Home Recaps ‘Shadowhunters’ recap: 2×15 “A Problem of Memory”
‘Shadowhunters’ recap: 2×15 “A Problem of Memory”

‘Shadowhunters’ recap: 2×15 “A Problem of Memory”


Shadowhunters recap: Season 2, Episode 15, “A Problem of Memory” aired July 10th, 2017

As a major Simon Lewis fan, I think it’s safe to say that tonight’s episode of Shadowhunters was absolutely heartbreaking. If you didn’t feel anything for Simon before, you definitely do now. The takeaway I got from this episode…is that Simon Lewis deserves better.

Let’s dive in!

Simon hits the club

Still heartbroken over the kiss between Jace and Clary, Simon tries to drown his sorrows at the Hunter’s Moon. Right when he’s about to leave, Quinn shows up and orders them both shots of Plasma. Plasma is apparently some pretty strong stuff and after drinking it down, Quinn takes Simon to a Bleeder Den. Under the influence of the plasma, the last thing Simon remembers is drinking from a girl’s wrist before it all goes black.


Sebastian’s doppleganger

When Sebastian’s cousin Aline comes into town, Sebastian begins to act a little weirder than usual. He runs home and opens his closet to reveal another Sebastian bruised, bloody, and tied up. He demands that this new Sebastian tells him everything he needs to know about his cousin so his actual identity won’t be revealed. The real Sebastian manages to escape and is just inches away from freedom before the imposter stabs and kills him.


The anti foot fetish

After overhearing Luke and Ollie on the phone Simon discovers that Heidi, the girl he fed from at the Bleeder Den, has been killed. Wracked with guilt, he returns to the scene of the crime where Ollie finds and arrests him. Before the two make it to the station, Ollie reveals that the cause of death were wounds on Heidi’s feet. Simon claims that he’s always hated feet even when he was little, and realizes that he isn’t guilty after all. He disappears from the car leaving a very confused Ollie behind.

Simon vs. Quinn

At the Bleeder Den, Simon confronts Quinn upon discovering that he is actually the one who killed Heidi. Simon tells him that he’s going to tell everyone what Quinn did, and Quinn is not liking that idea. In order to stop him, Quinn tries to stake Simon, but Simon is just a little bit quicker. In an act of defense, Simon kills Quinn just as Clary and Luke come rushing in.


Magnus opens up

Magnus has been very clearly struggling ever since the agony rune made him relieve his worst memory. He confesses to Alec that after his found his mother dead by her own hand, his step father blamed him for her suicide. Magnus was so angry that he lashed out with his magic and ended up killing him right then and here. Even though he was just a boy, Magnus still has not forgiven himself for what happened all those years ago.


Climon takes a break

Despite everything that happened between them, Simon reminds Clary about a promise he once made to her. He will always be her friend no matter what. Although he intends to keep his promise, he needs time apart to sort through his feelings. When Clary asked how much time, Simon couldn’t say. It looks like, for now at least, Simon and Clary are done.


Reunited at last

Izzy, Jace, and a small group of Shadowhunters enter a portal in order to transport Valentine to Idris. But when they come out the other side, they discover that Valentine has someone dissapeared. Valentine has actually been portaled to a secret location where Sebastian is awaiting him. Sebastian shifts into a demon-like figure and reveals himself to be Valentine’s true son.


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