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Meghan is a lover of all things with a creep factor. She will bring you the latest casting news, spoilers, hot new interviews, and anything else you need to know about your favorite sci-fi and supernatural shows. She would also love to talk with you about your favorite horror or sci-fi characters, shows, movies, haunted places, zombie dreams...you get it.

‘Grimm’ exclusive clip: 6×11 “Where the Wild Things Were”

We got our hands on an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Grimm, “Where the Wild Things Were,” and it looks like the gang will be scrambling to find Juliette. In last week’s episode, we saw Eve acting evermore like Juliette, borrowing some seriously ‘beistly’ books from Adalind in order to take on the mirror monster. While […]

‘Grimm’ recap: 6×05 “The Seven Year Itch”

Grimm recap: Season 6, Episode 5, “The Seven Year Itch,” Aired Feb. 3, 2017.  Welcome back, Grimm fans! Time for a look at the next episode of our final Grimm season. So, I’m loving how we’re back to the OG Grimm roots of the “monster-of-the-week.” This week we had a man/woman-eating cicada Wesen. In the […]

‘Grimm’ Recap: 6×03 “Oh Captain, My Captain”

Grimm: Season 6, Episode 3, “Oh Captain, My Captain,” Aired Jan. 21, 2017 Grimm fans, we are back with double the Renard in the latest episode of Grimm directed by one David Giuntoli himself! Oh, and for the record, I officially laughed out loud more on this episode than I have with any other in […]

‘Grimm’ Recap: 6×02 “Trust Me Knot”

Grimm: Season 6, Episode 2, “Trust Me Knot,” Aired Jan. 13, 2017 This week we pick up right where we left off. The SERT team is ready to break down the walls of Bud’s repair shop to get to Nick. And, in typical Grimm fashion, Hank and Wu save the day with a last minute Renard […]

‘Grimm’ season 6 premiere recap: 6×01 “Fugitive”

Grimm season 6 premiere recap: Season 6, Episode 1, “Fugitive,” Aired Jan. 6, 2017  The bittersweet day is here; the final season premiere of NBC’s Grimm, “Fugitive.” From Nick, to Trubel, to sweet Bud, the whole gang is back to start the goodbyes. So, wipe away the sadness momentarily while we recap our full throttle […]

New ‘Viral’ movie clip released

The latest clip for Viral takes the concept of sisterly love into a whole new level. All siblings have their own issues. You know, one is smarter, one is more attractive, one is more popular, one has contracted a parasite that will turn her into a violent, zombie-esque monster. Totally relatable. Okay. Maybe not, but the latest […]

The “Wonder Woman” trailer is here and it is everything

The Wonder Woman trailer is here and it is better than we dared hope. Full disclosure, I’ve loved Wonder Woman since Lynda Carter first cracked that golden Lasso of Truth. And Gal Gadot’s bad ass portrayal of the Amazon  princess stole Batman v Superman.  Meaning, yes, I was prepared to dig this trailer. What  I wasn’t prepared […]

‘Westworld’ comes to HBO

Did you all catch the trailer for Westworld during last night’s Game of Thrones? If not, I get it. I’m still trying to catch my breath from those battle scenes. No spoilers here, but check out this recap if you want to relive it.  Now, on to Westworld!  The Nerdist described it as ‘Game of […]

‘Aquarius’ 2×1: Top moments and what the season could hold

This recaps Aquarius 2×01 aired June 16, 2016. Season 2 of Aquarius has kicked off and, man, did it open with a bloody bang. Last year, NBC debuted the true-ish crime drama starring David Duchovny as an LAPD cop hunting Charles Mason. Then, right after the premier, they released the entire first season on line for […]

‘The Punisher’ to star in his own Netflix series

We all sometimes re-watch episodes of Daredevil to witness the amazingness of The Punisher, right? No? Cool … I mean … I’ve only done it like one or 10 times. But after today’s announcement, you should. It is confirmed that the rumored Punisher series is a reality. Frank Castle is back, ya’ll!   Entertainment Weekly […]

Meet our WCW, Bitsie Tulloch

WARNING: If you are not caught up on Grimm, there are MAJOR spoilers ahead. Let’s get acquainted with Bitsie Tulloch, our stunna of a WCW. Cue Usher, because these are my confessions. I didn’t like Bitsie at first. Scratch that. I didn’t like her character Juliette on Grimm. She just didn’t do it for me. Then […]

Woman Crush Wednesday: Meet Danai Gurira

It is an honor to present today’s Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW), Danai Gurira. This incredible woman is best known as the katana swinging Michonne on one of PureFandom’s favorite shows, The Walking Dead. She defines #FIERCE. Michonne has long been a fan, and personal, favorite on the show. Seriously, she holds all that sh*t together which, […]

Woman Crush Wednedsay: Get to know Ella Purnell

Our Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) this week, Ella Purnell, may be early in her acting career but she’s definitely making waves. If you haven’t watched the trailer for the upcoming Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, then you should. It’s right here.  I’ll wait. All set? Great! Now you are familiar with Ella Purnell! She […]

Woman Crush Wednesday: Meet Ming-Na Wen

Today’s Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) is Ming-Na Wen, known to many of us as Agent Melinda May in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Cavalry has arrived” has a whole new meaning thanks to Agent May. Strong and brilliant, May is both a weapons expert and a savant at operating an aircraft. At times seeming aloof or […]

#WCW: Get to know Lauren Cohan

For today’s Woman Crush Wednesday, we bring you the indomitable Lauren Cohan. Few women have dominated the screen in as many of our favorite shows as Ms. Cohan. Currently, she plays Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead, but her previous turns have included Rose on The Vampire Diaries and Bela Talbot on Supernatural. Whether she’s cutting […]