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Jordy is a college student majoring in English literature and minoring in communications studies. When she isn’t attending concerts, she’s watching way too much TV for her own good and fangirling over Captain Swan. Jordy is a self-proclaimed optimist and bookworm, and she’s a sucker for fantasy, superheroes, and good old-fashioned villains.

‘Gotham’ fall finale recap: 4×11 “Queen Takes Knight”

Gotham fall finale recap: Season 4, Episode 11, “Queen Takes Knight,” Aired Dec 7, 2017 It’s a Falcone family reunion on this weeks Gotham. Don Falcone returns, and loyalties are tested from the GCPD, to Penguin’s lackeys, to the Falcone gang. There are power struggles, from Sofia controlling the entire city, to Jim and Penguin and […]

‘Gotham’ recap: 4×10 “Things That Go Boom”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 10, “Things That Go Boom,” Aired Nov 30, 2017 You know things are going to be good when the episode opens with a murder via vinyl record in Arkham prison. That’s right, Pyg is still making trouble, even from prison. But life goes on in Gotham. Penguin has officially declared Sofia […]

‘Gotham’ recap: 4×09 “Let Them Eat Pie”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 09, “Let Them Eat Pie,” Aired Nov 16, 2017 GotHAM returns! Professor Pyg ruins pie for us, right in time for Thanksgiving. Although I’m confident that none of us will be partaking in cannibalism next Thursday. While Pyg crashes Sofia’s party, if you recall, Bruce has been doing some partying of […]

‘Gotham’ recap: 4×08 “Stop Hitting Yourself”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 08, “Stop Hitting Yourself,” Aired Nov 9, 2017 The crowd at Cherry’s chants “stop hitting yourself” as Grundy beats his latest challenger with his own arm, freshly torn from the socket. Apparently, that move has become something of a trademark for Grundy, and it’s easy to get swept up in the […]

‘Gotham’ recap: 4×07 “A Day in the Narrows”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 07, “A Day in the Narrows,” Aired Nov 2, 2017 The Narrows: The poorest of the poor, the hardest of the hard. What delivery person doesn’t get suspicious when there’s red oozing down the side of their deliveries? Apparently, the ones in Gotham. Professor Pyg is on a roll in this […]

‘Gotham’ recap: 4×06 “Hog Day Afternoon”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 06, “Hog Day Afternoon,” Aired Oct 26, 2017 This week’s episode was perfectly timed to air less than a week before Halloween. I’m tempted to get a severed pig head mask and wear it around on Tuesday. The introduction of Professor Pyg is not something I expected this season, but they […]

‘Gotham’ recap: 4×05 “The Blade’s Path”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 05, “The Blade’s Path,” Aired Oct 19, 2017 This episode was classic Gotham. Jim and Harvey yelled at each other but are still undoubtedly best friends. Jim and Alfred argued and agreed behind Bruce’s back, and Bruce snuck out anyway. We all need an Alfred to give advice and keep us […]

‘Gotham’ recap: 4×04 “The Demon’s Head”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 04, “The Demon’s Head,” Aired Oct 12, 2017 This episode was written by Ben McKenzie! That’s right – our very own Jim Gordon wrote tonight’s episode. And he delivered. There was a dogman named Anubis (who is the stuff of nightmares), and – in a particularly entertaining scene – Nygma sent […]

‘Gotham’ recap: 4×03 “They Who Hide Behind Masks”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 03, “They Who Hide Behind Masks,” Aired Oct 5, 2017 What’s green and red and goes round and round? The answer is at the bottom of this recap. This week gave us backstory, a secret from Falcone, two love plots no one asked for, the return of The Riddler (sort of), […]

‘Gotham’ recap: 4×02 “The Fear Reaper”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 02, “The Fear Reaper,” Aired Sept 28, 2017 This episode brings us one step closer to Batman and Poison Ivy, but the Scarecrow is keeping us busy until then. Jonathan Crane and Penguin both provoke Gordon, who is definitely rubbing off on Bruce because the both of them keep being numbskulls […]

Why we’re excited for the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time”

Whovians, we are officially three months away from this year’s Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time.” It has already been a long hiatus, but the promise of a great Christmas special is keeping us going. Here are just a handful of reasons we’re ready for the holiday season to come around already. Two Doctors This […]

‘Will’ season finale recap: 1×10, “Once, Bright Angel”

Will season finale recap: Season 1, Episode 10, “Once, Bright Angel,” Aired September 4, 2017 The season finale was full of triumph, vengeance, excitement, and nerves. There was a heroic breakout from Topcliffe’s prison, an inspirational pep talk among the players, an emotional revelation for Marlowe, and Presto’s acting debut. On my part, there was nail […]

‘Will’ recap: 1×09, “Play the Devil”

Will recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “Play the Devil,” Aired August 28, 2017 The title of the episode comes from Richard III, in a completely appropriate quote for the events of the show: “And thus I clothe my naked villainy. With odd old ends stol’n forth of holy writ, And seem a saint when most I […]

‘Will’ recap: 1×08, “Your Houses”

Will recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “Your Houses,” Aired August 21, 2017 This episode contained public beheadings, questionable alliances, a chat with a fictional character, and an outbreak. Just when things started looking up, we were all knocked down. But what were we expecting from an episode with the opening quote, “a plague on both your […]

‘The Defenders’ review

Season 1 of The Defenders is available on Netflix August 18. Fair warning: This review will not be entirely spoiler-free, but I will keep spoilers to a minimum. Read at your own risk. The Defenders is a textbook Netflix Marvel show. It has everything we’ve grown to expect from these shows, including plenty of street fights, […]