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Writer, fangirl, and cat-enthusiast. My work has appeared on The Mary Sue, The Portland Review, Ranker, and other websites. My favorite show growing up was Xena – I've tried to emulate the Warrior Princess in every way (see current hairstyle).

‘Doctor Who’ 10×06 recap: “Extremis”

Doctor Who 10X06 recap, “Extremis,” Aired May 20, 2017 We have our second Moffat episode of the season, and it’s full of the twists and turns we’ve come to expect from the Who showrunner. “Extremis” answers some of the burning questions we’ve had since the start of the season, like why Nardole is tagging along with […]

‘Doctor Who’ 10×05 recap: “Oxygen”

Doctor Who 10X05 recap, “Oxygen,” Aired May 13, 2017 The scares keep coming this season on Doctor Who. The latest episode of Who is the most frightening episode so far. Like the last episode, this week’s “Oxygen” featured our protagonists in an isolated space, waiting to get picked off one by one, except this time they’re on a […]

‘Doctor Who’ recap: Episode 10×4, “Knock Knock”

Doctor Who recap: Season 10, Episode 4, “Knock Knock,” Aired May 7, 2017 “You don’t have to go to outer space to find monsters. There’s plenty of things that want to kill you right here on Earth,” Nardole tells the Doctor at the end of the fourth episode of the season, “Knock Knock.” It turns […]

11 of Bill’s Best Questions from ‘Doctor Who’ 10×03 “Thin Ice”

Doctor Who recap 10×03, “Thin Ice,” Aired April 29, 2017 The third episode of Doctor Who’s tenth season starts with Bill saying, “I have questions.” She and the Doctor have found themselves in Regency era London during one the Thames’ Frost Fairs. While the episode starts out with a monster-of-the-week threat, we quickly learn that the […]

5 ‘Star Wars’ comics you should be reading

If you’re like us and you’re impatiently waiting for more The Last Jedi footage to obsess over, satisfy those Star Wars cravings by checking out some of the best new Star Wars comics published by Marvel. Ever since Disney purchased the rights to Star Wars, Marvel has been steadily putting out a number of great […]

The Force is strong with these 10 ‘Star Wars’ fashion finds

With The Last Jedi coming out later this year along with a bounty of tie-in comics, books, shows, and games, there’s no better time to be a Star Wars fan. So why not celebrate your love for the fandom by flaunting some of our carefully curated Star Wars fashion picks!   Jedi Cowl Dress – […]

‘Doctor Who’ recap: Episode 10×2, “Smile”

Doctor Who recap: Season 10, Episode 2, “Smile,” Aired April 22, 2017 Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. Oops! Different episode. I mean smile! Smile or you’re dead. The Doctor and Bill are back for their second adventure, visiting an empty human colony in the future where they encounter a group of deadly robots […]

‘Doctor Who’ season 10 premiere recap: 10×01 “The Pilot”

Doctor Who recap: Season 10, Episode 1, “The Pilot,” Aired April 16, 2017 The wait is over! With the exception of the Christmas special, Whovians have gone a year without regular Who in their lives, but Doctor Who finally returned this week with its tenth season. It’s been a long wait, so let’s skip the […]

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’: Our Favorite Moments from the Teaser Trailer

In the words of Luke Skywalker, “Breathe. Just breathe.” The Last Jedi trailer is finally here, and while we’re still processing our thoughts, theories, and feelings (so, so many feelings), let’s talk about some of our favorite moments.   Rey’s Training So one thing we knew for certain when Rey approached Luke in the final […]

Her Universe announces a new ‘Star Wars’ collection

Star Wars Celebration Orlando is this week and Her Universe has released a new Star Wars collection for the convention. With the exception of a few items, these styles are currently Star Wars Celebration exclusives, but the Her Universe site says to expect them online soon! The collection includes a fun floral Rebel pilot romper […]

‘Doctor Who’ Season 10: Here’s what we can expect

Doctor Who is set to return next week for its tenth season, and we could not be more excited! With the exception of the Christmas special, Whovians had to go without any new Who for an entire year. But finally, the Doctor is back, and in addition to an energetic, new companion, this season sees […]

Sore today, soar tomorrow! Work out like a hero in Her Universe’s line of DC activewear

You know how you feel like you can take on the world after a really good workout? Well, now you can dress the part in the Her Universe DC Comics activewear line! The collection features gear inspired by DC’s core heroes – Batman, Superman, and of course, Wonder Woman. The line can be found exclusively […]

Her Universe at WonderCon – Wonder Woman gear galore!

There was a lot of buzz surrounding Her Universe at WonderCon this year. A few days before the convention, the fangirl fashion company released its line of DC inspired activewear, which you can find exclusively at Kohl’s. An officially licensed line of DC clothes is something Her Universe fans have been wanting for a while. […]

‘Star Wars Rebels’ review 3×21: “Zero Hour”

Star Wars Rebels review: Season 3, Episode 21, “Zero Hour: Parts I & II,” Aired March 25, 2017 After discovering the Rebel base on Atollon, Thawn begins his devastating attack on Phoenix Squadron. Let’s talk highlights from the season finale of Star Wars Rebels!   The Heart to Heart between Kanan and Ezra Before the […]

‘Star Wars Rebels’ review 3×20: “Twin Suns”

Star Wars Rebels review: Season 3, Episode 20, “Twin Suns,” Aired March 18, 2017 The long-awaited confrontation between Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi is here! Let’s dive in and talk about some of our favorite moments from the emotional “Twin Suns.” Massive spoilers ahead!   The Duel Judging by initial reactions, some fans were disappointed […]