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Madeline is a college student majoring in journalism with a minor in broadcasting. When she isn't writing for Hollywood News Source, Talk Nerdy With Us or her college's paper, she's drinking too much coffee and probably fangirling over Captain Swan. She also likes to watch Hallmark movies and mercilessly rewatches 'Once Upon a Time'.

‘Once Upon a Time’ series finale: “Leaving Storybrooke”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 22, “Leaving Storybrooke,” aired May 18, 2018. Okay, I can explain the delay in this article. I needed time to digest the episode, as this is the last time I will ever recap for this fandom, and that’s simply too much to take in. Plus, after the episode, […]

Au revior, ‘Once Upon a Time’: Why we’ll miss it

*This post will be a bit more on the somber side and probably not as light-hearted as I write because I’m saying goodbye to my favorite show* As I sit here typing this, I am totally in denial that Once Upon a Time is ending in a mere 24 hours or so. Seven seasons. 155 episodes. Several […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ ships: Scenes that made us swoon

Once Upon a Time is one of those shows were there’s a ship for everyone. With that comes many swoon-worthy moments between these canon couples. For some, you may swoon over everything your ship does. For example, Captain Swan could literally just be standing there, and I’d be like “they’re so cute and perfect.” Captain Swan […]

Our go-to ‘Once Upon a Time’ episodes

We all have those episodes of your favorite show where you can watch multiple times and not get sick of them. Once Upon a Time has multiple episodes that have become my go-to episodes when I’m feeling sad, happy or annoyed. No matter the mood, OUAT has got my back! They will be episodes I can go […]

The fairest of ‘Once Upon a Time’ moments

The story may be ending, but that doesn’t mean Once Upon a Time has to be forgotten. Seven seasons, 155 episodes, countless moments we’ll always remember. A show about hope and love, it has given the fandom so much. We see ourselves in these characters; our hearts have broken alongside these characters; we have watched stories play […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ part I finale: “Homecoming”

We are heading into the final hour of Once Upon a Time. I am a mess; this season flew by. Part 1 is just the beginning of defeating the final big bad, but it won’t be easy. It was so fun seeing some of the old villains and heroes in this episode. Nostalgia at its finest. A […]

3 ‘Once Upon a Time’ arcs that we LOVE

We all have our favorite season or half of a season for a show. With Once Upon a Time, we have been lucky to get many arcs and seasons. In fact, it’s hard for me to just pick the top 3 arcs that I enjoyed, but “I love a challenge.” If anyone got that reference, you win. […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×20: “Is This Henry Mills?”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 20 “Is This Henry Mills?,” aired May 4, 2018. Guys, this episode was WILD and crazy, and I am all kinds of confused. Things are starting to come to a close now that the curse is finally broken and Gothel is dead. However, it wouldn’t be Once Upon a […]

‘Once Upon a Time’s’ best ships ranked

Throughout the seven-year run of Once Upon a Time, viewers have been graced with a wide array of ships, both romantic and friendship ones. There’s a ship for anybody in the fandom. From Captain Swan, to Captain Charming, to newer ships like Mad Archer, the show has crafted pairings in such a fun and captivating way. In […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×19 recap: “Flower Child”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 19 “Flower Child,” aired April 27, 2018. Okay, let me preface this by saying this wasn’t my favorite episode ever. Put down the tomatoes, you guys. They can’t all be winners. But it’s not shocking considering this episode was centered around the least likable character to ever exist in […]

How ‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×04 changed my mind on Rumbelle

Over the course of Once Upon a Time, I have never labeled myself as a Rumbelle shipper. And it’s not just because I have a one-ship per show philosophy. Is that such a thing? It should be. I never felt connected to Rumple and Belle because I never really could make excuses for Rumple’s behavior that affected […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×18 recap: “The Guardian”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 18 “The Guardian,” aired April 20, 2018. This episode gave me so many Rumbelle feels, and I’m not even that big of a fan of them. So if they could stop hitting me with these feels, that would be really great. Also, we found out who the Guardian […]

‘Timeless’ is the must show to watch

I’ll admit, when I first started watching Timeless, I was surprised by how welcoming and positive the fanbase was. I mean, to raise a show from the dead is crazy powerful, which shows a huge dedication from the fans. I decided to watch it because so much of my Twitter timeline was all about it, and I […]

‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×17 recap: “Chosen”

Once Upon a Time recap: Season 7, Episode 17, “Chosen,” aired April 13, 2018. Lana Parrilla made her directorial debut for a Zelena centric episode! At last, we meet Zelena’s fiance, but we also uncover another aspect of her dark past. And let’s not forget there’s a murderer on the loose in Hyperion that has his […]

‘Once Upon a Time’: Celebrating our favorite Savior’s birthday

We’re celebrating Jennifer Morrison’s birthday at Pure Fandom! In honor of the day, here are some gifs of JMO playing our favorite Savior, Emma Swan. Who doesn’t love Jen playing Dark Swan? Look how menacing and twisted she was. Totally rocking those curls! A little throwback to season 1 Emma because why not? The Emma […]