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‘Doctor Who’ recap: 10×10 “The Eaters of Light”

‘Doctor Who’ recap: 10×10 “The Eaters of Light”


Doctor Who recap: Season 10, Episode 10, “The Eaters of Light,” Aired June 17, 2017

This week we ventured to ancient Scotland. Nardole sported a bright orange robe, The Doctor and Bill settled an intellectual dispute, and Bill learned about the TARDIS translation matrix. Also, there was no mention of Rory – how disappointing. Regardless of the Last Centurion, the disappearance of the Ninth Legion of the Roman Army is an actual, real-life mystery, so what is the show’s theory of what happened? Let’s break down the episode.

Be afraid of the dark

doctor who recap 10x10 death by scotland

The Doctor and Nardole stumble upon a Roman soldier who appears to have died from complete lack of sunlight. Not only was almost an entire Roman force taken out by darkness, but the crows were speaking; the crows said “dark.” Ominous much? Clearly the death by darkness is more than just a quick jab at Scotland’s weather.

Romans vs. Picts

doctor who recap 10x10 picts vs romans

Surprise, surprise – The Doctor ends up in the middle of two parties at war. As usual, his companion gets stuck with one party, and The Doctor familiarizes himself with the other. Bill finds some of the members of the missing Ninth Legion of the Roman Army. Meanwhile, The Doctor meets the Picts and encounters Kar (the Gatekeeper). Once again, The Doctor must give a rousing pep talk about bravery and cowardice to convince the locals to make up and defeat the beast.

The power of a name

doctor who recap 10x10 kar and the crows

Kar’s self-sacrifice was the incredibly brave action that united the Romans and Picts. Her sacrifice, along with the Roman soldiers standing beside her, defeated the beast. Kar will forever be remembered through the stories of what she’s done, and by the crows, which now squawk “Kar.” It was all very touching, and a much more satisfying resolution than last week’s.

What’s going on with Missy?

doctor who recap 10x10 missy

Missy is the maid of the TARDIS now; The Doctor let her out of the vault so she could do some chores for him. Nardole and Bill have a problem with that reasoning. Honestly, I’m not sure I agree with The Doctor’s decision to let her free either. Additionally, The Doctor introduces her to music and she breaks down into tears. Is she really changing, or is this part of some convoluted plan? I repeat: What is going on with Missy?


Next week’s episode is the beginning of the end. With only two episodes left this season, we’ll finally learn what’s up with Missy, and we’ll finally encounter those classic Cybermen we were promised. On top of that, we have yet to run into John Simm as The Master this season. Missy/The Master mixed with Cybermen sounds a lot like the two-part finale of season 8, so we’ll have to see how Moffat changes things up.

Next week:

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