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Reagan studies English and Film Studies at Texas Tech University. She aspires to be a film and television critic or entertainment writer. She loves all things TV and film. She spends her free time obsessing and blogging about Teen Wolf, Riverdale, and Supergirl. Superman owns her heart.

‘Arrow’ Recap: 5×22 “Missing”

Arrow 5×22, “Missing” aired May 17, 2017. This episode had everything. Humor, action, heartbreak, and even some Olicity!! 5 Years in Hell Let’s get the island flashbacks out of the way first – don’t forget, this is our second to last week on Lian Yu! Our first flashback brings us to Lian Yu, where Oliver […]

Best ‘Arrow’ Character Poll Series: Vote for the best male character

Arrow fans! With the season 5 finale coming up, there’s a ton to be excited about: Thea is back, Olicity may be back on, Lance and Rene’s relationship is becoming a fan-favorite, and Prometheus is proving to be an incredible villain. Plus, Black Siren returns this week and looks to have captured some of Team Arrow! In […]

‘Arrow’ Recap: 5×21 “Honor Thy Fathers”

Arrow recap: Season 5, Episode 21, “Honor Thy Fathers”, Aired May 10, 2017. You know it’s going to be an intense Arrow episode when there’s a dead body before we even see the title screen. Let’s get into it! The Present A crate is delivered to Oliver’s mayoral office and inside is a body. Dinah reveals that the […]

‘Arrow’ Recap: 5×20 “Underneath”

Arrow recap: Season 5, Episode 20, “Underneath”, Aired May 3, 2017. I’m not even sure where to begin with this episode. The storyline was great, the flashbacks were great, the acting was phenomenal – just wow. “Underneath” is a definite contender for best episode of the season. Let’s get into it! Past For the second week in […]

Here’s which ‘Arrowverse’ character you are based on your zodiac sign

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about you. Does your sign match up with the personality of your favorite Arrowverse character? Find out below! Aries – Barry Allen Aries are adventurous, energetic, courageous, and enthusiastic. If you are an Aries, you may find yourself relating to the Flash himself, Barry Allen. While Aries has […]

5 Reasons I’ll always be a Potterhead

Harry Potter is the franchise that has defined a generation. We poured over the books and lined up for the movies, all while dressed in the uniform of our favorite Hogwarts house. Harry Potter occupies a unique and permanent place in the heart of many – something most stories are unable to accomplish. Here are […]

‘Arrow’ recap: 5×19 “Dangerous Liaisons”

Wow! What an episode. We saw Felicity at odds with Team Arrow in a way we never have before, plus – trouble in Dyla paradise? Let’s get into it, Hoss. The Prometheus Problem The episode starts with Team Arrow attempting to catch Adrian Chase at an arcade. They fail, and the arcade literally attacks them. After […]

‘Arrow’: Breaking down the end of season 5 sizzle reel

Stephen Amell has released our first look at the end of Arrow season five over on his Facebook page and it’s full of action. It’s a lot to take in, so let’s break down what’s going on with all of our favorite vigilantes. Oliver Obviously, Oliver is dealing with a lot this season. We see in […]

‘Arrow’: 6 reasons we love Nyssa al Ghul

Arrow has been making a lot of casting announcements lately, one of which is that Katrina Law will be returning as Nyssa Al Ghul in the season five finale. Nyssa is a fan favorite character and this news has been met with excitement all across the internet. Here are five reasons why fans love her so […]

’13 Reasons Why’: 5 Brilliant uses of foreshadowing you may have missed

Netflix’s new show, 13 Reasons Why, tells the story of the end of a teenage girl’s life through the tapes she left behind before committing suicide. Viewers are left to wonder exactly what happened as they binge their way through the show’s thirteen hours, but if you paid close attention, there were plenty of hints scattered […]

‘Supergirl’: 5 things we’d love to see when Superman returns

It was announced recently that Tyler Hoechlin will be reprising his role as Superman during Supergirl‘s season finale. There are all kinds of things that the Man of Steel could be up to in National City, and here are the 5 things we’d most like to see during his return. Lois Lane This is an absolute must. Supergirl is […]

6 TV shows in danger of getting canceled that shouldn’t be

Cancellations are the worst part of TV, and 2017 is looking like no exception. Unfortunately, many fan favorites are likely to get the ax this year. Here, we break down the six shows we will be saddest to see go. New Girl It’s looking more and more like this might be it for the Friends of […]

Marvel’s ‘New Warriors’: 7 possible actors to bring the comics to life

On Tuesday, Marvel and Freeform announced that a new series featuring the New Warriors is in development. We don’t know much about the series yet, but here’s what we do know: the show will be a 30 minute comedy, and it will feature Marvel’s Squirrel Girl — a unique character whose powers mimic the abilities […]

6 ways ‘New Girl’ is a modern day ‘Friends’

Remembered as one of the best sitcoms of all time, Friends was a story about a group of twenty-somethings living in New York City. The six main characters hilariously navigated the world of young-adulthood through relationships, roommates, and friendship. Sound familiar? Although these themes are present in plenty of modern day comedies, New Girl really captures […]

‘Arrow’: Five things we love about Black Siren

Recently, news broke that Arrow‘s Katie Cassidy will once again be given series regular status in season 6, but with a twist. Rather than the return of Earth One Laurel Lance from the dead, Black Siren (Earth Two Laurel) will be joining Team Arrow’s weekly adventures. To celebrate this news, let’s take a look at all […]