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Meg is a YA-Fantasy writer who spends entirely too much time watching television. When she isn't writing, wrangling her kids, or working in corporate America, Meg spends her days/nights riding shotgun in Dean Winchester's Impala, dusting vampires in Sunnydale, drinking with Damon Salvatore, and looking for Derek in Beacon Hills.

‘The 100’: 4 Hopes for Season 4

Ok, ya’ll. It’s almost time to check back in with our favorite teen delinquents and their ‘rents as they try to save the world. Again. So when last we left our peeps, Clarke had just defeated Alie in the City of Light (with some help from our girl, Lexa). The grip of the chip faded […]

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: 6×08 “Blitzkrieg”

Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 8, “Blitzkrieg,” Aired Jan. 17, 2017 WHOA. That was intense AF. Let’s dive right in. Alpha Nazi. We open with Mr. Douglas and his Nazi creeps. Mr. Douglas (or whatever his real name is) is telling the folks about his plan to recruit an unstoppable army — the army of […]

‘Teen Wolf’: 10 times we didn’t want to punch Theo Raeken

In Season 5, we met the snark-tastic dude known as Theo Raeken. As Stiles predicted, he turned out to be evil. Having killed his sister (as a kid) to become a Chimera, Theo was super tight with the Dread Doctors. He told Scott that he was there for a pack, but what Scott didn’t know […]

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: 41 Thoughts We Had While Watching 4×9, “Broken Promises”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 4, Episode 9, “Broken Promises,” Aired Jan. 11, 2017 1. Creepy robot lady time. I like the robot stuff, but I miss Ghost Rider. (sad face) 2. Poor May! Why did Aida take her? What “purpose” is her substitute serving? 3. See, Mack knows whats up. The robots are always the […]

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: 6×07 “Heartless”

Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 7, “Heartless,” Aired Jan. 10, 2017 On this episode of Supernatural, oh wait, nope! This is Teen Wolf! It just feels like an episode of Supernatural because of Theo’s creepy AF sister crawling down the hallway and ripping his heart out like a million times. Poor Theo keeps waking up […]

‘Teen Wolf’: Mythology of the Ghost Riders

Season 6 of Teen Wolf is in full swing and it’s pretty epic. For the show’s final season, the gang is facing off against a new villain, the Ghost Riders. In the show, the Ghost Riders rode the storm in to Beacon Hills and started taking people. Not only do they take them, they wipe […]

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: 6×06 “Ghosted”

Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 6, “Ghosted,” Aired January 3, 2017 Alright ya’ll, this was a creepy one with a whole lot going on! We caught up with everyone, which is good. Plus, it’s been a while since they gave us a good scare and this episode did just that. So what went down? Let’s […]

Let’s Get Lit!: Kerrie L. Hughes, editor of SHADOWED SOULS

Welcome to the last “Let’s Get Lit!” of 2016, right here on PureFandom.com. Here we will chat with an editor about their work and their favorite nerdy loves! This super cool edition will feature editor extraordinaire, Kerrie L. Hughes! SHADOWED SOULS is a collection of short stories with a dark fantasy twist. The anthology includes a new Dresden […]

‘Teen Wolf’ Remember: The evolution of Stydia

The evolution of Stiles and Lydia’s relationship has been just that, an evolution. They evolved and grew from a very one-sided, nonexistent relationship to where they are now. With Teen Wolf coming to a close, let’s look back at the relationship’s growth over the course of the first 5 seasons and early season 6. Brace yourselves for […]

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: 6×05 “Radio Silence”

Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 5, “Radio Silence,” Aired Dec. 13, 2016 All aboard!!!! Let’s dive right in! Crazy train! We open on a creepy train station! Everyone is sitting and waiting, including that doctor that was in class next to Lydia before. They keep panning over, and it’s STILES! It is so good to […]

‘Supernatural’ recap 12×8 “LOTUS”

Season 12, Episode 8, “LOTUS”, Aired December 8, 2016 Lucifer has hijacked an Archbishop and it’s sort of awesome as he walks down the hall and all of the crosses flip. He doesn’t last long in that vessel and leaves a bunch of bodies in his wake. Yikes. Lucifer is looking for power and influence […]

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: 49 Thoughts I Had While Watching 4×8, “The Laws of Inferno Dynamics”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 4, Episode 8, “The Laws of Inferno Dynamics,” Aired Dec. 7, 2016 1. Oh, no. It’s Eli! He’s running with the China Town Crew now but they don’t seem to like him very much. 2. He filled him lungs with diamonds? That’s messed up. Do you think the other thugs grabbed […]

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: 6×04 “Relic”

Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 4, “Relic,” Aired Dec. 6, 2016 Worst first date ever. We open with our valiant and amazing Mr. Argent. He is out hunting something spooky in the woods when he is joined by Melissa McCall. (YAY!) She is armed with a stun gun and some band-aids. They find some dead […]

10 perfect gifts every ‘Teen Wolf’ fan will love

Ho-Ho Howlllll! Looking for the perfect gift for that Teen Wolf fan in your life? Look no further! And hey, even if you don’t have a Teen Wolf fan on your gift list this year, you can grab some rad swag for yourself! Check it out! 1. Any fan will go crazy for this McCall […]

‘Gilmore Girls’: 20 Great Jess Mariano Gifs

There are some Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life spoilers within, so if you didn’t watch it, DO IT NOW. Also, what are you doing with your life?! Go binge it and then come back! For those of you that did watch, you already know that we didn’t get nearly enough Jess Mariano in the revival. […]