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Jordy is a college student majoring in English literature and minoring in communications studies. When she isn't attending concerts, she's watching way too much TV for her own good and fangirling over Captain Swan. Jordy is a self-proclaimed optimist and bookworm, and she's a sucker for fantasy, superheroes, and good old-fashioned villains.

‘Doctor Who’ recap: 10×10 “The Eaters of Light”

Doctor Who recap: Season 10, Episode 10, “The Eaters of Light,” Aired June 17, 2017 This week we ventured to ancient Scotland. Nardole sported a bright orange robe, The Doctor and Bill settled an intellectual dispute, and Bill learned about the TARDIS translation matrix. Also, there was no mention of Rory – how disappointing. Regardless of […]

‘Doctor Who’ recap: 10×09 “Empress of Mars”

Doctor Who recap: Season 10, Episode 9, “Empress of Mars,” Aired June 10, 2017 Happy Saturday, Whovians! Tonight’s episode, written by Mark Gatiss, had a friendly Ice Warrior butler, feminist bonding, and a classic Who reference. After a huge three-part story, this episode was largely standalone. Here are our top takeaways from “Empress of Mars.” […]

‘Doctor Who’ recap: 10×08 “The Lie of the Land”

Doctor Who recap: Season 10, Episode 8, “The Lie of the Land,” Aired June 3, 2017 Hello! Jordy here, standing in for resident Whovian Tamar, who is hopefully having the best time on her vacation. Tonight’s episode has gotten mixed reviews since it aired in the UK, but I certainly enjoyed it. Here are our highlights […]

8 Reasons why you should binge watch ‘Merlin’ on Netflix

It’s hard to talk to fangirls and fanboys today without hearing at least one mention of BBC’s Merlin. Perhaps you’ve wanted to watch it but just needed that extra push to actually make yourself do it. We’ve all been there. Take this as your sign. Here’s a list of some of the many, many reasons Merlin […]