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Meg is a TV obsessed writer based in the Midwest. She is also the author of the award winning YA-Fantasy novel, EVERLY and tends to be overly caffeinated. Find her on Twitter to chat about TV, books and Bellamy Blake's freckles.

Here’s which ‘Teen Wolf’ character you are based on your zodiac sign

Sometimes we look to the stars to learn more about ourselves but here at PureFandom.com, we also look to our TV’s! Each zodiac sign has a certain set of characteristics that make them unique, just like our favorite Teen Wolf characters! You might know about your zodiac sign, but who do you match with on the Teen Wolf zodiac? […]

‘Teen Wolf’:13 Reasons To Love Stydia

Stiles and Lydia are one of Teen Wolf‘s greatest ships and affectionately known in the fandom as Stydia. This couple is made up of sarcastic, loyal – Stiles and the brilliant, strong AF – Lydia. Stiles and Lydia may not have the claws and fangs to battle the constant threats that wander into Beacon Hills but they […]

Let’s Get Lit!: Our chat with ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ star and author, Amber Benson

Welcome to “Let’s Get Lit!” on PureFandom.com. Here we will chat with an author about their work and their favorite nerdy loves! This super cool edition will feature Amber Benson, author of THE END OF MAGIC! I had the pleasure of chatting with Amber about her new book, Buffy and all things magical. Meg Bonney: Hello! First, I want to congratulate you on […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Who is A.D? [VOTE]

As the Pretty Little Liars series comes to a close, we are getting more and more answers but we are still left with one big, burning question: WHO IS A.D.?! The internet’s list of suspects is HUGE. It’s basically everyone that has appeared on the show, been mentioned on the show and people we haven’t even […]

‘The 100’ Season 4 Finale recap: “Praimfaya”

The 100 Season 4 Finale, Season 4, Episode 13 recap: “Praimfaya,” Aired May 24, 2017 WOW. Things got crazy and we are not okay. Let’s recap! Octavia, the titan. After way too long, we finally get to see Octavia and Bellamy talking. He tells her how proud he is that she gave everyone hope. She […]

‘The 100’ 4×12 recap: “The Chosen”

The 100 Season 4, Episode 12 recap: “The Chosen,” Aired May 17, 2017 The 100 4×12 equals pPure chaos. So basically, the Conclave meant nothing because now everyone is fighting for a spot in the bunker again. Our folks are split between a mission to save Raven and the nonsense going on back in the […]

Ready For Some ‘Teen Wolf’ Trivia? [QUIZ]

Hey Teen Wolf Trivia lovers! It’s time to test your knowledge about your favorite show going back to season 1. Can you get all of the questions right? Let’s find out! And don’t forget to share your results! Be sure to sign up for the Teen Wolf Den Newsletter for more more quizzes, polls and […]

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Finale: 16 biggest OMG moments

Agents of SHIELD finale recap, Season 4, Episode 22, “World’s End”, Aired May 16, 2017 The finale was insane and while it tied up a bunch of loose ends from the season, it may have given us even more questions than we had at the start of the episode! Check out the 16 biggest OMG moments and freak […]

‘Riverdale’ season finale: The 9 biggest shockers

Riverdale: Season 1, Episode 13, “Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter,” Aired May 11, 2017 We were not expecting a crazy episode after the big murder reveal in the last episode, but whoa, that was cray. Check out these 9 huge moments from the Riverdale season finale! #1 Clifford Blossom’s real biz. Papa Blossom’s maple syrup empire […]

‘The 100’ 4×11 recap: “The Other Side”

The 100 Season 4, Episode 11 recap: “The Other Side,” Aired May 10, 2017 Wow, that was sad AF. Let’s take a look at The 100 4×11 that had us all in tears. War in the bunker. Bellamy is able to radio Octavia who is still above ground. She won the conclave and told the clans that 100 […]

‘Agents of SHIELD’: recap 4×21 “The Return” (of Fitzsimmons)

Agents of SHIELD recap, Season 4, Episode 21, “The Return”, Aired May 9, 2017 WOW. Buckle up. The rig. Coulson and May are trapped on the rig with a bunch of the Russians. Unlike us, they aren’t too happy to see an army of Zach McGowan. They chat about how they lived two lives and have […]

‘Teen Wolf’ 6B Sneak Peek: 6 biggest takeaways [VIDEO]

Finally, after months of waiting we have been gifted with some footage from the Teen Wolf season 6B! Before the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Shelly Hennig, Holland Roden and Tyler Posey gave us a peek at what’s in store for the final 10 episodes of the series! Also did you catch what Tyler Posey […]

10 Biggest WTF Moments from ‘Riverdale’ Chapter 12

Riverdale: Season 1, Episode 12, “Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder” Aired May 4, 2017 We need to talk about what the heck just happened on Riverdale. We finally know who killed Jason Blossom but the truth about Jason’s murderer wasn’t the only WTF moment of this crazy Riverdale episode! There were so many twists and turns […]

‘The 100’ 4×10 recap: “Die All, Die Merrily”

The 100 Season 4, Episode 10 recap: “Die All, Die Merrily,” Aired May 3, 2017 There is nothing we can do but pour one out for our fallen friends because wow, that was amazing. Let’s breakdown the events of The 100 4×10. Conclave time. Bellamy and Octavia are finally in the same room but we don’t […]

‘Agents of SHIELD’: recap 4×20 “Farewell, Cruel World!”

That was such an intense episode and it really shows how connected everything has been this season. Check out our Agents of SHIELD recap of that explosive episode! Zephyr fun. We have been in the Framework so long that we almost forgot that Yo-Yo and a few SHIELD peeps are in the zephyr with the bodies […]