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Ellen is a TV-holic and professional daydreamer. The subjects of her daydreams include mythical creatures, superheroes, and blue jeeps. She also loves photography, writing, and dancing. Her drink of choice for study sessions is green tea. If you see holes in her writing, it's because her rabbits ate her homework.

‘The Flash’ recap: 4×19 “Fury Rogue”

The Flash episode “Fury Rogue” aired April 24 2018. It’s another heist with Leonard Snart! Should be fun, right? Sadly, unlike last season’s analogous episode, “Fury Rogue” is subdued by the need to push the plot forward, as well as let the characters grieve Ralph Dibny. Still, having Snart around can never go too wrong. […]

‘The Crossing’ recap: “The Face of Oblivion”

The Crossing episode 4 “The Face of Oblivion” aired April 23 2018. I think I know the philosophy of this show. ‘But’. You think it’s going somewhere…BUT – here’s another plot twist/cliffhanger! A child for a child So Reece does have Oliver. How did she know he was Jude’s kid? Oliver is really gullible to follow […]

‘The Flash’ recap: 4×18 “Lose Yourself”

The Flash episode “Lose Yourself” aired on 17 April, 2018. Lose Yourself? More like lose your mind. First of all, this episode is intense. Secondly, WTF??! Iris and Caitlin both got stabbed and yet no one seemed too concerned? Harry lashed out at Cisco and never apologised? Arrrgh! Also, I am disappointed The Flash did not make use […]

‘The Crossing’ recap: “Pax Americana”

The Crossing season 1 episode 3, “Pax Americana” aired 16 April 2018. Secrets, conspiracies, and murder – The Crossing has it all. As if the eugenics, politics and time travel wasn’t enough already. The show took a step back from its mains this week to uncover some of the other characters’ dirty laundry. Also, the […]

‘The Flash’ recap: 4×17 “Null and Annoyed”

The Flash episode “Null and Annoyed” aired 9 April, 2018. We’re back! The Flash is back! Honestly though, I found this episode rather weak. Once again the B-plot was irrelevant to the plot, though it had Breacher and KillerVibe so I can’t complain too much. The main storyline was not very engaging either. Still, there were […]

‘The Crossing’ recap: “A Shadow Out of Time”

The Crossing season 1 episode 2 “A Shadow Out of Time” aired 9 April 2018. Don’t trust anyone and never expect anything to go your way. Those seem to be the two rules governing the events unfolding on The Crossing. Watching the characters try and fail drastically to get things done while tenuously working together, I […]

‘The Crossing’: series premiere recap!

The Crossing “Pilot” premiered 2 April, 2018. There’s something about the Pacific Northwest. Scenic. Overcast. Untouched forests and coastlines. The atmosphere lends itself well into mystery and drama, and people are starting to realise that. Edgy mermaid drama Siren, set in coastal Washington, premiered on Freeform last week. And years ago we had Twilight, set in the state’s […]

‘The Flash’ recap – 4×16: “Run, Iris, Run”

The Flash episode “Run, Iris, Run” aired 13 March 2018. Hello everyone. “Run, Iris, Run” was my most anticipated episode of The Flash this season. Iris haters have long tried to argue that she doesn’t actually contribute to the team because she does not have superpowers or badass fighting skills, doesn’t pull any heroics out in […]

‘The Flash’ recap – 4×15: “Enter Flashtime”

The Flash episode “Enter Flashtime” aired 6 March 2018. Since returning from the speedforce, Barry has become faster and more self-righteous. He’s also become more of an ass when he gets stressed. And the DeVoe debacle is getting him really stressed. He pushed Izzy too hard last week and this week, wore Cisco down during […]

‘The Flash’ recap – 4×14 “Subject 9”

The Flash episode “Subject 9” aired 27 February 2018. Really? I’m sure The Flash can come up with something more creative than “Subject 9”. Then again, it took 40 minutes before we named this week’s new meta. The naming powers are not with us this week. Anyway, welcome back! Barry is a free man and […]

‘The Flash’ recap – 4×13 “True Colors”

The Flash episode “True Colors” aired 6 Feb 2018. Welcome back! How are you all holding on after last week’s cliffhanger? All about the disguise Iris brings Cecile to her daily talk with Barry, but Barry isn’t there. Warden – who’s name is Gregory Wolfe – makes up an excuse, but Cecile reads his thoughts […]

‘The Flash’ recap – 4×12: “Honey, I shrunk Team Flash”

The Flash episode “Honey, I shrunk Team Flash” aired 30 January 2017. Does anyone else find it a little odd how we haven’t seen the DeVoes for 2 straight episodes? After’s last week’s detour, The Flash headed back to the highway this week by bringing back the bus metas storyline. Still, it does not feel completely back […]

‘The Flash’ 4×11 recap: “The Elongated Knight Rises”

The Flash episode “The Elongated Knight Rises” aired on January 23, 2018. After last week’s dour courtroom drama, “The Elongated Knight Rises” was a nice, lighthearted detour from the main Thinker plot. While the Flash is out of commission, some random, completely normal guy tries to rob a jewellery store. He holds the employees hostage […]

‘The Flash’ recap: season 4 episode 10, “Trial of the Flash”

The Flash episode “Trial of the Flash” aired 16 January, 2018. Welcome back everyone! It’s been a while. The last time we were here, Clifford “The Thinker” DeVoe switched bodies with telepath Dominic Lance, then killed and planted his old body in Barry’s loft. Barry insists he will not run from the law, nor will […]

‘The Flash’: 5 things we want from season 4 in 2018

Hello Central City! The Flash is back tomorrow! Well, the show at least, not the actual character because Barry is detained and on trial for murder. We all know that the back half of this season will center around proving Barry’s innocence and ultimately taking down Clifford DeVoe, the Thinker. This parallels the plight of Henry […]