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Brad and Cort are a podcasting duo that have been recording with each other for years. Join them as they talk about various shows each week providing insight and interviews with cast members. Be sure to check out their written articles here on Pure Fandom as well.

‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×03, “Love Bites”

Van Helsing, Ep 2×03, “Love Bites” aired on October 19, 2017 Welcome back, Helsingers! Tonight’s episodes was a definite kick in the heart. Oh, the things we do in the name of love. We finally learn more about Julius backstory. Who he was before Dmitri turned him and we finally get a firm answer on his connection to […]

Netflix Original ‘1922’: Brad and Cort Talk with Kaitlyn Bernard

The season of scares is upon us and Netflix has a little something special for us that is coming up.  On October 20th an original film adaption of Stephen King’s 1922 will be released by the streaming service. Recently, Brad and Cort had a chance to chat with the Kaitlyn Bernard who can be seen alongside Thomas Jane and Molly Parker, […]

‘Channel Zero: No-End House’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×05, “The Damage”

Channel Zero: No-End House, Ep 2×05, “The Damage” aired on 10/18/2017 Welcome back, Martians. Tonight’s penultimate episode was as crazy as ever. The girls successfully escaped the house, but it wasn’t quite done with them. Desperate for his next meal and continued connection with Margot, the Father escaped the No End House and into the real […]

‘Riverdale’: Brad and Cort Talk That S2 Premiere, “A Kiss Before Dying”

Riverdale: Season 2, Episode 1, “Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying,” Aired October 11, 2017 We waited all summer, but the show has finally returned. Welcome back to Riverdale, Bulldogs and River Vixens. The show came back with a whole new mystery for our gang to wrap their inquisitive minds around. The show picked up […]

Netflix’s ‘The Babysitter’: Brad and Cort Talk to composer, Douglas Pipes

Tis the season for something good and spooky. Netflix has just the thing with McG’s latest horror-comedy, The Babysitter. The film stars Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving, Robbie Amell and Bella Thorne. Recently, Brad and Cort had a chance to chat with the musical genius setting the tone for it all, Douglas Pipes (Trick ‘R Treat). Pipes […]

‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’: Brad and Cort Talk Season 2 with Amitai Marmorstein

BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency finally returns this weekend for an all-new season. Amitai Marmorstein joins the series as Blackwing Lieutenant Assistant. Listen in as Brad and Cort chat with the actor about his character and some changes from what we last saw in S1. Amitai’s previous credits include Wayward Pines, The Magicians, and he has several […]

‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×02, “In Redemption”

Van Helsing, Ep 2×02, “In Redemption” aired on October 12, 2017 Welcome back, Helsingers! With a title like that, you just knew that Doc (Rukiya Bernard) had to come into play. After her fears cost Axel his life, there just had to be a way that she could make amends. Color us surprised and hella happy […]

‘Channel Zero: No-End House’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×04, “The Exit”

Channel Zero: No-End House, Ep 2×04, “The Exit” aired on 10/11/2017 Welcome back, Martians. The end is neigh. After tonight’s episode, we’ve got two more episode in this creeptastic season. The episode ends with Jules and Margot successfully making their way through the actual exit. We think. We hope. Our girls have had one trauma after […]

‘Van Helsing’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk ep 2×01, “Began Again”

Van Helsing, Ep 2×01, “Began Again” aired on October 5, 2017 Welcome back, Helsingers! Our favorite vampire apocalypse has begun again and it’s bloody amazing. Last season, Vanessa made a devastating discovery about her daughter’s fate and the show picks up where things left off. To say that she’s still salty about Mohamad’s betrayal. Speaking of […]

‘Channel Zero: No-End House’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×03, “Beware the Cannibals”

Channel Zero: No-End House, Ep 2×03, “Beware the Cannibals” aired on 10/4/2017 Welcome back, Martians. The show as not joking with the graffiti that JD spotted upon first entering the No-End House. Someone warned all who entered, “Beware the Cannibals” and now we’re wondering who did that and why the house left it there. No biggie, […]

‘Van Helsing’ exclusive interview: Brad and Cort Talk vampires with Andrea Ware

Brad and Cort welcome new Van Helsing cast member, Andrea Ware (Dirk Gently). Ware joins the supernatural series as badass Lucky. Listen in as she talks about the experience of auditioning for the role. Plus, she teases a bit of Season 2 and what to expect from her character. Hit play and find out what iconic badass Ware […]

‘Channel Zero: No-End House’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk Ep 2×02, “Nice Neighborhood”

Channel Zero: No-End House season 2 premiere recap: Season 2, Episode 2, “Nice Neighborhood”, Aired on Sept. 27, 2017 Welcome back, Martians! Brad and Cort are back to dive into this weeks episode now that everyone has left room 5 things have taken a turn for the worst. Jules and Margot realize they’re still in the No-End House but […]

Brad and Cort Talk podcast recap: ‘Channel Zero: No-End House’ season 2 premiere recap

Channel Zero: No-End House season 2 premiere recap: Season 2, Episode 1, “This Isn’t Real”, Aired on Sept. 20, 2017 Welcome back, Martians! Join Brad and Cort as they get creeped the hell out as Syfy’s creepypasta anthology returns with a new tale. Best friends, Margot and Jules get more than they bargained for when they […]

[Preview]: Brad and Cort Talk Syfy’s ‘Channel Zero: No-End House’

This week, Syfy’s “creepypasta” series returns with a second installment of creepy goodness. Channel Zero: No-End House is set to premiere on Wednesday, Sept 20th. Just so there’s no confusion, this will be a completely different tale from last year’s installment, Channel Zero: Candle Cove.  Listen in as Brad and Cort briefly discuss the nature of “creepypasta” tales and […]

‘Wynonna Earp’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk 2×11, “Gone As a Girl Can Get”

Wynonna Earp, Ep 2×11, “Gone As a Girl Can Get” aired on August 18, 2017 Oh, Wynnona where art thou? That was the question on our lips after last week’s episode left us with a disappeared Wynonna Earp and Doc stuck in that well. For the most part, this episode was all about Team BBD and […]