Home Recaps ‘iZombie’ recap episode 3×11 “Conspiracy Weary”
‘iZombie’ recap episode 3×11 “Conspiracy Weary”

‘iZombie’ recap episode 3×11 “Conspiracy Weary”


iZombie recap “Conspiracy Weary” Aired June 13th, 2017 on The CW

Things start off intense this week and they only escalate as the episode goes on! We’re heading towards a major confrontation and the lines are being drawn.


The victim

Meal of the week : Bo Johns

Cause of death : Gunned down by Chase Graves and his men

After forcing each other to go ‘full-zombie’, Liv and Blaine break in to where Harley Johns and some other truthers are holding Don E. Bo is taken out by Don E after he is able to release one of his arms from it’s shackle. Some of their crew are able to make it outside, where they are confronted by Chase Graves and some of his army. Instead of giving in, they run full force at the army, only to be predictably shot down.

Major runs in with some of the other men to see the damage, only to find a slightly injured Ravi assisting a buckshot ridden Liv and Blaine. Oh, and we can’t forget the starving Don E. After Liv briefly speaks with both Chase and Justin, she heads back inside the warehouse and chows down on Bo Johns with Don E and Blaine. Harley escaped both the army and the raged out zombies, so Liv decides the next step to finding him is to get some visions from his brother.

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The killer

Even though Bo definitely deserved it, Don E was the one to take him out. But we won’t call him a killer since he was defending himself. We do still have the Baracus assassination attempt to look into, and Harley’s guns did match the ones used.

Liv wakes Peyton up so she can tell her about the Weckler case being a giant conspiracy theory. Peyton listens to her at first, but soon realizes Liv’s words are coming from the brain she ate. But Peyton is still looking into the Weckler case, so she retrieves his personal effects from the jail, including a key. With the help of Weckler’s daughter once again, Peyton is able to discover the key goes to a safety deposit box and together they go to open it.

Inside they find a music box with jewelry. And also a memory card. But that’s not all Peyton is able to discover. Tatum tries to rush away from Peyton and that’s when she realizes the girl is having a vision. Peyton is quick to tell Liv about the safety deposit box and Tatum being a zombie. The two watch the footage on the memory card together. It shows Weckler on the phone talking about someone killing Roxanne. They are able to figure out that Baracus was blackmailing Weckler into doing his dirty work in exchange for his daughter’s safety. The two then see that Baracus won the election.

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Not only did was Liv on paranoid brains this week but we also had Don E, Blaine and one of Chase’s men too. Liv talks to Clive and Ravi about Harley’s guns matching the ones in the assassination attempt.

Blaine and Don E debate Biggie and Tupac conspiracy theories and Liv jumps in. Chase’s soldier who also ate the brains gets a vision of where Harley’s cabin is. The next debate is over whether or not Tom Cruise is a zombie like them.


Liv gets a vision of Harley planning on using the bug from Filmore-Graves against zombies. Liv figures out what it means as Major and Justin attempt to head into Harley’s cabin. She gets a text off to them and they leave as the bomb goes off.

Clive calls Liv and tells her about a noise complaint from Harley’s cabin. They enter an outhouse after discussing how unnecessary it is with indoor plumbing. They find a door leading to a bunker inside. Along with a bunch of supplies, Liv and Clive also find Harley. Clive attempts to arrest him for the murder of Wally’s family as Liv has another vision. She sees someone else shooting before Harley and Bo. A shootout ensues, with Clive killing Harley. But as Liv tells Clive about her vision, Harley gets back up, this time in zombie form.

Love ’em and lose ’em

Shawna convinces Major to go out, even though he doesn’t like to anymore with the Chaos Killer publicity. Ravi and Liv talk about the relationship between Shawna and Major. With Liv on paranoid brain, she’s convinced something isn’t right. She finds a page made by Shawna about Major. Seems she’s looking for fame. Major confronts her with what Liv showed him, but Shawna insists she’s trying to help. She says she’ll take it down but he tells her to leave.


Ravi is concerned about Rachel, but she finds him at home before he can go looking. They seem to be going somewhere until Major enters the room and Rachel recognizes him as the Chaos Killer. She then comes to see Ravi at the morgue to ask him if he’s a zombie. He promises he isn’t, but also insists the ones he knows are good people. Ravi tells Rachel the details of the boat party massacre. The next day Ravi sees the paper with Liv’s picture. Rachel has written her zombie expose.


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