the two-time saviour of Olympus. He is brave, he is loyal, and he has dozes of sarcasm. However, these traits are all well-known. Here are three subtler but no less commendable characteristics […]

‘The Flash’: What’s happening for season 4?

With two months to go until season 4, we have started getting some information on The Flash (thanks, San Diego Comic Con!) as well as our first look! Check out the first trailer below: Do note that at the point the trailer was released, The Flash was still filming episode 2, so this material hardly gives us […]