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Christine's interest in writing began with fan fiction, producing stories based on her favorite fandoms and 'ships. She holds a B.S. in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. While attending conventions, you can find her cosplaying as her favorite characters. She spends her spare time at Disneyland in her native California.

The 4 best moments from the new ‘Inhumans’ trailer

Breaking down the best moments from the new one-minute preview of Marvel’s Inhumans. The red carpet premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans was held in Los Angeles, California on Monday, where the cast and crew and fans alike viewed the much-anticipated first two episodes of its freshman season on IMAX. Refreshingly, initial reactions from those in attendance […]

15 Disney films to watch on Netflix before they leave for good

Disney is pulling all of its films from Netflix to launch its own streaming service, which means one thing: time to binge. Walt Disney Studios has announced its intent to remove its titles from Netflix.  Disney plans to launch its own streaming service in 2019. Don’t freak out just yet because every title under Pixar […]

My goodbye letter to the Disney Electrical Parade

(The Disney Electrical Parade is coming to an end at Disneyland Park and our Disney expert, Christine Cenon, has written a goodbye letter to the magical event.)   Saying goodbye to the iconic Disney parade that had made my life magical. (Please, play the soundtrack to the Disney Electrical Parade, below, whilst reading this.) Dear […]

10 best scenes from Disney Channel’s ‘High School Musical 2’

A look back at the sequel to the Disney Channel phenomenon, that had brought musicals back to prominence. With the recent premiere and success of Descendants 2, I thought that it was only appropriate to pay tribute to High School Musical 2—the once global phenomenon, in which Disney Channel had replicated the Descendants’ triumph. Whether […]

A full guide to the biggest news revealed at Disney’s D23 Expo

Thanks to Disney, the upcoming years are going to be epic. Disney’s D23 Expo is over, and what a ride it was! Below is an outlined recap of the weekend’s presentations in the grand Hall D23. To those who were fortunate enough to snag a seat for all/any of the presentations (one of those being […]

10 Classic Disney movies to binge-watch this summer

#NowWatching: my entire Disney childhood. July is here and, regrettably, that only means that the season of summer is close to its end.  If you are similar to myself, you have plenty on your to-do list before the season disappears (the upcoming D23 Expo, on my own list!). But, if on any given day, you fancy […]

5 times Disney gave us unrealistic expectations about life

I used to pretend that I was Princess Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and I would comb my hair with a fork.  I did not get far with that one. It is safe to say that a lot of us are fans of Disney.  But we must admit that their films have been congested with […]

Why Disney desperately needs a Marvel Studios Land in every park

Marvel Studios is the only Disney entertainment/mass media subsidiary without a themed land in its line of theme parks and vacation resorts, and it is past time that they did. (Disclaimer: I love Guardians of the Galaxy, okay?) As a California native, I have taken countless trips to the Disneyland Resort.  I will forever love […]

5 Disney animated films that need live action adaptations

Disney films that deserve the remake treatment. The Walt Disney Company’s decision in resurrecting their classic animations as live action films remains a hit-or-miss with audiences, even with its popularity surging in recent years. While some approve of the practice, others conclude that classics should not be expurgated (let alone, touched), for they are classics […]