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Sarah is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Substance Abuse Counseling, while working as a Personal Assistant. When she isn’t chasing around her nephew, she is watching her favorite shows and writing about them! Sarah is all about the ships, especially Olicity and Clace!

‘The New Legends of Monkey’ review: Netflix remakes a winner

This is a spoiler-free review of The New Legends of Monkey The ten episode first season of this show has left us wanting more. Prepare yourselves for your new unexpected addiction! The New Legends of Monkey is based on an old Chinese fable by the name of Journey to the West. Doesn’t everyone want to watch […]

‘Empire’ 4×14: 8 best moments from “False Face”

Empire, Season 4, Episode 14, “False Face”, aired April 25th, 2018 The betrayal of Eddie is only just beginning, as he continues to try and steal Empire out from under Cookie and Lucious. Cookie is on a mission of her own to find Poundcake’s daughter and get them in the same room together before Cookie’s […]

‘The Resident’ recap 1×11 “And The Nurses Get Screwed”

The Resident recap, Season 1, Episode 11, “And The Nurses Get Screwed”, aired April 23rd, 2018 Nic got way more than just a raw deal in this episode. Things are winding up as the season finale is coming closer. But we have hope that Conrad will be able to help Nic out of this setup. We’re […]

‘iZombie’ recap 4×08 “Chivalry is Dead”

iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 8, “Chivalry is Dead”, aired April 23rd, 2018 LARPing! Or, live action role playing for those that don’t know or weren’t paying attention. Well, that’s the brains Liv is on this week as Peyton joins her crusade. Things with Major are still going downhill as his decisions continue to be […]

‘The Resident’ recap 1×10 “Haunted”

The Resident, Season 1, Episode 10, “Haunted”, aired April 16th, 2018 Conrad is still punishing himself over Lily’s death as Lane continues doing whatever necessary to cover her own ass. That, and continue her shady ways, of course. The appearance of Conrad’s former mentor just may be the only thing to pull Conrad out of […]

‘Empire’ 4×13: 8 best moments from “Of Hardiness is Mother”

Empire, Season 4, Episode 13, “Of Hardiness is Mother”, aired April 18th, 2018 Cookie takes on someone from her past as the future of Empire begins to look a little uncertain. Hakeem is actually growing up from the looks of things, while Andre may be on his way back in as well. Meanwhile, Jamal is […]

‘Dynasty’ 1×19: 8 best moments from “Use or Be Used”

Dynasty, Season 1, Episode 19, “Use or Be Used”, aired April 20th, 2018 Everyone is just getting a bit nastier as the first season of Dynasty heads towards its finale! Steven is lying to just about everyone as he attempts to find his long-lost brother. Blake’s marriage is only made worse by him now blackmailing Cristal […]

‘iZombie’ recap 4×07 “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain”

iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 7, “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain”, aired April 16th, 2018 Liv went full player in this episode as she continues taking risks while continuing Mama Leone’s crusade. Major goes further down his own rabbit hole to the possible point of no return. Clive continues struggling with his open relationship […]

‘iZombie’ recap 4×06 “My Really Fair Lady”

iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 6, “My Really Fair Lady”, aired April 9th, 2018 Things got slightly musical this week and a whole lot of crazy. Liv is going to have some struggles taking over Mama Leone’s organization. Major and Liv are still struggling with their relationship while Liv may have just found anther love interest. […]

‘Empire’ 4×12: 8 best moments from “Sweet Sorrow”

Empire, Season 4, Episode 12, “Sweet Sorrow”, aired April 11th, 2018 What. An. Episode. We don’t even know where to begin, but we know that our hearts have been reduced to complete mush. So, thanks for that one. But we also know that we couldn’t be happier about being big piles of goo because this […]

‘Taken’ recap 2×10 “All About Eve”

Taken recap, Season 2, Episode 10, “All About Eve”, aired April 6th, 2018 What it’s really all about is a vault that was robbed with some bio-terrorists thrown in for fun. But there is definitely an Eve at the center of it all. Plus as a bonus, Christina gets to bring her team in on an […]

‘Dynasty’ 1×18: 8 best moments of “Don’t Con a Con Artist”

Dynasty Season 1, Episode 18, “Don’t Con a Con Artist”, aired April 6th, 2018 Alexis is still going head to head with Fallon, but we have faith that our favorite female Carrington can hold her own. The mystery surrounding Liam is still a mystery. Sam gives us a wonderful performance that has us wanting to […]

‘Empire’ 4×11: 8 best moments from “Without Apology”

Empire, Season 4, Episode 11, “Without Apology”, aired April 4th, 2018 Here we are again for another list, this time with our favorite moments from episode 11. Things got crazy, tender, psychotic, murderous, and downright sad this week. We know, that’s a lot to take in. But not to worry, we’re going to break it […]

‘Empire’ 4×10: 8 best moments from “Birds in the Cage”

Empire, Season 4, Episode 10, “Birds in the Cage”, aired March 28th, 2018 The return of the Lyon family is finally upon us! We can’t express how much we have truly missed this show! Not only that but we’ve just been dying to know what has been happening with Lucious. While the Claudia story line […]

‘iZombie’ recap 4×05 “Goon Struck”

iZombie recap, Season 4, Episode 5, “Goon Struck”, aired March 26th, 2018 The time has come for sides to be chosen in the battle of zombies versus humans. Too much has happened for us all to live peacefully. Not with Chase and his group of zombie goons trying to run everything. But they weren’t the only […]