Home Horror ‘The Mist’ recap: Episode 1×04, “Pequod”
‘The Mist’ recap: Episode 1×04, “Pequod”

‘The Mist’ recap: Episode 1×04, “Pequod”


The Mist recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “Pequod”, Aired Jul. 13, 2017

Wow, this was the week of exiling and singling people out. Pack mentality is setting in, and it doesn’t bode well for some. For a video recap of last week, click here!

The Mist recap
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Always running

Our Mistriders (that’s what I’m calling Kevin’s group) don’t get far before Kevin trips over a body. This is why we don’t run, people. They get to the vehicle and Adrian hands Connor’s gun to Mia so she can shoot the door open. Connor’s probably going to be mad about that.

When Mia tries to hot wire the car, nothing happens. Great, so they’re stuck in the mist inside a car that won’t start. They decide to run for it. Wonderful idea. Running into the mist has worked so well in the past.

The Mist recap
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They make it to a gas station as someone pulls up. Kevin goes on the defensive as the man has a gas mask and gun, but is quickly revealed to be a friend. He has a son in Eve’s class, who he’s looking for. He hands the group a picture, asking if they’ve seen him. The boy is who Kevin tripped over earlier, but he says he’s never seen him. Then he glares at the others, demanding they say the same. Oh, Kevin, always trying to protect everyone.

Always be prepared

Clay tells Kevin there aren’t many cars working and they died at the same time. The only reason his works is because it’s from an extremely paranoid man who wanted to prevent aliens from controlling his vehicle. I mean, he was probably crazy, but he wasn’t wrong either.

Kevin asks Clay to take them to the mall, but he says he needs to find his son. Hmm, maybe lying was a bad idea.


Mia doesn’t agree with lying to Clay and is forced to tell the truth in an attempt to get a ride. Clearly not a good idea as things escalate and Clay threatens them with his gun. Bryan tries to stop him and ends up getting shot. Clay swears he didn’t mean to and agrees to give them his vehicle as he goes to find his son’s body alone. That didn’t go the way I thought it was going to.

Distraction tactics

Our Mall Mayor decides to distract everyone from their panic of what’s going on outside with some games. Aww, Gus, you’re so sweet! I almost forgot the end of the world was happening outside! As games are passed around, Alex and Jay have a tense filled moment. I hope they figure out what happened at the party because I like them together. I think Jay is innocent.


Alex takes Shelley’s daughter Lila to the bookstore to read her one of Kevin’s books as Eve gets together with Shelley to drink wine and talk about Kevin. Why are they bothering with glasses? It’s the apocalypse! If ever there was a time to drink from the bottle, it’s now! Eve admits that she blames Kevin for what happened to Alex. Kevin is fighting hell and high mist to get to you, woman!


Our mall stooges decide to use a harpoon gun to get the soldiers back inside. They get one in without incident, but the second gets stuck. So Ted follows the line to get it. Seriously?! I no longer have words. Ted’s body is soon being thrown through the door as the mist comes in. So now it’s in the mall. In the bookstore no less. Great.


Alex grabs Lila and runs, but they come face to face with a black mass coming out of the mist. The girls end up separated and trapped inside the bookstore. Jay finds out Alex is in trouble and tries to get to her as Eve and Shelley arrive. But all they can do is watch as the thing sucks the life out of Lila. Alex comes face to face with it next, but nothing happens. Jay spots her and gets her out of the store.

When asked about what happened, Alex says she fought. Something seems amiss there. But there’s no time to focus on it as the group votes on throwing Vic out of the mall. Unfortunately, majority says he’s gotta go. They provide him with his belongings and a baseball bat as protection before exiling him.

Pure madness

Nathalie seems to be losing it as she crawls across the floor. She says she’s looking for something, but doesn’t know what. Okay then. You do you, Nathalie. She isn’t the only one losing it as Father Romanov thinks what’s happening is judgement day. He also feels he’ll be able to save everyone. Um, okay. Nathalie says she doesn’t need his help because the moth is her friend. What is happening?!

The Mist recap
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Nathalie is convinced a spider she finds holds the answers. If you don’t think she can get any weirder, just wait five minutes. Father Romanov tells her to kill the spider but she refuses. His solution is to kill it himself. I think maybe that was a bad idea. Nathalie then shows everyone there are now hundreds of little spiders crawling inside the container. I don’t know what is happening, but I know that’s not okay.

The Mist recap
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We got a special extra this week as show runner Christian Torpe and cast members Frances Conroy and Darren Pettie talk about the moth transformation! Focusing on how it changed Nathalie’s character and her view of the mist. Watch it here!

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