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A lover of words and moving pictures, I'm a fangirl from way back. Seriously—I grew up watching Daytime TV from my granny's knee. It was Knots Landing over Dynasty, and BtVS over pretty much everything else. I watch entirely too much television and am quite happy sitting in an empty movie theater on a rainy day. And if we’re talking bromances, there's no bromance quite like the Winchesters. Cort has been writing since she can remember and podcasting for nearly 10 years with @bradzb. Be sure to check us out our "Brad and Cort Talk" interviews and recaps. Also, join in the conversation over at our "Brad and Cort Talk" FB group.

‘Outlander’: Our top 7 moments of 3×02, “Surrender”

Outlander, ep 3×02, “Surrender” aired on Sept 17, 2017 If you’re a huge fan of Jamie and Claire’s love story, you’ve likely been gutted since the moment the couple said their goodbyes at Craigh na Dun last season. That and you’re waiting impatiently for the inevitable moment when the two lovers will see each other […]

‘Outlander’ season 3 premiere recap: 3×01 “The Battle Joined”

Outlander season 3 premiere recap: Season 3, Episode 1, “The Battle Joined,” Aired Sept 10, 2017 After months and months and MONTHS of waiting, the Droughtlander has officially ended. Claire and Jamie have returned in tonight’s season premiere, “The Battle Joined”. If you have not watched the episode, please be advised that this recap will contain […]

The fandom has spoken and Operation “Save Dark Matter” is in full effect

Oh, Raza Crew. I go away for vacay and come home to the horrible, no good news that our beloved show has been canceled. It wasn’t down to ratings or even social media presence. According to series creator, Joseph Mallozzi, Dark Matter is considered one of Syfy’s most watched shows of 2017. Still, our show has been […]

‘Dark Matter’ recap: Season 3 Finale, Ep 3×13 “Nowhere to Go”

Dark Matter, Ep 3×13, “Nowhere to Go” aired on August 25, 2017 Holy Fraggle Rock, people!!! Did you just see..did they just? Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the writers pull out a finale that leaves you reeling. What could possibly top the season ending with our crew captured by the GA or […]

‘Dark Matter’ recap: The end is nigh in Ep 3×12, “My Final Gift to You”

Dark Matter, Ep 3×12, “My Final Gift to You” aired on August 18, 2017 This recap will contain some major spoilers for tonight’s all new episode. I’m just putting it out there up front just in case. So read on with that in mind because of some MAJOR things went down in this season’s penultimate […]

‘Dark Matter’ recap: Jaw-dropping revelations in Ep 3×10, “Built, Not Born”

Dark Matter, Ep 3×10, “Built, Not Born” aired on August 4, 2017 You guys!! After last week’s fun romp back to 2017 things took a few dark turns in this week’s episode. This was an episode for multiple revelations and “What the what?” screeches of dismay/delight. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want this […]

‘Dark Matter’ recap: The Raza lands on Terra Prime in Ep 3×09, “Isn’t That a Paradox?”

Dark Matter, episode 3×09, “Isn’t That a Paradox?” aired on Jul 28, 2017 Welcome to the neighborhood, gang! Last week ended with the Blink Drive sending out an electrical blast that knocked out everyone on board. This week’s episode, “Isn’t That a Paradox?” picks up with the crew awakening to a whole new reality. Instead of […]

‘Dark Matter’ recap: The enemy among them in ep 3×08, “Hot Chocolate”

Dark Matter, episode 3×08, “Hot Chocolate” aired on July 21, 2017 Hitting play on this week’s episode, I was fairly certain that this would be an Android-centric episode. Last season, Two and Android had that great moment of bonding over hot chocolate and it was just their thing. I kept wondering if the title meant […]

‘Dark Matter’ recap: Ep 2×07 “Wish I Could Believe You”

Dark Matter, Ep 2×07, “Wish I Could Believe You” aired on July 14, 2017 We’re just inching closer and closer to the end of season three and I’m totally not ready. Last week we saw Two and Threes doubles and this week it’s all fun and Inception-level mind games for Six. At the end of last […]

‘Dark Matter’ recap: Seeing double in EP 3×06, “One More Card to Play”

Dark Matter, ep 3×06, “One More Card to Play” aired on July 7, 2017 Remember that time that our favorite crew punched a hole in space and ended up meeting their doppelgangers? One amazing thing about this show is how the writers can yank on a loose thread from season’s past. A thread that most of […]

Dark Matter 3×04 recap: Three’s no good, never-ending day in, “All the Time in the World”

Dark Matter recap 3×04, “All the Time in the World” aired on June 23, 2017 Poor Three has all the time in the world and he couldn’t be more miserable. Our crew gets stuck in one heck of a temporal loop. Initially, Three is the only individual on the ship who is aware of the continuing anomaly. […]

‘American Gods’ recap: Did ep 1×08, “Come to Jesus” make you a believer?

American Gods, ep 1×08, “Come to Jesus” aired on June 18, 2017 Now that’s how you start a war. Last night, Starz’s freshman series capped off a beautifully rendered season of elegant storytelling with one helluva exclamation point. Did “Come to Jesus” make a believer of you? Up ’til now the Old Gods have done […]

‘Dark Matter’ recap: ep 3×03, “Welcome to the Revolution”

 Dark Matter, episode 3×03, “Welcome to the Revolution” aired on June 16th Taking a break from their continued strife with former crew member, Ryo/Four, Raza’s crew gets pulled into someone else’s troubles this time around. Two and the others land at a mining colony where they are expected to see their old pal, Talbor. Turns […]

‘American Gods’ recap: Ep 1×07, “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney”

American Gods, episode 1×07, “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney” aired June 11, 2017 The season’s penultimate episode, “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney” switched gears this week and took a different approach. This Ibis had a “Coming to America” story to tell that actually linked to one of our favorite supernaturals. Our mighty, ginger leprechaun, Mad Sweeney. […]

‘Dark Matter’ Season 3 Premiere recap: Raza’s crew has returned and they’re as badass as ever!

Dark Matter Season 3 Premiere aired two episodes on June 9, 2017 Syfy’s hit series, Dark Matter returned tonight for a two-hour premiere of the all new season. Things looked pretty murky for every member of the crew when season two ended last year. Four took a walk on the dark side and went full on Darth […]