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Pure Fandom was created by fangirls and best friends, Liz (Pochop) Prugh and Lindi Smith. Their site – along with several other expert fan contributors! – brings you updates and breakdowns on shows like ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘The Originals’, and more. Liz & Lindi have written for Entertainment Weekly, AOL, HelloGiggles, and frequently host Comic-Con panels around the country. They are dedicated to putting a comedic and fun twist on all things fandom.

Harry Potter Christmas clothes that will make your holidays even more magical

You may be a muggle, but you don’t have to dress like a squib. This holiday season, dress to impress with these magical Harry Potter Christmas clothes. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle ($25) Have a Very Harry Christmas ($35) Hogwarts House Christmas Sweaters ($35) Golden Snitch Ugly Christmas Sweater ($30) It’s a Magical Christmas Tee […]

5 shows to binge-watch on Netflix over the holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and however you plan on spending them, we’re going to guess you’ll need Netflix to help you cope after all the inevitable family drama. Besides, what are the holidays for if not to overeat, fight with your parents about your life choices, and then pretend you don’t feel well so […]

HBO releases official ‘Game of Thrones’ fine art prints

We have some really cool news for all of you hardcore Thrones fans out there! Classic Stills and HBO have released an exclusive line of Game of Thrones fine art prints just in time for the holidays. HBO announced the gorgeous art collection today in a press release, saying: Classic Stills, a Los Angeles- and […]

Marvel releases highly anticipated ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ trailer

IT’S HERE! The highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War trailer that we’ve all been waiting for has finally been released. The trailer opens with a montage of some of our favorite Marvel characters with a dramatic voice over: There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if we could become something […]

Klaroline Music Playlist: Add your favorite songs

Here at Pure Fandom, we absolutely love The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Fun fact: TVD was one of the first shows Lindi and I actually covered on the website back when we were called “Team TV Supernatural Dramas” (who remembers those days?!) I made a Steroline Wedding Playlist a few months back, and with all of the buzz […]

Deadpool impersonates Bob Ross in new “Wet on Wet” sequel teaser trailer

Guys, it’s here — the very first teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 — and it’s glorious. In the newly released promo, Deadpool is impersonating none other than the legendary painter, Bob Ross. We also get some short clips of the action we’ll be seeing in the second movie. One YouTube commenter hit the nail on the […]

Pure Fandom Co-Founders Liz and Lindi featured on DRNK CLTR Podcast

This week we’re thrilled to be featured on DRNK CLTR’s podcast talking all things fandom. We share the Pure Fandom story and how we came to build the Pure Fandom community for all of our amazing writers and podcasters. Join us as we geek out with podcast hosts Jared and Fabian over our favorite TV […]

Marvel releases full series of ‘Black Panther’ character posters

Today, Marvel decided to grant us the gift of a full series of 11 Black Panther character posters. The Black Panther and Marvel Twitter accounts (and all of the actors) tweeted out their cast photos, and they are just as amazing as we hoped they’d be. Each of the photos is accompanied by a three-word descriptor for […]

‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Blu-ray to feature more Elton John and behind-the-scenes surprises

Twentieth Century Fox has released a statement giving us a whole lot of details on what to expect when the Kingsman: The Golden Circle blu-ray and DVD hits stores on Dec. 12.  The 4K Ultra HD Blu-day and DVD releases will give fans a whopping two hours of extra, never-before-seen content. If you’ve been wanting […]

New 20th anniversary ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Funko Pop! figures are coming

FUNKO has announced a brand new line of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pop! vinyl figures in honor of the show’s 20th anniversary, and they are everything we didn’t know we needed in our lives. According to Funko, the special series will feature Buffy Summers with a bow, Xander with and without an eye patch, Dark […]

The Walking Dead review: “Monsters” reinforces season 8 themes of mercy and humanity

The Walking Dead recap: Season 8, Episode 3, “Monsters,” Aired Nov. 5, 2017 The war is still raging in “Monsters” as Rick and the gang continue their assault on the Saviors. Lines are blurred between right and wrong, loyalties are being tested, and it seems that several individuals are coming to grips with the type […]

The 4 characters most likely to die in ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8

This post contains spoilers from The Walking Dead season 8, episode 3, “Monsters,” which aired Nov. 5. The war still rages on, and while Negan is in hiding (see: stuck in a trailer with Father Gabriel), Rick and the gang are doing their darndest to kill every single Savior left on the planet. And since […]

Marvel Movies Podcast Part IV: Live at Flix Brewhouse for the Thor: Ragnarok premiere

The Pure Fandom Marvel Movies Podcast is hosted by Patrick Pochop and his co-host and sister, Liz Prugh. The two also host Pure Fandom’s Star Wars Theory Series Podcast. Join them as they relive each Avenger leading up to the new Marvel films! This week we record live at Flix Brewhouse theatre before the Thor: Ragnarok premiere! In […]

Is Morgan the most powerful character on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Warning! This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead season 8. Last night’s second episode of season 8 of The Walking Dead delivered on its promise to continue the all-out war against Negan. We saw (most) of group splitting duties, continuing to take out each of The Savior’s compound. The main goal for this week’s […]

‘Talking TV With Liz and Lindi’ podcast recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ 8×01, “Mercy”

The Walking Dead 8×01 recap “Mercy” Aired Oct. 22 2017 The Walking Dead is BACK! Was The Walking Dead 8×01 better than we expected? Well…we gave it a B. While the season 8 premiere definitely felt like “the old show” again, it didn’t have the same “WOW” factor that several of the previous season premieres had. […]