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Madeline is a college student majoring in journalism with a minor in broadcasting. When she isn't writing for Hollywood News Source, Talk Nerdy With Us or her college's paper, she's drinking too much coffee and probably fangirling over Captain Swan. She also likes to watch Hallmark movies and mercilessly rewatches 'Once Upon a Time'.

Emma Swan’s best scenes in ‘Once Upon a Time’

We take a look at the best of Emma Swan throughout the series. With season 7 on the horizon, we will not be seeing our Savior anymore. Well, besides the one episode Jennifer Morrison promised to be in. (Fingers crossed for more though!) In honor of a character who we will miss dearly, I have […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ season 6 finale recap: “The Final Battle”

Once Upon a Time season finale recap: Season 6, Episode 21 & 22, “The Final Battle,” Aired May 14, 2017 Well Oncers, we have completed the journey of our original adventure. The final battle took place tonight, and the finale was exactly how a finale should be. I cried, I screamed and I realized that this […]

A farewell to our favorite ‘Once Upon a Time’ characters

It was announced that Once Upon a Time will have a new season in the fall. However, with that news, we have also received official statements from cast members who will not be embarking on a new adventure. Those cast members being Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Rebecca Mader, Emilie de Ravin and Jared Gilmore. And, […]

A swan song to Emma Swan

Monday morning I awoke to my Twitter mentions and dms filled with frantic followers linking me to Jennifer Morrison’s Instagram account. I had opened the link, still on cloud nine from the musical/wedding episode. I was expecting to see an announcement of season 7, but what I read made me drop my phone and rub […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ 6×20 recap: “The Song in Your Heart”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 5 Episode 20, “The Song in Your Heart,” aired May 7, 2017. I was able to watch this episode Wednesday night, so I am so happy I can finally talk about it! It’s the episode we have all been eagerly anticipating: the musical/ Captain Swan wedding. As a very […]

Our ‘Once Upon a Time’ musical and wedding wish list

The most magical of all weddings is coming to Storybrooke this upcoming Sunday. That’s right, Emma and Hook are tying the knot and finally making it official. Besides the pending nuptials, we’re also getting some singing and dancing from our favorite characters. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. So in honor of the […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ 6×19 recap: “The Black Fairy”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 6 Episode 19, “The Black Fairy”, aired April 30, 2017. Well this was an intense episode to say the least. To be honest, I had not been expecting much. I assumed it would be a filler episode between the musical next weekend (yay!), but I was pleasantly surprised. Turns […]

10 magically iconic ‘Once Upon a Time’ episodes

Over the last 6 seasons, Once Upon a Time has thrilled fans with the nostalgia of our favorite fairy tales, the concept of hope, complex and interesting characters and some pretty kick ass ships if I do say so myself. Which I do. In honor of, you know my love for this show, I have compiled […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ 6×18 recap: “Where Bluebirds Fly”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 6, Episode 18 “Where Bluebirds Fly” aired April 23, 2017. I would be lying if I said I didn’t kind of die of fangirl feels last night. Mostly due to the Captain Swan opening scene. Besides that, it’s always good to see Zelena attempting to stay on the side […]

A Storybrooke wedding: Most romantic Captain Swan moments

The wedding bells are soon to be ringing for Emma and Hook on Once Upon a Time. And if you haven’t heard, the two will be making it official on May 7  during the musical episode. Fingers crossed for a Captain Swan duet because I will just cry my eyes out. In honor of my […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ 6×17 recap: “Awake”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 6, Episode 17, “Awake” aired April 16, 2017. Oh my gosh, guys…This episode was absolutely brilliant and made me feel so nostalgic. It was the perfect blend of flashbacks, solutions and romance. Speaking of solutions, the Charmings are finally awake! And, you know, Emma and Hook got engaged again, […]

An Evil Queen turned hero: Regina Mills

A little secret…when I began watching Once Upon a Time, Regina Mills was my favorite character. I am a fan of villains, and Regina was just so complex and interesting. Obviously through the seasons my shift of favorite characters has shifted, but Regina still is awesome. Her sass speaks to me. Her love for Henry […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ 6×16 recap: “Mother’s Little Helper”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 6, episode 16, “Mother’s Little Helper” aired April 9, 2017. Wow. This was definitely in my top three favorite episodes of season 6. No, we did not get a Captain Swan reunion, but I guess I’ll overlook that because this episode was a stroke of genius. We learned all […]

The most charming of them all: David Nolan

Up until season 6, I never paid much attention to David’s character. I think I was too invested in Hook and Emma to even notice another character. However, I’m annoyed at myself that I never appreciated David up until this season because he’s a really solid character. In fact, he’s one of those characters where […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ 6×15 recap: “A Wondrous Place”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 6, Episode 15, “A Wondrous Place” Aired April 2, 2017. I thought that I wouldn’t like this episode because the whole Emma-Hook situation, but I love being pleasantly surprised! It was refreshing to see some familiar faces back in play. Also, this episode was all about teamwork with tons of sass in […]