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Reagan studies English and Film Studies at Texas Tech University. She aspires to be a film and television critic or entertainment writer. She loves all things TV and film. She spends her free time obsessing and blogging about Arrow, Teen Wolf, and Supergirl. Her favorite superhero is Lois Lane.

5 Reasons to catch up on ‘Arrow’

In it’s fourth and fifth season, the CW’s Arrow suffered a huge loss in viewership. The reasons for this aren’t completely known, but a quick look around social media reveals plenty of theories. Former fans attribute their departure to factors such as the death of Laurel Lance, the break-up of fan favorite couple “Olicity”, and just […]

Best ‘Arrow’ Character Poll Series: Vote for your favorite flashback character

Arrow fans! It’s time yet again for our weekly Arrow character poll series! Last week, we asked you to vote for your favorite family member. For your favorite relative, you chose… Moira Queen This week, we want your opinions about the most controversial aspect of Arrow – the flashbacks. Love them or hate them, they’ve been integral […]

9 must-have items for every type of ‘Arrow’ fan

The best thing about modern day fandom is all of the merchandise available. With websites like Amazon, fans have access to all kinds of items decorated with their favorite characters! We gathered up a list of some of the best Arrow merchandise on Amazon that are sure to please any type of Arrow fan! For the Collector […]

Best Arrow Character Poll: Vote for your favorite family member

It’s Tuesday, Arrow fans, and you know what that means! It’s time once again for our Best Arrow Character Poll Series! Last week, we asked you to choose your favorite hero. All of Team Arrow’s fearless heroes are worthy of such a title, but only one can claim it. For favorite hero, you chose… Speedy! […]

5 Shows to watch during the ‘Arrow’ summer hiatus

We are only two weeks into this Arrow hiatus, and it’s already getting painful. If you’re missing your favorite emerald archer, check out these suggestions for five shows to watch during Arrow‘s hiatus. Arrowverse First things first. If you are not currently caught up on The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, why are you […]

Best ‘Arrow’ Character Poll Series: Vote for your favorite hero

Arrow fans! It’s time yet again for our weekly Best Arrow Character Poll Series. Last week, we asked you to vote for your favorite villain. We wanted to ensure we had the most accurate results possible, so we had our friends at Apester verify our results. After all sketchy votes were removed, the title of […]

Have you noticed this trend with The CW’s season finales?

It’s officially hiatus season for fans of The CW, but our favorite shows did not go out quietly. In fact, many of the CW’s leading shows followed a heartbreaking trend. Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Supernatural, and The 100 all split their main cast (and their main couples) in what appears to be a pretty permanent way. Warning! Spoilers […]

Best ‘Arrow’ Character Poll Series: Vote for your favorite villain

DISCLAIMER: Before polling closes, the third-party polling tool we use, Apester, will be removing any script/bot voting. Last week, we asked you to vote for your favorite female Arrow character. Thousands of votes poured in, and the competition was fierce. In the end, 54% of you chose… Laurel Lance The Black Canary took the title […]

‘Arrow’ season finale recap: 5×23 “Lian Yu”

Arrow 5×23, “Lian Yu” aired May 24, 2017 Season five of Arrow went out with a bang.. literally. In it’s best season finale to date, Arrow pulled out all the stops – paying tribute to the past five years while still setting up a hell of a cliffhanger to start season six on. Purgatory For […]

Best ‘Arrow’ Character Poll Series: Vote for your favorite female character

Alright, Arrow fans – the results are in! We asked you last week to vote for your favorite male character, and 66% of you chose… Oliver Queen! That’s right, the Green Arrow himself is your favorite male character! Honorable mention goes to John Diggle, who came in second place with 10% of the votes. The Arrow season […]

‘Arrow’ Recap: 5×22 “Missing”

Arrow 5×22, “Missing” aired May 17, 2017. This episode had everything. Humor, action, heartbreak, and even some Olicity!! 5 Years in Hell Let’s get the island flashbacks out of the way first – don’t forget, this is our second to last week on Lian Yu! Our first flashback brings us to Lian Yu, where Oliver […]

Best ‘Arrow’ Character Poll Series: Vote for the best male character

Arrow fans! With the season 5 finale coming up, there’s a ton to be excited about: Thea is back, Olicity may be back on, Lance and Rene’s relationship is becoming a fan-favorite, and Prometheus is proving to be an incredible villain. Plus, Black Siren returns this week and looks to have captured some of Team Arrow! In […]

‘Arrow’ Recap: 5×21 “Honor Thy Fathers”

Arrow recap: Season 5, Episode 21, “Honor Thy Fathers”, Aired May 10, 2017. You know it’s going to be an intense Arrow episode when there’s a dead body before we even see the title screen. Let’s get into it! The Present A crate is delivered to Oliver’s mayoral office and inside is a body. Dinah reveals that the […]

‘Arrow’ Recap: 5×20 “Underneath”

Arrow recap: Season 5, Episode 20, “Underneath”, Aired May 3, 2017. I’m not even sure where to begin with this episode. The storyline was great, the flashbacks were great, the acting was phenomenal – just wow. “Underneath” is a definite contender for best episode of the season. Let’s get into it! Past For the second week in […]

Here’s which ‘Arrowverse’ character you are based on your zodiac sign

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about you. Does your sign match up with the personality of your favorite Arrowverse character? Find out below! Aries – Barry Allen Aries are adventurous, energetic, courageous, and enthusiastic. If you are an Aries, you may find yourself relating to the Flash himself, Barry Allen. While Aries has […]